10 February 2015

Lemurian Blue Star e-Mystery School: 2015 update



Blue Star Levels 1 & 2 - Fee £222.00 for the two levels, bookings open to end Feb. 2015 only: e-mail me to book (this course also prepares students for the Emerald Table Initiation Workshop debuting in 2015).

Overall Course Objective

  • Oneness with Earth's Sacred Eden Tree and All Life, with the support of Seraphiel, Metatron & Shekinah (twin Guardians of the Tree) and a host of other angels. Learn how to return to Gem Self: use Sacred Geometry - the Crystalline Heart - to create the first level Angelic Light Body (Merkaba), and gain Personal Heart Ascension for the benefit of Earth & All Life as you continuously channel the Diamond Ray of Creation. Then go higher in the second level to hold the pure Saf-Fire Ray of Earth's origins (she still holds this in heart). Adding Mirabiel, Mazuriel and Seraphiel, fly with Thunderbird through the Blue Star torus, become a Thunderbeing and then, to aid the paradigm shift since 2012, return with Saf-Fire (higher than light speed vibration) to help the angels anchor and build Ascension energy. 

Level 1: Earth and Venus, Golden Bull of Alpha & Omega. What is the Blue Star and its relationship to Earth and her sister planet Venus? (see Heart & Soul Cards). You will learn this and much more: create Angelic Merkaba with 10 Mighty Angels, become One with Sacred Eden Tree (pic right) and a conduit for Seraphiel's Diamond Rays of Creation to bring them in and convey them to help heal Mother Erath and All Life. Go to new levels of
balance using the Malachim Healing Glyphs.  We also work with the first Mystical Animal Deva: Golden Bull of Alpha and Omega. You will do advanced self-healing exercises to clear blocks from any lifetime and to attain a new and higher level of your Dance of Six: preparation for linked Level 2, advancing your spiritual Dance of 5 to a new and higher level. 
Level 2: Breath of Life and Thunderbird. Breath of Life & Thunderbird/Thunderbeing of the Blue Star; moving on from Star Tetrahedron (the first steps), now expanding your Light Body through the Penta Star and Five Vibration and adding Mazuriel, Mirabiel (Guardian of the Two Moons: Eyes of Heaven, pic below right) and Sanusemi (pic left) of the Blue Star Ennead, Nine Seraphim Ascension Angels.  The Mystical Animal Deva is Thunderbird  (symbol of the Ennead of the Blue Star Seraphim) as you link Five to the Nine Ascension Vibration of the Blue Star/New Earth Star. Five and Nine is the sacred interaction of the Ascension Light Beings with mankind. This level is about attaining the true harmony and balance implicit in Thunderbird. You can already reach with crown through the 44:44 Star Gate. Having received your next unique set of Angelic Light Attunements, now you fly with Thunderbird to the Blue Star and then, carrying the Blue Star Ascension Vibration, return as aThunderbeing back through the Star Gate to Eden Tree to
continuously manifest this vibration (higher than Light speed) for Earth and mankind.

The Sacred Eden Tree is the etheric archetype of all trees on Earth. Its heart is a hollow channel of highest spiritual potential, to ignite the wisdom flame in your own soul. To benefit All you can will and intend that your spirit is within the Sacred Tree - at One with its Sacred Consciousness. Allow the Divine Shekinah energy to flow into your feet from her Earthly Kingdom and then bring the white gold energy up through your body to your heart. Magnify this with your own love (it becomes paler) and send it to Metatron at Crown level. Transmuted now to white silver, bring it back into your heart to self-heal. Cause it then to return to Shekinah, for through the roots it is also healing Mother Earth, while through Love you attain harmony to third eye level.

Then you can climb higher and combine crown with higher heart to reach Unity Consciousness. As Metatron deepens your Divine connection this allows you to reach through the 44:44 Angel Star Gate to truly embrace All That Is. The vibration beyond is Metatron and Shekinah's pure white fire called Angelic Light - the Love flame of spiritual alchemy that does not burn, is unfallen, heals All. In the same way that the pure flame radiates from the Sacred Tree, when you and the Tree are One it will shine out from you also. Yet this is but the next step is the leap of consciousness you need. For when you understand and work with the Sacred Geometry of Merkaba your heart flower becomes a diamond Flower of Life fractal whose power derives from beyond the Star Gate and whose Diamond Ray illuminates your true soul’s purpose.

And when you fly to the Blue Star and return as a Thunderbeing, holding the pure vibration that Earth occupied before the very first Fall from Grace, you become an Advance Light Worker in the cause of Love & Light vis-a-vis Ascension & Beyond.

Angelic Light Merkaba: The Angelic Light Body (called Merkaba in ancient Egypt, meaning Mer or Mar: Love (as in Templa Mar - see Heart & Soul Cards, Angel Quest of the Heart and Love & Light Cards), Ka: spirit and Ba: soul) extends around us initially in a saucer shaped field, about 10 metres (30 feet) in each direction, or 60 feet across its diameter. It's our infinitely programmable Angelic Light field. It is said that once we could breathe through our crown chakra, and that we breathed the diamond ray of Source (or prana) directly into ourselves and radiated it around us. A baby's fontanelle is the remnant of this ability.  Drunvalo Melchizedek first retrieved this ancient wisdom from the angels and Thoth/Hermes Trismegistus, and whose teaching I first learned in 2000, inspired my own Angelic Merkaba courses.  He says that babies are in fact borne with a Merkaba but as the knowledge on maintaining it has been lost, it collapses within days; also that all universal bodies such as planets, stars and galaxies have Merkaba fields; only man has lost the way. In our various falls from grace, in Eden and Atlantis, we lost our Divine connection and became separated from All.  When we recreate our Angelic Light Body or Merkaba we link back to All, and we go back into Oneness to link with the Earth shift that began in 2012 and continues.  How?  Because Merkaba is a living energy field - it is you and you are it, for it's a projection of your Divine Self, and resides in your higher heart. When your higher heart is open and you think in terms of Love and Light every day, whatever you are doing in your life, then you've chosen unconditional love - The Way of Love and Light. The daily meditation deepens our angelic connection as well as offering a real oasis of inner peace in our lives, no matter what else is happening and it reaffirms our intention to be heart-based in all that we do.

Unique Angelic Light Attunements (see also previous Blog Post)

Each level of the Lemurian Blue Star Mystery School includes various unique sets of proven Angelic Light Healing Attunements:

Level 1

  • A set of connective Attunements for each angel featuring in this meditation.  You will receive an Attunement to Raphael, Ariel (2 – Earth and Air), Uriel, Gabriel, Phuel, Seraphiel, Metatron, Shekinah, Melchisadec and Pistis Sophia.
  • Malachim Healing Glyphs to certain angels involved.
  • A complete set of Angelic Light Colour Healing Attunements, one for each chakra.  These include sacred geometry symbols and will either confer the ability to channel angelic healing (if you've not studied any other healing modality) or enhance any energy healing skills you already possess.
  • The third sequence is a Caduceus Attunement for gold and silver harmony and balance.  This is also a Zodiac Gateway that enables you to traverse our normal Zodiac to access the higher, pure, unfallen Metatronic Light Zodiac energies: in this Zodiac all signs are in perfect balance and if this is part of your own soul’s purpose, in due course, channel them to help harmonise All.

Level 2

  • The Blue Star Level 2 Angelic Light Attunement sequence is at a higher vibration to Level 1, including the new angels you will connect with, further Malachim Glyphs, Thunderbird, and the Blue Star itself, plus sacred geometries for this level.

And yet: All this is, in some ways, merely the beginning.   
Love is the Key.