23 June 2010

June Update

Now that summer is well and truly here (we hope!) it’s traditionally the time of Ariel’s Element of Air. Time for your thoughts to spring aloft, to grow and expand: why not create a new vision in your life?

Your angelic guidance for summer may depend on whether you are on your Heart Quest (self-healing and opening higher heart flower) or Soul Quest (using the knowledge you gained in Heart Quest to aid others to find The Way of Love and Light). (I tell you more about this in other sections of this website) From my book The Angel Almanac first here is a Heart Quest message.

Here is what Tubiel (Guardian of summer, as well as, curiously, tame birds) tells you:

As the delicate shades of spring make way for summer's brilliance, I shake my Light wings and perfume caresses your senses, wafting like a cloak carried on the breeze to enfold you in gladness. This is the time of Air - Breath of Life, when the seeds you sewed early in the year, will, if watered and nurtured carefully in spring, reach glorious flowering. For my season is one of great profusion, filled with fragrance and burgeoning colour as Nature wears her most radiant garments and you, too, can wear bright colours to express your joyful mood as you dance in the sun and celebrate your accomplishments.

In Mid-Winter Ariel urged you towards firm earthly foundations to ground and birth your quest towards a heart's desire. Phuel's water of Mid-Spring was the element that allowed your desire to grow towards Light. As rising sap caused Nature's plants to burst into life, filled with morning dew and promise, this promise found resonance in your own body, especially your heart. Now, in Mid-Summer I hope the promise is fulfilled in a swirl of bright summer air. So take a deep Breath of Life with Ariel, send your thoughts soaring and delight in what you have achieved on your quest so far this year. As my Festival continues I festoon the land with emerald and bronze, violet, crimson and vivid blue - the colours of determination, courage, action and truth. These qualities prepare you to move further as the year progresses; who knows how far you will go?

For Soul Quest Ariel, Ruler of both Earth and Air, says Air is Breath of Life, lifting you to Above, returning you to Below

See how morning mist lies on a meadow, there and yet not there. This is how I interface with Earth. You may enter the mist in a certain sense and be touched by it, and similarly I invite you to enter my world of violet and lavender-blue, and be enveloped by glorious Love and Light.

You have reached a vital stage of spiritual growth. You stand on the awesome precipice from which you will now take flight skywards on shimmering wings, wreathed in Light. This is a quantum leap, for my summer element - Air - is Breath of Life, and to reach from Earth (Below) to Air (Above) is to actively seek expansion of spiritual consciousness, freeing the spirit to move between worlds.

To do this, become a great white bird, spiralling on thermals to Above. Presently you encounter a shower of rain, and a huge rainbow appears. Enter the rainbow and absorb all the brilliant hues, finally encompassing the power of the Violet Ray itself. The endgame is for your higher consciousness to acquire the third eye wisdom to understand you must return Below to manifest these secrets for All. Light moves in waves or spirals, and so you spiral down to Mother Earth your first medium of nurture for past, present and future, so that your Love can benefit all Earth's sentient life forms, this is Oneness.

Here is Ariel from my latest work: the Love & Light Angel Cards

Love and light,