31 August 2015

More on my Love & Light Cards: Khabiel (Silver – 1st Heaven) and Tagriel (Gold – 2nd Heaven)

Star Gate of Moons (Love & Light Cards)

Many of you Light Workers reading this will be working with Gold and Silver of Creation to aid Ascension. This is a huge subject, but to be brief, firstly we use Caduceus to move towards first balance up to third eye to crown and White Fire of Oneness with All. You can work to self-heal with this in my new book (pic here) or in my earlier Angel Almanac book. 

From there, you can attain the mighty step of Diamond of Creation (another huge subject), to be a continuous channel for it! BUT you are then urged to return to work with different vibrations/levels of Caduceus (and other symbols) to aid All; for example to channel higher vibrations - Galactic/Interdimensional Golds and Silvers.  

So in summary, you begin with Raphael and Gabriel (as in my Harmony Angel Cards, and Angel Healing & Alchemy book on Melchisadec, Sacred Seven & the Violet Ray, because Raphael and Gabriel are two of the Sacred Seven.  Next, you would work with Solar Lion and perhaps Mazuriel, and Mirabiel, Dolphin and Unicorn (Heart & Soul deck).

Later still you may channel Tagriel and Khabiel, for specialist Light Work involving those advanced Ascension Gold and Silver vibrations. This Light Work would connect to restoration of the Divine Masculine (Gold) and Divine Feminine (Silver) in order to bring forth the Divine Child (Christic) vibration of Diamond for All.

KHABIEL (below left)

& TAGRIEL (below right):
Malachim Glyph of Kaph: Bowl, Abundance, Surrender.

I’ve decided, in fact, to feature these two really useful angels together, because it's all about the "bowl" (see glyph top right), re-balancing it upright and re-filling it with Gold or Silver as appropriate.  You will know (because I have written about this in Harmony Angel Cards, Gold & Silver Guardians, Angel Almanac) about mankind’s specific gold and silver aspects.  (In a nutshell: Gold – beginning with Raphael - is associated with head, logic, analytical skills and decisions (also solar chakra) while Silver – beginning with Gabriel - is for higher heart chakra, intuition, imagination, feelings/hunches).  If you follow my work you'll also know we need first to prioritise bringing both aspects into balance to find harmony in self and life. First we work with these energies to release blocks to third eye, and so, if we have opened higher heart, we go into crown and White Fire of Oneness (and this applies both to Microcosm and Macrocosm in terms of Mother Earth).  But this but "one small step" on our Wisdom spiral!  Because of course after the White Fire (pure unfallen Metatronic/Angelic Light, highest vibration of this reality), you may attain Diamond of Creation itself through Seraphiel.....but then, there are the Star Gates offering higher levels - Gold of All Suns – Sacred Heart of the Creator with Mazuriel and Galactic Moons’ Silver Platinum with Ophaniel) that can be channelled to aid Ascension and Beyond.  Now since the 2012/3 rise in vibration, so much more is possible and so much faster!!  

SO, to return to the importance of Khabiel & Tabriel, they offer their bowls of abundant radiant energies for us at all these highest of levels to go far beyond our own Sun and Moon, if our soul contracts say we are here to do Light Work.  In that case if wish to surrender to these angels we will retrieve our own Ancient Wisdom, and increase our potential to work with Power of Love & Light to benefit All. 

26 August 2015

Angelic support in times of grief

The angel Terathel from my Love & Light Angel Cards, see how the layers of grief work in towards the healing of Sun's Gold and Creation Yellow, and to heart and forgiveness, including self with Magenta and so to re-birth.

Because of the family bereavement last week, I've been calling on Terathel a great deal (with Rachmiel, Haniel and Rikbiel). Therefore I felt it was timely to post this extra interpretative information on Terathel for anyone reading my Blogs who is in the same, sad position at the moment as our family - my husband lost his younger brother last week after a terrifying short illness.


Terathel is an angel who does not appear in any of my other published works, although the Tau/Tree of Life aspect is covered first in the Harmony Angel Cards (see Sacred Symbols with Metatron & Shekinah) because it goes back to Lemuria and actually means emergence out of darkness into Light,  and on that card (adapted from Churchward’s (Le) Mu (rian) Glyphs, I associate it with both Tree of Life (Cabbala), the pure vibration that is the Sacred Eden Tree blue-print for Earth & Mankind, and our life-path(s) journey from Earthly Kingdom to Crown and Oneness. 

Also, many of you will have invoked and worked with Terathel’s fellow angel Rachmiel (who was said to have incarnated as St. Francis of Assisi and who also appears in the Harmony Angel Cards, Gold & Silver Guardians and the Angelic Abundance box).  These two angels especially come to support healing for those whose hearts may be damaged (or even closed) through bereavement, rejection, trauma or fear.  Rachmiel brings this same assistance to both people and the Nature Kingdom - all who are unable to help themselves. On the other hand, I feel the message of Terathel, when combined with Tau, is aimed at mankind, being slightly more complex and in this instance, at a higher vibration.

However, both angels offer the sufferer a golden egg which protects and even cocoons that person from the outside world; this is just for a little while – a breathing space in which to heal the heart so that once again it can be open to expansion (fear and hate contract the heart while love expands it).  As mentioned, the protective layers offered by Terathel move slowly inwards and then, when the bereaved person feels stronger, move outwards again,  gradually becoming finer, more ethereal.

The colours of Gold of healing, Creation Green and Magenta of Heart tell the healing story.  With Rachmiel I feel his aid is primarily offered to support the self-healing of the one who has suffered for whatever reason and often through no fault of his/her own.  Rachmiel’s purpose is to firstly allow reopening of heart with forgiveness if appropriate, and then to foster expansion of that nurturing and compassionate side of mankind’s nature, with a particular focus on directing these qualities to those who cannot always help themselves in the Earthly Kingdom: children, the elderly, the infirm, yet also the Nature and animal kingdom. 

Terathel takes this message to involve a larger, more Universal scale.  Compassion, unconditional love, forgiveness etc. is developed in a Soul Quest (Crown) sense, to heal, re-open and expand heart and soul multi-dimensionally, to aid Mother Earth, All Life, Ascension and Beyond....And in this context, Terathel tells us once more (as we have been exploring recently) that although heart healing will need Water of Life and/or Fire of Life, to rebuild on this healing, All begins (base of artwork) with Red, in this case Magenta (for forgiveness) and Orange for the resulting self-transformation. 

So the message of the artwork, which combines with the channelled text accompanying the card in the deck (see italics below) is: Recognise first that this, your Truth (Creation Blue) and Divine Order. Travel with Terathel through healing personal heart (Green) to embrace Creation Yellow and Gold (positive energy, decisions and actions) and then towards forgiveness of self and others with Magenta in order to open (or re-open) higher heart. Then, Terathel affirms that when ready, you can move outwards again from his protection towards the emotional healing of Creation Turquoise and enter your own next (higher) level of Creation Blue of Truth

Tau: Terathel - grief, desire, compassion, peace

I bring Tau: spiritual emergence, resurrection from darkness into Light.  I am the luminescent gleam in the night gently infusing heart and soul, bringing the promise of healing and hope.   My symbol is an egg of protection, for I know you have suffered, leaving you feeling exposed and vulnerable.  Yet my egg also symbolises rebirth.  Wrapped in a cloud of pure golden radiance, it is threaded with coral, rose and magenta of compassion and healing for your heart, and pure white of spiritual peace for your soul.  Whenever you invoke me and ask for this, I flow these Light rays to weave my egg around you, providing a comforting environment in which you can begin to acknowledge traumas, release cleansing tears of healing, move on towards freedom.

You can make this choice.  Completely enclosed in my radiant egg, its rays of Love flow into your energy centres.  If you are ready to let go of fear and anguish they melt it away to allow a new serenity to flow in.  In Templa Mar you could first heal with either Fire or Water of Life.  Then rebuild from Creation Red.  As you gain physical strength to move upwards, I bolster you with my strong, supportive energy, aiding each endeavour with Love until you re-emerge fully into Light 

7 August 2015

Pistis Sophia & other key angels: Special Exercise for 8th August 2015 Leo Star Gate conjunction

Pistis Sophia from the Love & Light Cards

© 21ST CENTURY ANGELOLOGY by Angela McGerr Angelic Healing & Alchemy for the spiritual journey, inspired by Essene Angelology blended with Hermeticism: the philosophy I write about in my books, and teach in my courses and e-Mystery Schools:


Pistis Sophia is as old as Time and has had many names, having been equated with Eve, Astarte, Isis, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Quan Yin (Goddess and Divine Mother in Buddhism - She who hearkens to the cries of the world).  As with exercise 1 (right), this exercise creates the Eight of Infinity in energy flow, connecting to the Eight Roads to Heaven, the Eight Spoke Wheel of the Solar Cycles, Celtic Wheel of Fate, Dharma of Buddha. However, this time with Pistis Sophia you go further to actually work with Star Fire of her Zodiac stars Above, including specific Zodiac Angels, and Mazuriel, plus Blue Star Sapphire energy emanating from the heart of Mother Earth Below. Through Love, her shining White Fire Angelic Light veils and the sacred pattern of the Seed of Life, and if you can feel that Love for All, she allows you to hold this powerful connection through heart for healing self, Mother Earth, All Life.
Pistis Sophia starter Exercise 1 from Harmony Cards

First invoke all angels’ names three times from heart, with loving intention, then:

  • Pistis Sophia: as you taught me I have joined my right hand through All There Is Above with Golden Star Fire and your eleven Zodiac Angels, and my right foot through All There Is Below with Blue Star Sapphire energy of Earth’s heart; through heart’s Love and Eight of Eternity, I am encircled in your radiant veils of White Fire Angelic Light.
  • As I bridge Above and Below through my own heart, I draw down pure healing and balance for Mother Earth and All Life Below, then she returns this to my heart through and with the healing Seed of Life fractal* (see pic below) and its Colours of Creation, including Magenta, Colour of Creation of the open higher heart. In my heart I accept and hold the power of this Love & Light fractal energy for the benefit of All* Also aiding your personal healing Dance of Six as follows:

  • Through Magenta I now ask to connect on this special day and year, with Verchiel, Ruler of Leo, and to the Leo Zodiac Gateway of 8/8/2015. 
  • With Verchiel I ask to access the Fire of Life of Uriel and Raphael’s Sun, and of Mazuriel’s Central Sun of All Suns**(pic below), to bring this ultimate healing power of Six and Divine Fire through my heart. I wish to help heal Mother Earth and All Life Below to aid the Ascension.**Power of Six, Macrocosm, Wholeness, Divine Fire
    Mazuriel, from Heart & Soul Cards
  • As Mother Earth returns this to me, I send these healing fractals to my own personal Zodiac template Above; through loving will and intention I bring this into heart Below.
  • I ask through heart to re-harmonise myself Above & Below for my Highest Good
  • If appropriate you can optionally also say: With your support, I will and intend healing Sun and Fire of Life transformation in my life
  • Pistis Sophia, I thank you and the other angels. As I am safely held in your shining veils; I pledge to use any and all knowledge gained to aid others – All Life - to heal and transform. Please support me with self-belief and towards overcoming obstacles to my true soul’s purpose in this life path. *For names of your Zodiac Angels (Ruler of the Sign, Ruler of the Element, Sacred Seven Angel in your Sign) see Harmony Cards, Angel for Every Day, Angel Almanac.

3 August 2015


Hermes Trismegistus 2015

Extract from channelled introduction to this new book:

I am the angel Hermes, who also held the title of Thoth in ancient Atlantis and Egypt as well as in parallel realities to your own.  As one of the Sun Lords whom some called the Lion-Headed, I brought healing to Atlantis and from there, many ancient skills to Egypt. I have had myriad names in my incarnations in human form but always I have manifested before you with the same purpose: to teach mankind how to remember the arcane mysteries and specifically the true meaning and purpose of spiritual alchemy.  What is this?  It is the understanding of how to move beyond polarity and a half-existence and back into Angelic Light - the state of pure harmony that is Oneness and Unity Consciousness. Returning to dwell in that pure Light that pertained originally in your world. This means that you - Man the Microcosm, re-join Macrocosm - All That Is - whole, perfect and in balance.

In this vital time in the history of your Earth - The Ascension Programme - I come to clarify this once more.  The Greeks named me Trismegistus because I hold all three parts of Truth.   The secret of spiritual alchemy, like my triple crown, is woven from Love, Power and Wisdom.  Only when realisation dawns that Wisdom means exercising Power only through utmost Love, that Love and Wisdom confer Power, that Power of Love brings Wisdom, do you begin to comprehend my Truth: the Divine Truth of the Creator.

In ancient times Truth had to be hidden for fear of death.  So your wise men of old coded my message, which could be deciphered only by those truly committed to understanding and wearing my triple crown.  All is encoded in 12 sections of my Emerald Table, in which I encapsulated the ultimate Truth of Spiritual Alchemy: how to restore the Genesis pattern into your world.  The 13th central section I held back, to reveal to mankind at the appropriate time, for this is the catalyst for the other 12.  I am here to tell you that time is NOW.

To put this another way. You, who reads these words, will no doubt have heard of my sayings: As Above, So Below, As Without, So Within. Suppose you could not only read and ponder my words, but also embrace this philosophy with all your heart and soul? Would your heart and soul say "Yes" to this possibility. If so, that time of NOW means that if you have enough Love, you can step forward to become part of the vanguard of those whom you term Light Workers, and to truly live As Without, So Within by attaining and holding this vibration of Angelic Light for the benefit of All. 

I am tasked by God, the Creator to guide you, but so far as you are concerned, having been given free will, as always, the final choice is yours.