23 March 2016

By Angela McGerr


Healing with Camael's Creation Red plus Uriel's Fire of Life and Creation Orange, for root and sacral chakras, and Machidiel who assists your focus for 2016 goals.

In this exercise you can work with Machidiel’s guidance until 20th April, beginning with Camael’s Creation Red which is the foundation to All; remember each time you heal all chakras to a new vibration, you begin again at root chakra.  Work also Creation Orange with Uriel (pic above, from Harmony Angel Cards (first in my angel card trilogy) for sacral aspects: transformation, innovation, creativity, sensuality. Then move this energy through heart towards head to give you focus for change.

  • Camael’s Creation Red is for Root Chakra, security, foundations, confidence and courage, while Orange of Uriel is for the sacral chakra, for the physical organs of sexuality and digestion, plus it also powers your creativity, innovation and your potential for self-transformation.  New beginnings reside within these chakras.
  • The symbol of sacral chakra is the orange sphere of Uriel, angel of fire.  Here you have two overlapping spheres that are actually the Snakes of Wisdom (Ouroboros), meaning that Wisdom has no beginning nor end, for the end is but a new beginning.
  • The angels ask: do you genuinely seek to attain a new level of Wisdom?  Will you apply this to help heal self, and then All (for this is what healing wisdom entails)??
  • If so, invoke Machidiel and breathe in deep breaths of his strong energy, breathing out this energy also, until you feel filled and surrounded with Angelic Light.
  • Next invoke Camael saying the words “let Love and Creation Red give me firm foundations on which to build", then breathing in Red for root chakra, grounding this Red in the heart of Mother Earth to help heal her foundations also; she will return this to you magnified, in gratitude to aid your own healing.
  • Then invoke Uriel saying the words "let Love and Creation Orange flow into me". 
    • Feel the orange flowing in like living flame into sacral, and the process beginning to heal and regenerate this part of your body. 
    • Visualise your sacral chakra glowing with orange fire
    • Will and intend this to birth new beginnings to be birthed from sacral chakra
    • Ask for true power of Fire of Life - cleansing/healing root and sacral chakras and sending the flame to the surrounding digestive organs, to cleanse and purify them and to help with any disorders caused by stress and anxiety
  • Now send this energy up to solar to cleanse this chakra. If you feel further blocks you may need to invoke Raphael also to heal solar and work separately at this. (See my new book: Angel Healing & Alchemy - How to Begin - Melchisadec, Sacred Seven & the Violet Ray. Raphael is one of the Sacred Seven)
  • Next, if you are able, and the meridian is clear, take the Fire of Life up to heart and on to head, where Machidiel's focus returns to aid you towards planning your spiritual and physical life goals for 2016.
  •  Finally breathe all of this tawny energy out into your aura, where the vivid Creation Orange and Red signal to the Universe that you are ready and willing to firm your foundations to allow for change and innovation.  
  • Ask Machidiel, Ruler of Aries, to help you be clear about your goals during his Zodiac Sign, helping you to recognise opportunity when it comes.
  • Remember to always send Love and Light and thanks to all the angels you invoked.
    Camael, from Harmony Angel Cards