24 December 2010

A very happy Christmas

Hello dear readers,

A very happy and peaceful Christmas to you all from snowy England, and may this precious holiday time be filled with an abundance of angel blessings.....

Love and light
from Angela McGerr

11 December 2010



Hello dear readers,

Event e-Newsletter No. 1 sent in November

I hope all those of you who signed up for my new Events e-Newsletter received it when it was sent out in early November. If not, please check your Junk Mail just in case it went there by mistake!

Thank you to those who complimented me on it; of course as it’s a learning curve for me it all took longer than I thought, but it was worth it if you liked it and found it informative. Next one in January!

My Christmas Break

I shall be on holiday between 17th December and 3rd January; please don’t send me e-mails during this period!

Now some timely advice from the Angels

As yet another year draws to a close, the days grow shorter, nights longer, and we move towards the Winter Solstice.

Metatron and Shekinah, Twin Guardians of the Tree of Life tell you to use this time in a spiritual way if you can (from Angel Almanac):

  • In midwinter your days are short, and light in your world seems fleeting. We urge you to use this opportunity to focus on growing your Light within. This is the spark of Divine Light that resides in your own higher heart and through your will and intention the spark can be fanned into pure Angelic Light of the Flame That Does Not Burn.

What are the angels talking of here? To explain this a bit more - they are referring to Light of Oneness with All: the pure, un-fallen is the Light vibration that our planet enjoyed before the Falls from Grace. The spark of this Light is still within each and every one of us, in our hearts. When you learn (with the angels) how to live in your heart you can access this Light, and in fact you radiate it out to everyone and everything on Mother Earth. Also you will feel deep inner peace. It just takes understanding and some commitment to want to help Earth and All Life.

Here is a perspective on Heart and Soul Quest.

As Ariel, Ruler of Earth and Air says (from Angel Almanac):

  • I rule the Elements of Earth and Air and the marriage of the two, by which I mean the very life of your world as well as its conjoining with other dimensions and vibrations beyond your own. Earth sustains your physical self, while Air - Breath of Life - brings spiritual manna or nourishment. Bridge the two on my warm and shining Light wings as you commence with me on your spiritual re-birth.
  • First we will work on your grounding in this reality, so that you have a safe oundation from which to be re-born. At this stage I bring deepest red-purples, violets and magenta, sparkling with crystalline vitality into your life, to allow forgiveness for the past and form foundations for the future. During my Earth Festival I also offer you steps for emotional grounding, transmuting negative thought processes, preparing you so that you occupy a position of earthly strength.
  • How do I make this happen? Imagine yourself enjoying a new start within my Earth, a tiny, perfect seed that Mother Earth and I love, nurture and protect. As you grow Earth heals you, for it is capable of absorbing all negativity that arises during this process. As the season turns, Raphael's Sun warms you and you safely reach the surface. When you burst through you turn your face to the Sun ready to flower and form a new seed for the future; thus the shining seed of your spirit emerges at last from the veils that hid its secrets and perfection from Light.

Reviewing your year

Have you had a good year? If you have, then that’s great; if you have not, then is it time to re-think your life? Contrary to what some may think, although we are now in deepest winter here in this hemisphere, Nature is merely biding her time and preparing for spring. We can do the same, during winter, to rest, plan and prepare for a new time of plenty in our lives. Sew your seeds and water them in spring, to bring you abundance in summer.

Using the Rainbow and Colours of Creation – begin with Red

To begin to re-think your life, including health and surroundings, it makes sense to begin with Creation Red. This is because it’s the primal colour, that of your root chakra, so physical health and strength in that part of the body (including some digestive organs). It’s the blood itself, for everything begins with red. Yet at the same red represents your security in life and your foundations on which to build your future. Also red links to magenta, the colour of higher heart and true compassion.

Camael, Ruler of Tuesday, Mars and linked to Creation Red says: (from A Harmony of Angels, Harmony Angel Cards, Angel for Every Day, and taught in the Melchisadec & Sacred Seven e-Module 1)

You can use Affirmations with me to increase confidence and or conviction, and to set new goals for next year. Like this:

  • Camael, Camael, Camael: I know that deep down I am capable of the inner confidence and conviction to live my life the way I wish. Supported by your love I shall be courageous in pursuing this aim and I shall not give up until I succeed.
  • Camael, Camael, Camael: I have put the past behind me and I deserve the chance to achieve my newly determined ambitions. With your help I shall create the firm foundations I need on which to achieve my true potential in life.

Or for self-healing (Heart Quest)* or aiding others to heal (Soul Quest)*, if you know about Templa Mar and if you want to try some Creation Red healing there to remove blocks to a brand new start in 2011, here is a piece from the Love & Light Cards (Shekinah’s Templa Mar Healing Suit):

Red of Creation: Ariel (purple, red-purple: grounding), Mumiah (sparkling red: physical wellbeing), Camael (crimson: security, empowerment), Shekinah (rose-magenta, rose-gold: spiritual re-birth).

The Diamond Ray of Oneness devolves from All to commence as primal Red of root chakra. But red has many shades: deeper for grounded, secure foundations, sparkling for physical wellbeing, crimson for empowerment etc. The real key is balancing its masculine and feminine aspects to reach etheric and spiritual vibrations of compassion. When you reach a level of healing where All is cherished (especially self) with faults forgiven, you can access rose-magenta that will flow through rose-gold from root to heart's emerald to open higher heart (the Blood Rose). Your root chakra links etherically with that of the Eden Tree and Oneness: your new harmonic blue print is born.

Self-healing by invoking these angels and breathing Red

  • As I breathe in your rose red vibrations and hold this breath Angelic Love fills my heart. On my out-breath I travel with you to the Ruby Chamber in Templa Mar. In the heart of the Rose Mandala I bathe in healing Angelic Light. Glowing, living crystal fractals of earth's purple, sparkling wine red and warm vital crimson flow in to heal and balancing my root chakra. Palest rose-gold brings spiritual strength. As I forgive and can rejoin All through root and Eden Tree; rose-magenta offers re-birth through power of Love and Light.

*For more on Heart Quest and Soul Quest see first sections of my website)

How to learn more

To learn how to do really effective angel guidance readings with my Angel Card Trilogy, or about healing with the Twelve Colours of Creation, why not come on one of my two spring 2011 Workshops? See UK Events (from Home Page) for information/bookings on these.

That’s all for this post, but I wish you the season’s greetings and a wonderful holiday filled with angelic abundance,

Love and light to you all


Angela McGerr

6 November 2010


Hello dear readers,

Thank you to all those who have signed up so far for the new Event News mailing list – a good number of you! I shall shortly be sending something out to you, drawing your attention to my spring Events in UK (bookings now being taken and places going fast).

And now, instead of my usual offerings, I thought you might like to hear some tales of the everyday life of an Angelologist! Do let me know if you enjoy reading this; you can now post comments at the foot of the Blogs. Are any of you out there actually reading this?


Occasionally a reader writes to say that there is a missing card from a card set he or she has purchased. Or that a card has gone missing, and can just a replacement card be obtained. The answer to this is probably no, although if the card set is newly purchased and a card is found to be missing, one can always go back to the retailer and ask for another set as in effect, it’s not fit for purpose if incomplete.

But the interesting thing is that there is usually a purpose behind whichever cards are missing!

For example: a lady wrote to me this week saying that she has a set of Gold & Silver Guardian Angels (probably the simplest of my various card sets!), and that two cards had unfortunately gone missing. I asked her which were the two cards, because there will be a message here, literally out of the blue.

The missing cards were Achaiah (Silver, so relating to emotions, feelings, intuition), Guardian Angel of Nature’s Secrets, and Haniel (Gold, relating to decisions, actions), Guardian Angel of Friday, Venus, Love, Beauty, Compassion. My feeling about these missing cards was that they gave the following message:

Achaiah is the Guardian Angel of Nature's Secrets. This card could imply two things: either you need to go into Nature to be calm and take stock of your situation at present, because it's a bit stressful or you "can't see the wood for the trees!" Or you may be a person that should be investigating and working with Nature's Secrets, which would mean looking into things like healing skills, flowers or flower remedies, homeopathy, colour healing/work of some kind or crystals....

Gold: Haniel is the Guardian Angel of Friday, Love, Beauty, Compassion. This card means that you need to look at your relationships again (perhaps why you
need to take stock, as above), to think about whether your heart is happy,
and/or to ask yourself whether you are judging yourself too severely. Are you
a perfectionist? Can you honestly say you love, and are at complete ease with yourself?

As Gold & Silver messages work with three cards, I suggested that this lady selected a third card which is the Key to Balance card. This card turned out to be Magenta for opening of higher heart chakra.

It turned out that Achaiah was referring to the second scenario I had sensed. This lady had been drawn to study Reiki 1 some years ago, but this had been put on hold because life (family!) had prevented it progressing. She was interested in pursuing Reiki further and had already signed up to do Level 2. The angels were right on the case here!

The Haniel message was not about her judging herself too severely (though many do!) It was about her heart being happy, and being full of love, therefore her being able to help others to open their hearts more, through learning Reiki healing.

The Magenta Key to Balance confirmed this message, for the Magenta Ray is the Ray of the open higher heart chakra of unconditional love, that which aids others to see the beauty in all things, including self, and to start to heal old heart wounds.


A friend of mine has been reading The Angel Quest of the Heart. For those who don’t know this work, it’s a two part set. The first book is a Narrative, based on my own self-healing path, and is set in the Seven Turn (Cretan) Labyrinth of Melchisadec, with a host of angels, Mystical Animals etc., plus riddles to solve to enter each circuit of the Labyrinth.

The second book is a Workbook for the reader, with a set of visualisations and mandalas, enabling the reader to undertake the labyrinthine self-healing journey for him/herself.

This young lady’s comments were that in the first instance, she enjoyed the Narrative but felt constrained about trying the Quest because it was clearly my Heart Quest rather than hers... I found this really interesting because of course it’s true! She went on to say that in a way she rebelled against the Quest, perhaps because it’s easier to go on as we are, rather than tackle the blocks within us. It’s a kind of inertia that takes hold of us. BUT we simply cannot move on without tackling and dissolving these blocks (and they may be from more than one lifetime). The angels are always there to assist, but we have to choose whether or not we invite them in. My friend went on to say something really profound. She said it all changed when she “melted herself, heart-wise, into the Quest”. Then the whole thing opened up for her, and she was able to take the journey of self-healing. Of course this journey on the Way of Love & Light has many levels, but it’s that kind of thinking that gets you started.


In response to my piece about white feathers being signs from the angels, a lady in USA wrote to say that for quite a while she was finding half feather, split lengthwise, and she asked me what this meant.

My feeling is that this is all to do with harmony and balance and how to find Oneness with All. At present, as we rush towards 2012, everything is about this! The whole Caduceus message (see Harmony Cards, Gold & Silver Guardians Book of Angels, and Angel Almanac) is about first reaching gold/silver/chakra balance to 3rd Eye level. Why to there? It’s because the first six chakras represent our duality life, and we have to resolve duality first, by balancing and healing these six chakras from Root to 3rd Eye. From 3rd Eye you move to Crown, and at Crown there is only Oneness with All, and this is the only way I know to reach that Oneness, but what Peace!

As well as a symbol of the spiritual journey, the Feather represents Truth (and, if you consider Ma’at, the Angel Goddess in Egypt, her hieroglyph was the Feather of Truth; all Souls were weighed against this feather). In my books I talk about wonderful Michael, Guardian of Wednesday, Strength, Protection and Truth, and Michael says that the only way to the Creator’s Truth is through personal truth. Therefore, if the feather means Truth, what is the meaning of half a feather? The feather curves in a spiral. This is a Fibonacci spiral, which is a sacred geometry, and I teach the use of this for healing; the gold - broadly Sun and masculine, and the silver - broadly Moon and feminine spiral around the Caduceus or Staff. With the help of the angels Raphael, Gabriel and Ariel we can easily work on balancing and resolving duality with the Caduceus, to 3rd Eye and then achieving Oneness; though of course it takes work and commitment! The implication of half a feather is that this lady’s journey to truth is suspended in some way, and she needs to regain balance within, as well as perhaps in work/life, in order to resume her spiritual development.

Don’t forget to let me know if you like this new format, and here (at the top) is an artwork of Gabriel (done by Richard Rockwood for the very first book – A Harmony of Angels, and Harmony Angel Cards) to show you the Moon Balance, as I showed you the Sun Balance in the last Blog, with Raphael’s artwork.

Love and light

From Angela McGerr

5 October 2010

October 5th update

Hello Dear Readers,


Please note that you can now post comments on this blog! Scroll down to the foot of the blog post to find the facility. Would anyone like to be the first to comment, hopefully favourably?


As previously mentioned, there will be a new Events e-Newsletter sent out from time to time, to give advance or early notice of special events I am offering. This will be e-mailed to a newly compiled mailing list, because the previous one was combined with my sister’s (Jo Bristow Watkins), and we are now working independently.
If you were on the previous mailing list, are a current student, or attended my Conference this year, you will receive a one-off e-mail from me inviting you to subscribe to my new list. Do this via my blog and the button on the left, below the photo of me at the Hamburg Angel Kongress. If you’ve already re-subscribed then thank you.... if you have not, then you are cordially invited to do so, but if you don’t wish to, please note you will not receive any personally addressed e-correspondence from me in the future.


There are several angels linked with Rainbows, including Raphael, Ruler of Sunday, Sun and Healing, and mighty Melchisadec, spiritual “Director” of us all (who fast-tracks us through Heart and Soul Quests!) Mightiest of all is Seraphiel, Ruler of the Seraphim. But the first angel to consider is Hahlii, Guardian Angel of Colours.

As Hahlii’s message, says in the Heart & Soul Angel Cards:

Some say that 555 million years ago the first colours appeared in our universe, but certain colour secrets have only been revealed as and when mankind was ready for them. Hahlii advises you are ready to master various colour secrets, offering you the gift of the rainbow to help you towards heart's desire. The seven traditional rainbow shades are all connected with health. To bring vitality to your energy centres, lift your emotions, and/or enliven your environment, work first with these (other cards will indicate priorities).

But there are in fact twelve Colours of Creation: the other five require sensing with the heart as well as seeing with the eye. Four of these are magenta, turquoise, gold and silver. Are you ready to focus on these more subtle colours to directly assist you with your goals? Turquoise enables a degree of communication with angelic realms, as does magenta, the colour of a heart that is open to unconditional love and compassion. Gold and silver are for balance of masculine and feminine aspects of self, as well as for physical/spiritual harmony. Finally the twelfth, the pure white light of spiritual (and rainbow) Unity, carries the angelic Language of Light itself. With Hahlii strive towards white for realisation of true heart and soul concordance.

By working with the colours, beginning with the traditional Rainbow Seven, we are working not just to Light, but if the message continued, it would direct you towards the Diamond Ray of Seraphiel, Ruler of the Seraphim (to whom we shall come later on in these blog posts). This Diamond Ray, like the gem itself (pure carbon but in Gem form, as we who are carbon can return to Gem Self) contains no colours, but all colour potential. However, as Hahlii suggests, we need to work on ourselves first to achieve a degree of Mastery.

To begin at the beginning, each basic Rainbow Colour, linked to a chakra energy centre, carries its own potential, and we shall gradually explore these over several blogs, because healing is at the heart of everything I write.

So for now, here is another (updated) message from Hahlii, given first in Gold & Silver Guardian Angels Book of Angels, about some of the powers of the colours:

  • Mine are the rainbow colours and shades of Creation, mixed on an ethereal palette to enrich and heal your life. Each of these has a separate and special role, but when they come together they form the pure white Light of Unity.
  • Make life a kaleidoscope, for colour offers infinite possibilities to heal, develop and work towards Oneness with All. Each of my colours links to your energy centres and has many shades - first use the particular shade you are drawn to, for this will be the one you need.
  • Start with deeper shades of each colour and then progress to pastels, the paler the shade the higher its vibration.
  • Choose an Affirmation(s) to do daily or as often as needed until you feel you are achieving your objective, which is to move towards the white light of crown, to the first Angel Star Gate and beyond to Seraphiel’s Diamond.

o Red: As I secure and energise my earthly life I am empowered

o Orange: As the fire of creativity burns within I innovate and transform

o Yellow: With will and mind I ignite the power of the Sun within me

o Green/Magenta Pink: As water of life heals my heart it flowers with pink of unconditional love.

o Turquoise: I balance my emotions in order to calmly review my life

o Blue: With Sword of Light I embrace truth and freedom.

o Indigo: With abundance of wisdom I retrieve that which I have lost

o Violet: With power of earth and air I pierce the veil and transmute all illusion

o White: Through crown I deepen my Divine connection, touch the 44:44 Angel Star Gate and seek Universal Harmony

28 September 2010


Hello dear Readers,

Thank you to those of you who’ve already signed up for news of UK Events and updates on my e-Course Programme (see new facility below). If you refer to the new website section about these (see Home Page) there is advance information there – in particular about the two Spring 2011 UK Workshops, but an Event Newsletter will go out shortly giving more information. Please note that these are special events and numbers will be limited, especially on the Angel Card Trilogy Workshop in March. Only fifteen places are available on this, and some are already taken.


And now, in my last post I promised to give more information about white feathers, as for many of us (including me!), it is finding a white feather on the ground is the first indication that the angels are trying to get our attention! And they can be very persistent.....if you are finding white feathers on the ground in front of you, or floating down around you, here is some information for you!

As with all spiritual signs, there are many levels of meaning to white feathers. Here is a version of what I wrote in 2000, in my first book: A Harmony of Angels (first pub. 2001)

So many people have telephoned me and spoken of finding a white feather that I have lost count of the number. I, myself, found my first white feather on the day I learned about healing, just before I began my angel research. One led to more, and now here I am, the author of this book! When you start to find your own tiny white feathers (and you will!) place them in your sacred space or home sanctuary or glue them around a small mirror - that way you will be viewing yourself surrounded by protective and supportive angel feathers. Feathers can of course be any colour, but to be meaningful initially in terms of the angels and spirituality they need to be white.

  • The feather represents softness and gentleness combined with strength
  • The feather is associated with the element of air (Breath of Life) linking it with health and healing, communication and spiritual expansion
  • The white feather is representative of the Dove, symbol of Peace, Spirit, soul path and pure, unconditional love.
  • In Ancient Wisdom (e.g. Egypt and Ma’at) the feather has been regarded as Truth; this begins as personal truth and thus leads to Absolute Truth.
So there you have some thoughts on feathers and Breath of Life, but what about white angel feathers?


White and white feathers are particular symbols of angels for the following reasons:
  • White symbolises purity and the Way of Love & Light (the Way of the Angels)
  • White is Oneness with All (crown chakra) because we are all composed of colours (chakras) that begin with the traditional seven colours of the rainbow.
  • White is the unification of the seven colours and the sum is greater than the parts.
As I concluded, and recommended, in my very first book:

Once you have found the tiny white feather, which has opened for you this spiritual doorway, always carry it around with you to remind you of your new journey.

However, as I now know, this is only the beginning!!! The feathers are but a sign to begin to consider our spiritual side, and our soul journey through life/lives. Each feather we find urges us to this, but as humans we have free will, and we can choose whether or not we follow this angelic guidance.


When you’ve founds dozens of white feathers (and hopefully are working at your spiritual side, for without physical and spiritual balance there can be no inner peace and harmony) there comes a time when you no longer need to collect them. Instead leave them for someone else to find, so that they, too, can receive their “wake up call” from the angels.

For by then you yourself are on The Way of Love & Light, and you are finding you are growing spiritually. You have realised (to paraphrase the Little Prince) that what is truly important is not what you see with your normal eye, but what you see and sense with the eye of the Heart. By this time the white feathers will be corroborating that the decisions you are taking (with both head and heart) will be more balanced; in general these decisions will be more in keeping with your soul journey.

For example, you may be in a situation where two different opportunities have presented themselves to you, and you are thinking about these. You focus on one of the two and pondering on it, you gaze out of the window. At that exact moment you will see a white feather float past you! I promise you that this can and will happen!! You will instantly know that the choice you are considering at that moment is the right one.

Or: in the same situation, you suddenly look skywards and see a feather shaped cloud, like an angel’s wing, above you. Again, what you are thinking about at that instant is right for you. Can you learn to trust the angels, as I did? It’s a tough step to take, but if and when you do, many, many things will gradually unfold.....

To conclude this blog about white feathers here is a piece I channelled about five years ago for the book called An Angel For Every Day (In USA entitled The Zodiac Angels), plus some guidance; it’s about Alphun, Guardian Angel of White Doves.

For spiritual/physical balance Alphun, angel of doves, says:

"I am the angel of white doves, a symbol of your spiritual journey. If you seek my aid I lift your consciousness skywards towards All That Is. Look out for white birds flying, tiny white feathers in your path and feather-like clouds - all are signs that I am communicating with you".

  • Invoking Alphun. If you need Alphun's assistance say: Alphun, Alphun, Alphun I have come to the point in my life where I need your spiritual guidance in order to find inner peace. Please send me the signs and show me how to move forwards on this path of Light, for my highest good.
If you have invoked Alphun, please keep looking out for signs: a cloud shaped like a wing or angel, or doves or other white birds such as swans flying. Then be vigilant re tiny white feathers in your path. If/when you start to find these, and if you choose to pick them up, from that moment you will know you are being guided, though the next steps are up to you for each time you have a choice.

That’s all for now; in my next blog I shall talk about The Twelve Colours of Creation, but also just to say that you can now post comments on this blog!

Love and Light to you

From Angela McGerr

21 September 2010

September update

Hello to all readers,

I hope you've had a pleasant summer - I was able to have a bit of a rest! However, now that we are into autumn, work has speeded up again here, and I am writing to draw your attention to the new look of my Home Page, plus the brand new section (accessed from Home Page or from Heart & Soul Courses and Events), entitled WORKSHOPS, READINGS & e-COURSES. To this section on UK Workshops I've also added new information on Blue Star Angels Mystery School Levels 4 onwards, and an update on the popular e-Course Programme for 2011. I hope you will browse this section and let me know what you think, or if you are interested in any of these offerings. They include two Workshops (rare for me) to be given face-t0-face at beautiful Nash Manor in Sussex. Limited space is available on either, but particularly for the first ever Angel Card Trilogy Workshop, because of the nature of teaching the full use of the 144 cards.

On the subject of your possible interest, I've today added a Newsletter sign up form, to the left-hand side bar of this blog, as my sister Jo and I are now working more independently and I am therefore creating my own separate mailing list. If you wish to be advised of more of my events, as and when decided, or about the new Angel Readings*, as well as changes to the e-Course Programme, then do fill this out now! *Hi to some of you who've met me at the Tart Events at 40 Winks and enjoyed a mini-reading there!

Do look out for my next blog post, which will be all about the significance of finding white angel feathers (something that continues indefinitely!), seeing feathers in clouds and of white doves (the beautiful image at the top is Cassiel, Ruler of Saturn and Saturday, Angel of Peace, Harmony and Serenity)....watch this space!

Love and light
from Angela

22 July 2010

July and August update

Dear reader,

I am now on my summer vacation (until September), and am only looking at e-mails from time to time, but I thought I would leave you with this Ritual for Abundance, as all of us are looking for abundance of some kind in our lives. This Ritual is primarily with the angel Zadkiel; he is Ruler of Thursday one of the Sacred Seven (for more, see Working With Angels on this website).

Zadkiel rules Jupiter, the Planet of Abundance, and he will help us obtain abundance so long as it's for our highest good, and we make a mental pledge to share our abundance with others. Other angels also assist with carrying your Affirmation for Abundance out to the Universe.

Before trying the Ritual (can be done any day, but will have even more energy if undertaken on a Thursday as that is Zadkiel's own special day), take some time to really consider what kind of abundance you need. Is it money? In this case you would only receive what you really needed. It might be love, or health or any number of things, but do give this serious consideration.


First consider your life, and what sort of abundance you are seeking. Bear in mind that you could wish for abundance of health, happiness, money, love, spiritual development - the list is infinite. Here is an example affirmation:

"I am grounded and safe and with the help of the angels I open my heart both to receive and to radiate Love and Light to the Universe. Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Spirit nourish and heal me, and in return I share this with Mother Earth and all sentient life. As Microcosm I strive to grow in spiritual consciousness and as Macrocosm I am part of All, for the spark of the Divine is within me. The Waters of Time flow through me and will bring me the abundance I need, sometimes in surprising ways. In accordance with the Universal Laws I shall return good for good as an expression of my eternal gratitude to the Creator. As Above So Below, As Below So Above."

  • Carry out the ritual during a waxing moon, near full moon if possible.
  • Make an altar cloth. This can be in any colour (or shape), such as white (for angels and purity), gold for healing and the sun, blue or turquoise for Zadkiel himself. Choose the colour and shape which appeals to you personally. Place suitable crystals in the centre; you could represent earth/air (smoky quartz/amethyst, water (aquamarine/malachite) and fire (amber) with crystals or just use clear quartz (an all purpose crystal)
  • Use a feather to represent the link with the angels, and spiritual Truth.
  • Now select a deep blue or turquoise candle (or white) for Zadkiel; etch into it the sign for the planet Jupiter (bringer of abundance, wisdom and joy)
  • (optional) Anoint the candle with a drop of frankincense or myrhh to aid your quest.
  • Make an arc of your arm as you light the candle and call on the Angel Zadkiel to assist you to send your Affirmation in the name of the planet Jupiter, in Love and Light, Love and Light, Love and Light.
  • If you have one and wish to programme it, hold in your left hand a lapis lazuli or turquoise crystal (for Zadkiel) to bring wisdom to recognise opportunity when it presents itself.
  • Next read your personal Affirmation three times.
  • Ask the angels of the elements: Phul, Lord of the Waters, Uriel, ruler of Fire, and Ariel, of earth and air to carry your Affirmation to the Universe
  • Ask Ruhiel, Guardian Angel of the Winds, to carry and speed your Affirmation on its way.
  • Let it go. Send it and then forget about it! Do not interfere with it!
  • If you can, leave your candle to burn out. If not pinch or snuff out, as you lose forty per cent of its energy by blowing it out.
  • Thank Zadkiel, and all the other angels you invoked, for their support and assistance.

It should be noted that this Affirmation should work within a few weeks of its release, and things should start to change for the better from this point onwards. Remember to also give thanks to the angels and the Creator for any abundance that you subsequently receive, and to spread it around you to others who need it.