25 October 2014



All Attunements take place in Templa Mar (above), given by the angels with me as facilitator.  Templa Mar is the etheric Temple of Healing (Temple of the Emerald Sea) that has existed throughout Time/Space, and your Attunement will be in the ether also, on your personal healing timeline, and so outside of Time/Space as perceived in this reality.  I go there each day to do my own meditations and when sending healing.  If you have the Heart & Soul Cards, Angel Quest of the Heart, or Love & Light Angel Cards you will have seen this artwork and probably already read the text about it.  For those who don't have these cards, here it is:

Templa Mar (aka Beloved Temple of the Emerald Sea & Templa Mar Mandala: (text from Heart & Soul Angel Cards)

The Temple of the Emerald Sea is also Templa Mer (or Mar), the Beloved Temple. Guarded by Metatron and Shekinah it is an etheric place of ultimate spiritual enlightenment, redressing the spiritual balance lost from our world that is now being re-found. This applies not only to mankind, but also to Mother Earth and her nature/animal kingdoms, for the raising of the vibration levels to restore planetary harmony involves healing for all souls and sentient beings: animal, vegetable and mineral. The Temple is a timeless place of healing in every aspect and at the highest levels; its hallowed ground holds the pure harmonic fractals of 5, 6,12 and 13 in light, colour and sound therefore linking to man's original (Divine self Adam Kadmon) DNA before the fall from grace. Through will and intention, and using this special Mandala, you can find the way through the Star Gate of Heart**, and open your own heart to work with the Temple's Redemption programme; once there, the High Priest, Seraphim and other angels, animal and nature devas will instruct you in some of the wisdom of the Mystery Schools. These have operated (often secretly) throughout time to ensure this wisdom was retained, to be taught or remembered by those like yourself, whose soul purpose was, is and ever shall be to tread the crystalline pathways of healing. 

** In this instance I am connecting you through the 44:44 Angel Star Gate; this (and the Sacred Eden Tree) links directly to a multi-dimensional portal and Mansion of Templa Mar - a concept that will be familiar to those who've read the Angel Quest of the Heart. Templa Mar has a myriad Mansions and dimensional Star Gates; you can see more of these in the Love & Light Angel Card set – third in the trilogy – published autumn 2009.  (We don't go to the Blue Star Gate mentioned in the printed Heart & Soul card text, as this is specifically for the Blue Star Angels e-Mystery School). 

From this you can understand the importance of Templa Mar to healing and Ascension.  On the day of an Attunement, I start as usual by calling in many angels and placing my loving intention for your Highest Good, then ensuring that those receiving the Attunement are all with me by speaking aloud each individual name three times.  I ask the angels to  bestow the Attunements on each of you, ensuring you receive all that you should receive, for your Highest Good and to harm none.  Next, I begin my own personal meditation, and when I reach a certain point in it - the Place of Peace from where your Attunement will be given - I pause for the angels to take over.  First I visualise you personally with me (either individually, or if there is a group, all together) in the Temple. Templa Mar exists in Macrocosm (All That Is) and our connection to it is through a heart interface  - Microcosm - and Sacred Eden Tree whose Guardians are Metatron (God in Man) and Shekinah (God in Woman).  Seraphiel, Ruler of the Seraphim, overLights all Ascension teachings. From within Eden Tree, when the Microcosm of our own higher heart/crown/root holds the 44 of Love (Shekinah) and the 44 of Light (Metatron) you can actually touch the portal of the 44:44 Angel Star Gate to access the pure Angelic Light beyond.

Templa Mar Mandala
Though not a particularly clairvoyant person (I am more clairaudient and clairsentient) I can see all this very clearly. We are in a chamber or Mansion with a 2D Seed of Life pattern on the floor, around which is a 12-point star (the Star of Seraphiel). Around this star is the pattern of Rosa Mystica (see also Heart & Soul Cards and for the Mystical Animals in this paragraph). I stand in the centre of this pattern to channel the Attunement).  Always hovering above me are the Lion, Unicorn, Dolphin, Dragon, Thunderbird and Bull; other relevant Mystical Animal Devas also appear from time to time.  Of course all the angels involved in the particular Attunement that you receive are there, and many others as well.  Each Attunement is done with sacred breathing/words, empowerment symbols, appropriate Colours of Creation and sacred geometry, for as I hold the Angelic Light Breath in higher heart, between in-breath and out-breath, I hold the power of those Light Beings within my higher heart Flower of Life, as indeed I ask to hold all those involved in this process.  (Sacred breathing is described in the Angel Almanac Part 1).  The Attunements are all different, according to which course you are studying, yet each comprises a preliminary sequence drawn over the crown chakra, and/or down spine, blown into the crown, and completed with an occipital lift with various angels for Goodness, Truth and Beauty, Harmony and Completion.

Then, for each of the angels you are being connected to in your Attunement, it's a sequence drawn in front of heart.  For the heart they are blown into the hands that are subsequently crossed and placed over the breast.  At the end of the Attunement there is a final occipital lift with sacred words and angels of Sun, Moon, Stars.

Following the completion of the Attunement breaths and healing sequences, as I do the final breath of my own meditation my vision always shows that the 2D Seed of Life in the Mansion on which we stand (see artwork below, from back of Heart & Soul Cards Mystical Animals' Suit) immediately becomes an infinite 3D Flower of Life healing fractal*. Note: This spiritual growth is enabled for each of you, whether you see it or not.  From there it will possibly go much further, depending on your own spiritual choices, for according to where you are on your soul contract in this life path, and your Heart (self-healing) or Soul (aiding others to heal) Quests, other Templa Mar dimensional portals will open for you. On the wonderful Way of Love and Light these dimensions take you ever upwards to enhance your own ancient skills and healing ability. *this is the first Sacred Geometry healing fractal of Light that we can access through heart and Love; it begins the route to return to Gem Self or Adam Kadmon.

Seed of Life 

Note: On completing my own Light Work meditation and as part of the Attunement process (for those of you not already doing Merkaba) I create template Angelic Light Bodies (aka Merkabas) for you for a period of 7 days.  This aids you through any chakra clearings that you may experience as you download each part of the Attunement and work accordingly. You are also recommended to drink plenty of water to aid the flushing away of blocks released through this process.

If you commit to working with the angels of your Angelic Light Attunement you will make your own angelic connections and attain a new level of physical and spiritual harmony (I call this the Dance of Six - self-healing - and Five - spiritual development).  This is, of course, only a new beginning, or Phoenix moment.  If your heart and soul are pledged to ever deepen your angelic connections, much more can and will unfold for you, yet the choice is always yours. As you walk amongst angels on the Way of Love and Light may you move towards inner peace.