24 December 2009

Wishing all readers a very merry festive season...

...and for a new year that will be filled with angel blessings!

Two timely Channellings for Winter and for Wednesday (from Angel Almanac):

Farlas, Guardian Angel of Winter says:

My Festival is a time of muted colours, of brown, purple and grey - an apparent absence of Light. While frost embroiders the earth, I enfold sleeping Nature with my strong wings, protecting her secrets from the elements, knowing the darkest time is turning, making way for Light to return. But appearances are deceiving; although all seems lifeless, nothing is further from the truth. Even now new buds are forming and as the sun returns, Mother Earth awakens. This is merely her time of conserving strength and biding time; coming soon is the promise of birth or re-birth.

This is also your chance to conceive something completely new. Whether major or minor does not matter, just that the impulse creates a longing for change: a quest towards true heart's desires - those in line with your soul journey. On dark days I urge you to shine your own Light within to illuminate where your heart wishes to be at the end of the coming year, for as acorn leads to oak and back to acorn, all is in cycles and cannot remain the same.

As winter draws towards its close, little by little I open my wings to embrace the sun. My subtle monochromes acquire brighter hues, as I allow Nature to begin her age-old, magical transformation once more. Your own desire for change can start now, at this same moment. And if you harmonise with my, and all other Solar Festivals your quest leads you towards greater balance at year's end, when I gladly extend my wings towards you once again.

Or for those in the Antipodes, for whom it's not Winter, but still Wednesday:

Michael, Guardian Angel of Wednesday and Mercury says:

All that exists is energy; Light is All That Is. My Light Sword holds the power that shows you all levels of Truth. Do you wish you were living your truth? Call my name to aid you and remember that Love is the Key.

To angels there are no favoured ones! Rest assured that you are all favoured. Do not feel that by calling on us you are "bothering" us, or that we have preferences, for our role is to offer mankind unconditional love, to support equally all those who choose to seek our assistance. We cannot win your battles for you, but we can aid you with the strength to address karmic issues, surmount challenge, and move ever onwards, spiritually, on the Way of Love and Light, towards personal and through this, Absolute Truth.

Love, Light and Angel Blessings,

10 December 2009

December update

I thought it about time I produced a proper post on my brand-new blog. I have lots of things to tell you all.

Love & Light cards - completion of card trilogy

Firstly, the new Love & Light cards have been in the shops for several weeks, and early sales are promising, but more support is always welcome! It's true to say that this third set of the trilogy (began with Harmony Angel cards in 2001 and continued with Heart & Soul cards in 2006) is quite deep. Especially for those new to them, or angels in general! Please let me know if you like them, and if you have any feedback, it would be most welcome.

Although each set works fully independently, I really intended all sets in the trilogy to be used together for a full and detailed life guidance reading. As soon as I get a minute, I am going to try out some of these readings myself, but feel free to let me know how you get on with them. I'm also giving my readers the opportunity to win a free reading from me... read on for more details.

Also, a first for me, the Love & Light cards are available in Barnes and Noble stores in America (published by Sterling), as of the 2nd of November this year. If you're a US reader and are visiting a Barnes and Noble store, do look out for them. They have been kindly reviewed by a US friend of mine, on her site Elizabeth's Oracle (Elizabeth is also a student on my e-Courses), and there is an interview with me on another American friend (and a fellow author) June Michael's blog that you may be interested to read.

A Week With The Angels

As another first, I am presenting an intensive Week With The Angels at Nash Manor in Sussex.

This includes a weekend Heart and Soul Quest conference, which is taking place on the 24th and 25th April, with optional extras before and after. This might be one of the only remaining opportunities for my readers to meet me in person, as I am semi-retiring next year. For all the details and to book, please visit the Conference page on my website. There were only 33 places available, in order to allow for plenty of individual coaching and interaction; and it's already two-thirds sold out. So do hurry if you would like to join us!

My sister, Jo Bristow-Watkins of Harmony Healing, who is known to many of my readers, is teaching some sessions with me.

e-Course Modules 1 & 2 starting again in January

Owing to my semi-retirement, these next e-Courses are amongst the very last I shall be personally moderating over the nine weeks of each module (although I shall continue to give/channel the Angelic Light Attunements). The start date for Module 1 is 18th January, and Module 2 (for those that have completed 1) is the 21st January. These cost £144 each and bookings are now being taken. Please take a look at the latest Newsletter, from which you can discover more, book courses, and sign up to receive future editions.

All the information about my e-Courses can of course be found on my website.

Win a free, 6 card reading

I'd like to invite my readers to send me a brief account of how the Angels have changed, healed or transformed yourself or your life. About a page will do, and my favourite three accounts will receive the prize of a 6-card mini reading from my card trilogy in the New Year. Please contact me through my website to submit your story. I look forward to receiving them!