22 March 2010

March Update

At last spring is coming, and remember this is the time to plant new seeds in your own life: new plans, so that you could actually bring about life transformation during the course of this year. This time of year is also traditionally linked to Water and healing of emotions (see later in this update). Perhaps you need to heal and balance your emotions before you can make new plans?

As we recently marked the Spring Equinox (Lady Day/Antharoc), here is a message from The Angel Guardian and Ruler of Spring (from The Angel Almanac)

My Festival is one of great beauty, promise and vigour. As a fern uncoils in a spiral towards the warming sun, I tenderly unfurl my wings of leaf green, yellow, aqua and blue, and so I give direction to Nature. In terms of growth, all is possible for this is the time when according to the strength of the roots, the greatest advance will be made. What is needed for this surge is water, the essential element for both mankind and nature, without which there is neither germination nor growth of a single one of Nature's seed.

As my season progresses and Phuel's Water of Life flows into Mother Earth; my shining Light wings form a vivid green halo over the land and my colours deepen in strength, signifying triumphant new vitality. In the world of Nature the sap rises, this is a seasonal opportunity for mankind also. I send fast-flowing, regenerative, life force energy that helps Nature ensure all plants grow strongly, forming the flowers and seeds they need to guarantee survival. In mankind this spring survival instinct manifests as a time to follow your desire - a quest for change, for development, for love, for fulfilment.

Winter birthed your first impulse for change, creating and planting the seed of desire in the earth. Now Spring gives strength to the impulse; Water of Life nurtures your heart with enthusiasm and energy, and as my Love lifts your desire towards its flowering, together we propel your quest into vibrant reality.

A Visualisation with Phuel: Lord of the Waters and Powers of the Moon, for cleansing and healing, and then nourishing and growing seeds of your new life.

· You could do this exercise while in the bath, or just swimming, or if this is impossible just use your imagination.

· Sit quietly and focus your attention within, thinking about your desire to calm your emotions. Say Phuel's name three times.

· If you have an aquamarine (one of Phuel's crystals), hold this in your left hand and it will be programmed with healing during this exercise.

· Start taking deep breaths of blue green energy, breathing them right down through your body.

· Imagine you are walking in a beautiful place of nature.

· Presently you come to a pool of crystal clear water, reflecting a blue sky.

· Know that with the power of water energy your spirit can go down into this water to be healed and washed clean of emotional turbulence.

· Imagine that you can step into the water and float in it.

· If you wish to you can merge for a short time with the water itself, becoming the medium that nourishes fish and other water creatures.

· The water is very still, silken in texture and peaceful.

· The sun shines into its depths, lighting the grains of sand at the bottom.

· Let go of your cares; they are washed away by the healing power of water.

· If you have made new plans/planted the seeds of transformation in self and life, ask for Phuel to nourish these on your behalf and support your endeavours, so long as they are for your Highest Good.

· When come out of the water (real or imaginary)

· Ask Phuel to seal in whatever you achieved in terms of your emotional healing, and the nurturing of new plans.

· Also request that he helps you seal your crystal with silver aqua rays to reinforce this visualisation (keep this near you to remind you whenever you look at it!) and don’t forget to thank him for his assistance.

Until the next update,

Love and light from

Angela McGerr