22 April 2011

Happy Easter

Dear Readers and Angel Enthusiasts,

Well it is (amazingly) now nearly two weeks since the Unicorn Path to the Stars Workshop. I hope everyone enjoyed it, and thank you to all of you who attended - and to those who have kindly written to me since. Jacqueline and I certainly gave our all (I am still recovering my energy), but it was a mix of gentle and intensive, and apart from working with Unicorns, aiding folks with their Akashic Records and taking participants gradually through the Twelve Colours of Creation from Red to Diamond, it culminated in a Diamond Ray exercise with the Seraphim to connect and help bring in the 144,000 Light Beings of Ascension who are waiting to come to our aid!

There were also two Angelic Light Attunements, and I am in fact maintaining an Angelic Light Body around all participants, to continue to aid clearing of chakra blocks. Anyone who wants to comment on these can do so through this Blog.

Anyway, the weather is gorgeous, holidays are upon us and so I wish you all a Happy Easter, and may angelic abundance be yours!

Above is our (Richard Rockwood and my)wonderful image of Phuel: Lord of All Waters of Earth and Powers of the Moon. We shortly move from Ariel and Earth into his traditional time of Water in the Wheel of the Solar Festivals. The dew on the flowers of 1st May is said to be magical; his message is about growth and abundance. Here are some words of Phuel's for this time - from May Day - (extracted from Angel Almanac):


Water of Life helps your re-born spirit to prepare for flight.

Mine are all the Waters of Earth, from the mighty, turbulent seas from which your ancestors first crawled on to the land, to emerald lakes, bubbling streams and tiny pools. I guard and guide every one of them for they are my playgrounds, and yours (for you are mainly composed of water), and in the contrast between them all the understanding of my powers will be found.

At this glorious time I speak of my smallest duty of care: the clear and sparkling drop of morning dew on the velvety May Day flower, for dew is borne out of Ariel's Air - Breath of Life - to manifest as my Water of Life on Mother Earth. Bathe your face in morning dew and sense its strong yet gentle power in heart and soul. Connect with Ariel and me, for my message here tells you of the link between Water and Air; both elements hold alchemy to nourish your newly determined spiritual re-birth.

Let my Water of Life flow round you metaphorically, a dazzling stream to bring you calmness and clarity, so that you can see where to fly, for like my mystical dragonfly you will soar from Water into Air on rainbow wings, as your spiritual consciousness rises. Even more important, now, that Water of Life continues to nurture you, so growth is strong and sturdy, your quest leading ever onwards and upwards, further into the sky and Light.

Love and light to you all
from Angela