12 February 2010

February Update

A rare opportunity to attend a face-to-face course with me, and a timely channelling from Barakiel for February.

I’d like to tell you about a forthcoming rare opportunity: two special Soul Quest courses I am running in April 2010, both relating to Ascension. They are scheduled at Nash Manor in Sussex immediately after the Heart & Soul Quest Angel Conference (we have a few places left on this), and are as shown below, but you can book on one or both of these courses without attending the Conference itself.

  • Angelic Merkaba for Heart Ascension: This proven course teaches the Merkaba Light Body in a completely new way: with angels and as a complete, daily self-healing system. This is a personal leap of spiritual consciousness (Soul Quest), plus the Angelic Light Body aids Mother Earth and the entire Nature Kingdom towards Ascension. NB: Every person who achieves personal Heart Ascension by committing to working with the Merkaba Light Body also aids Planetary Ascension.

Course Duration – evening (19.00-21.00) and full day. (10.00-17.00)

Sunday evening: April 25th and Monday April 26th only

Fee: £155.00 including lunch/refreshments on 26th.

  • Key Ascension Symbols of the Seraphim: This intensive one-day course has been guided recently, and only just written: this is its debut! Though it is linked to an advanced level of my Blue Star Angels Mystery School (currently under development), the Seraphim wish the symbols to be taught and as many Light Workers as possible to be attuned to them, to help bring in the Diamond energy of the 144,000 Light Beings aiding us with the Ascension vibration.

Course duration – a full day (10.00-17.00)

Wednesday April 28th only

Fee: £111.00 including lunch/refreshments

Places on either of these workshops will be strictly limited to allow time for the right degree of personal tuition and feedback for each student. To book a place on one or both of these special courses, please e-mail me as soon as possible; full payment will be required. Perhaps I shall see you there?

And now, a timely channelling for you to consider

(Taken from Gold & Silver Guardian Angels – the Book of Angel NB: Barakiel is actually the ruler of the Zodiac Signs of Pisces and Scorpio – the only angel to rule two signs – as well as Guardian of February and October, but this is a February message for you)

Barakiel: Guardian Angel of February

I offer you the silver protection of my loving energy. Your intelligence and thoughtfulness are qualities that others admire; I enfold you with my love to shield your sensitivity for you are compassionate about people and causes.

With this message I offer you loving protection for you are one who cares. You are passionate about many causes, including protection of Mother Earth. You realise that Earth has suffered, and you find ways to help her to heal man's damage; I see this care and support your work with my silver rays that combine strength with tender love. Look to your spiritual path to enhance this aspect of yourself, dealing with past karmic issues to open up your way ahead.

Sometimes you care too deeply, for you have to live in this world, or you give too much of yourself unwisely - it is your loving compassion that influences this aspect of you. Invoke me to protect you at such times and to help you safely develop your psychic and intuitive powers, so that you can ask your heart which causes or people are worthy of your support. Here you need wise judgement. Your sensitivity means you are often hurt, but it is this, coupled with artistic ability that may not be fully utilised at present, that enables you to communicate at such a deep level with others. Let these latent skills come forth, with my loving support, to help you to comfort and aid others in coping with life's traumas, for you are also understanding and thoughtful. Be patient, for as these trials in turn allow your intuition and spirituality to further develop, at the appropriate time entirely new dimensions will open in your life.

Until the next update,

Love and light from

Angela McGerr