19 September 2013

New e-Mystery School coming

NEW EMERALD e-MYSTERY SCHOOL OF ANGEL HEALING & ALCHEMY, Building on what began in my Love & Light Angel Cards, third of Angel Card Trilogy.  

Above: Tube Torus: perfect Universal Harmony & Balance, and Vector Equilibrium 12 around 1 (13)  
Below are the Ruby and Emerald Star Gates, and the Sapphire/Saf-Fire Star Gate.

I thought I had two projects, but now they are coming together as one under the direction of various mighty angels, notably Hermes Trismegistus...see pic below.  What I was writing before as an e-Course is now becoming a new e-Mystery School instead!  I am still in the process of creating this brand new course, so I apologise for constantly updating this Blog, but I am excited about this, have to get it right for the angels, and so keep adjusting as I go along, plus I want to keep you all updated about this development; it feels very important to help anchor the new vibrations for Mother Earth and All Life.

  • EMERALD e-MYSTERY SCHOOL OF ANGEL HEALING & ALCHEMY: Working with the energy vibration of the Love & Light Cards and beyond in Templa Mar, using Sacred Geometry and Star Gates to build the necessary geometries to channel and hold The Torus of Pure Universal Harmony & Balance for Mother Earth & All Life. 
  • Students would study this course with me personally and of course a host of angels; with new Angelic Light Attunements. 
  • After building the geometries within, and if working from higher heart, a very simple daily meditation will suffice to continue to hold the Torus for th angels, Mother Earth and All Life.  
  • NB: This is not Merkaba (which is a wonderful Tool of Ascension and is taught by me as Heart Awakening, Healing & Ascension)  This is a brand new course for the New Earth Star paradigm. 
  • For those in at the launch of this new e-Module the fee is expected to be £444.00 to study with me personally; this is developing as I go along, channelling and writing it, and so I shall take you with me!   Remember, this is a an advanced e-Course for Light Workers or those drawn to this particular Post Ascension work with angels to strengthen the new paradigm, and increase the potential for all those of mankind who now choose it, to self-heal and move towards Oneness.  So you could say: a new Soul Quest or soul contract option. 
  • More information will be added, as I proceed, via the linked pages on top left of this page - see this colour.   You can e-mail via this website, or message my Facebook for more information on how the writing is going..
Ever onwards and upwards with angels.....

Love and Light
Angela x