8 June 2017

Angel Healing & Alchemy Initiative 2017 - Healing with Angels, Planets & Colours of Creation


The special Planetary Alignment healers are talking about began on January 7th 2017 - a date that adds up to nine. Nine is the Ascension vibration and here you see nine Planets of our Solar System, plus our Sun, i.e. 10 The Perfect Number. Apparently this cosmic event was foreseen hundreds of years ago by our spiritual forefathers, and so it's an important and defining year in the Ascension Programme


The Ascension task for those of us working with the Angels is to bring in as much as we possibly can of the pure, unfallen (Angelic Light) vibrations for these bodies, and we can do this via the Angels ruling them. Our own Love & Light commitment, month by month, with Angels, Colours and most of all, our hearts, will majorly aid The Ennead (Nine Blue Star Seraphim) guiding our Ascension for Mother Earth and All Life.


So far as I have been guided since 1999, spiritual consciousness begins with 7, goes on then to 9 and after that moves to 12 & 13...if you've read my later books you will understand, or perhaps you'd like to understand this? And it all links to the 12 Colours of Creation and Seraphiel (pic here with his 12-fold Diamond Mandala - Love & Light Cards). I like to teach on Facebook (not pontificate) and so I think for this year I'd like to try to take readers on a journey through the Creation Colours, working with one per month, from Red (where All begins), to Orange, Yellow, Green, Turquoise, Blue, Indigo, Violet Magenta, Gold, Silver and White (becoming Diamond when vibration is sufficient to hold this Creation energy of the Seraphim). Of course this all links to the sacred geometry of the Flower of Life, pictured here, with Seed of Life in its heart.


The Initiative itself will offer a free exercise per month, for you to work with (so you need to put in the effort to self-transform with the angels, who will support you in this. But there are optional extras! I have also decided that this could be a collaborative venture with my sister Jo (harmonyhealing.co.uk) who is known to many readers of my page, books and card sets.


If you wish to particiate in this Initiative (to begin w/c22nd January), you can prepare by reading and absorbing the following:

1: Red = your energy connection..11 and 111 Earth/Mars – root chakra, where All begins at each level of vibration. Link to Camael.
2: Orange = 22 & 222 transforming, creating, innovating, moving on in self and lif...e - Uranus and Uriel linked to Moon and intuition, emotions, yet linked also to (because of Duality):
3: Yellow & Gold = 33 & 333 Sun & Raphael – decisions and actions, also healing and driving release of energy blocks throughout your meridian
4: Green = 44 &444 = heart/Love/Venus/Haniel, healing with Green, expanding in Magenta as heart flower opens and returns to Earth
5: Turquoise & Silver = 5 & 555 - Neptune/Phuel + Moon/Gabriel, connect to angelic realms, higher spiritual consciousness/awareness (Dance of Five vibration)
6: Blue (Mercury/Michael) and Indigo (Jupiter/Zadkiel) = 66 linked to 55 - perception of Divine Truth, subtly enhancing helaing ability for self and others. Remembrance of own ancient wisdom in past lives (Dance of Six vibration healing allowing new level of Dance of Five)
7. Violet = 77 & 777 (Ariel/Melchisadec/Pluto) linking to Violet = Ancient Mystery Schools/Priest/Priestess lives, psychic ability, introducing:
8. 88 & 888 resonance for Star Born and pure unfallen Zodiac (soul purpose is restoration of this, Pistis Sophia)
9. Magenta = 99 & 999 numbers indicating Ascension and Beyond Light Work, return to Earth via forgiveness for All including self.
10. & 11 = Higher vibrations of White Gold and White Silver indicating move from third eye up to crown chakra level YET ALSO returning back to 1 to begin again at a higher vibration level.
12 & 13 = Diamond vibration of the Seraphim (holding Saf-Fire of the Blue Star of our origins at its heart, indicating capacity for Advanced Light Work abilities... The Diamond Mandala shown here illustrates how the 12 Rays are emanated, and the Saf-Fire energy of Earth's (and Venus's) origins is at the heart. Also, how Magenta is the Key Colour, as this is the Colour of Creation of Forgiveness of All, including self....