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The Quinary Angels' Star Gate for Star Born Light Workers (Love & Light cards)

Hello dear readers,

The Spiritual Fast Track
What seems apparent now, more and more every day in fact, is that post December 2012 almost anything is possible with regard to the spiritual fast-track.  And also, that spiritual direction is more important than ever before.  So for those who may be interested, I want to say a little more about Essene Angelology.  To put this whole philosophy into one sentence, it is the belief that wholeness and harmony is achieved only by balancing the physical and spiritual aspects of our lives and that angels aid us with this harmony.

Angelology: Past, Present, Future.

Since 1999, when I was hijacked by angels from my business career, I have been "hooked" on Angelology.  Why?  Because it is ancient wisdom, rather than fluffy stuff which I find simplistic and to be quite honest, irritating.  (That is not to say that fluffy stuff does not suit others, just not me!)  And although I felt I had to simplify Essene Angelology to make it accessible to a 21st Century audience, at the same time I based this simplified version absolutely on that ancient wisdom.  

The pathways to the One/The All are many, and so after simplifying the Essene Angelology philosophy, I was also guided (by the angels) to research sacred symbols of Universal Truth, sacred geometry, colour wisdom, spiritual alchemy, the Mysteries, Lemuria, Atlantis, and much, much more, and to weave these into the works.  In that early stage, books made themselves known to me in mysterious ways!  I will talk about this in Part 2 of this Blog.

But now I want to tell you how it all began for me.  It began with Cassiel, Ruler of Saturday and Saturn, because as I was born on a Saturday he's one of my Primary Guardians. Cassiel, so we are told in the wisdom, is Gatekeeper of 7th Heaven.  So after I was hijacked, and led to research Essene Angelology, sometimes in meditation I used to glimpse a priestly figure in black robes and a kind of amorphous angel of White Fire.  It took me a long time to identify that the priestly figure was Ezekiel who (I discovered much later) was believed to have brought the Essene knowledge out of Egypt.  And the angel was Cassiel who guided me for a while, and led me to the others of the Sacred Seven Rulers of the Weekdays; then he guided me to Melchisadec.  Around 2005 Seraphiel (whom a clairvoyant saw "waiting in the wings" in 1999) took over!  However, since 2012, everything, including spiritual growth, is getting faster and faster.  The key thing is to find a spiritual path that feels right for you personally and to pursue it.  Angelology - working with angels every day towards physical and spiritual harmony and balance - is the path that worked for me.

Seraphiel, Ruler of the Seraphim (Heart & Soul Cards)

Winged Messengers and Angelology as a Spiritual Path
The concept of Winged Messengers pre-dates religions, and those winged messengers have many different names; angels comes from the Greek word "angelos".  But the ancient wisdom of why angels may be invoked to help us on our spiritual journey, remains constant.  It is generally considered that Angelology originated with the Essenes, writers of the Dead Sea Scrolls (found in Qum'ran), so their angels are Hebraic, although in my books I did add angels from many other belief systems (all I could easily appropriate) in the interests of fairness and of course balance!  

The point I am making is that angels provide us with a spiritual path either within, or without a specific religion, according to what we choose for ourselves, because:
  • Many of us believe in God, The Creator, but cannot easily visualise this concept.  
  • On the other hand we generally find angels conceptually more approachable and accessible.
  • In most belief systems God is depicted and taught as a masculine energy (with the angels this aspect is Metatron, i.e. God in Man).  
  • If All (Macrocosm) is whole, balanced, complete, then why does the corresponding  aspect of Shekinah, i.e. God in Woman, seem to be rather ignored in  religions?  Even when researching Cabbala it took me a long time to find references to this balance.
  • It is said that in the Precession of the Zodiac Signs, which takes around 26,000 years, we have just moved from 13,000 of masculine predominance, to enter 13,000 years of feminine instead, so is it not time to correct former imbalances?
  • I can safely say that in Angelology consideration is always given to harmony and balance of all energies, otherwise Oneness with All is not really attainable.
  • To move out of polarity and into Oneness, we first need to attain that balance within self; this is the first level of support the angels bring us, because their remit from the Creator is to do just that.
  • We cannot expect quick fixes in spiritual life, any more than we can in physical life; the angels cannot do it for us. So they offer us to aid us through Angelology and through bringing us pure, positive energy to enrich our lives with Love and Light.  
  • Why do I love this so?  As I said, it's all about attaining physical and spiritual harmony:
    • Angelology encourages us to take ownership of ourselves, in terms of self-healing (Heart Quest), as well as to set ourselves a pathway for spiritual growth.  It's also to aid/encourage others in this (Soul Quest)
    • Angelology teaches daily spiritual practices and disciplines, which create foundations upon which we build, step by step, that spiritual growth. 
    • The aim of the spiritual pathway of Angelology is to lead us gradually through personal truth to Divine Truth and Oneness with All, when instead of being on the outside, we enter "The Cloud of Knowing". (Microcosm to Macrocosm)
    • Although the task is ours, we can follow the ancient wisdom in Essene teachings to make angels our daily friends, and to invoke them to support our own efforts to overcome challenges and move onwards along that spiritual pathway
    • The more we learn, the less we realise we actually know, we remain humble. 
  • Most importantly of all, Angelology is not just an abstract intellectual exercise, or a philosophy to study - it is able to be embraced in mind, body and spirit. 
  • If we wish to spiritually fast-track, it is no good just reading about it, we must also choose to "live" it, and make it our own.  
  • The more we put into doing this, the more we will derive from it (and I can say this from my personal experience of the last 14 years, from total immersion in 1999 to 2001, and from living this Truth every day, and writing about it ever since.....
So this is why I have based my books, cards, and my whole life since 1999 on Angelology, because only by living it as a reality can one truly fathom if it works or not, and it does!  It has brought me harmony, balance, inner peace.  


Dear Readers,

Following a recent post on Angelology, I realised when I had finished it that this post was only Part 1, because there was much more to say about this, in terms of my own work: it began with Essene Angelology but that was truly just the start..... 

From August 1999 I had begun a route to qualify as a Reiki Seichem healer, persuaded by my sister Jo Bristow Watkins (known to some of you). In autumn 1999 I was in a crystal shop talking to the owner about healing.  She then took a phone call, while waiting for her to finish the call I noticed a magazine on her desk that I flicked through, and in it was an article by a man named Mike Robinson, about Essene Angelology and the seven Rulers of the weekdays (obviously no coincidence and another story as subsequently I came to disagree with some of his article).  Nevertheless, this is how I first read about the Sacred Seven, processed the information, memorised it and so this life transformation began.  I worked daily with the Sacred Seven for about three months, and what "flew to me" from there, included mighty Melchisadec (pictured above, from the Harmony Angel Cards) in his role as Spiritual Director - Father of the Sacred Seven.   

As my sister and I studied we were encouraged to practice our healing techniques, and in November 1999 I was giving a voluntary healing to a gifted, psychic/clairvoyant girl called Heather (where are you now Heather?).  She saw Seraphiel waiting "in the wings" so to speak, although she didn't quite get the name.  What she said was "There's an angel called Seraph-something who is waiting to talk to you, and also a Rainbow angel".  This could have been Raphael but I think that the Rainbow Angel was Melchisadec, who had been waiting to see if I committed to the Sacred Seven (which I did - you see we can read "til the cows come home" but really it's all about learning and commitment).  He then guided me for several years in what I now know to have been Heart Quest, self-healing and opening higher heart.  I should also say that by November, my management consultancy business which I had had successfully for 8 years had completely disappeared on me by autumn and my income disappeared with it!
Seraphiel, from the Heart & Soul Angel Cards

As previously mentioned, it took me years to get to the Seraphim role in Ascension but Heather was right, as Seraphiel came forward about 5 years later.  First I had to begin to self-heal, and I didn't even know what I didn't know; I just knew I had a huge thirst for this new life.  After spending some months just with the Sacred Seven, and then adding Melchisadec, I began also learning the Dictionary of Angels and many more angels.....but in January 2000, I was guided to Drunvalo Melchizadek, Sacred Geometry and the Merkaba (the original version, brought through to him by Thoth about 30 years ago.  Though mine has the integrity of his at heart, his is a bit left-brained and masculine - as he admits and there were reasons for this.  However, the angelic version I teach, which is called Heart Awakening, Healing & Ascension is deeper, more healing and feminine in approach.  

Anyway, between November and December the word Merkaba came up 3 times (yes, Law of Three) and I enrolled on the first class I could find to learn it - in January 2000.  Having committed to this also, a whole new research phase began, with the Dead Sea Scrolls almost certainly written by the Essenes, Knights Templar, Rosicrucianism, Theosophy, Sacred Geometry, Hermetic Philosophy, Alchemy, Cabbala, Zoroastrianism to name but a few interests*: in other words a myriad Pathways of Truth, plus what I could find on Lemuria and Atlantis etc. etc.  I found all this just as fascinating as the original Angelology research, and quickly became totally immersed in it, especially the ancient glyphs attributed by Colonel Churchward to Lemuria (who wrote books on Mu -  Lemuria - about 75 years ago).  My journey of exploration had gathered momentum: see Elemiah below: Guardian of Exploration, from the Heart & Soul Angel Cards. *Ancient and modern authors I read, in addition to Col. Churchward and Drunvalo, included Hermann Hesse, Madame Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Edmond Szekely, Zechariah Sitchin, Alan Alford, Baigent & Leigh, Mathers, Grace Cooke (White Eagle), Picknett & Prince, Katrina Raphaell, and many more....

The Pathways of Truth are many yet if they come from Spirit they lead to One/The All.  It then seemed that the angels wanted all this information somehow combined, to provide an angelic Pathway of Truth that might appeal to some in the 21st Century, exactly as it did to me....and so I began these new threads into the simplified Angelology of the Sacred Seven: to construct, with the angels, a spiritual jigsaw with Love out of Light and so I termed it: The Way of Love & Light.  In 2000 I put together some workshops on this, and a few people came to them, so I was encouraged to continue  Then I thought it would be great if there was a medium by which people could get personal one-to-one guidance from angels (as a pure, positive energy alternative to, say, Tarot readings).  I was told in meditation that the angels wanted this, and so I invited the angels to guide me on what the typical questions would be to which folks would want life guidance.  The result, after lots of meditation and experimentation, was that I made a prototype 44 card set.  Next I looked through the local phone boook, found a company who did laminated signs for businesses.  I called them, explaining this set was about healing and life guidance with angels.  Guess what!  The owner of this little business had experience with spiritual healing and agreed to laminate the 44 cards for £10.00 (great as I was broke!)  So with the card set (forerunner of the Harmony Angel Cards) I had a set of cards, combining Truths and I began to test them on volunteers.  They worked!  People liked them, so a more encouragement resulted, but there was very little money coming in.

The next step was to ask the angels to show me the way forward.  I had thought this would be through being a healer, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't find a way to get into professional healing.  One day I sat at home and cried.  I asked the angels why they had brought me this far, but I couldn't progress further.  My husband who had been very patient, was wanting to know whether, although I was happer post this self-transformation, I was ever going to get anywhere with it,  to replace some of my lost business income which had been half the income in our household! 

So motivated to try to do something about this new career, I decided to try to get my cards published....I went to a local bookshop, looked specifically at their books on religion and beliefs (my management consultancy training - look at the end first and work backwards!).  I found on their shelves a nicely bound book published by a company called Quadrille. ....without telling my husband (whom I felt would "pooh pooh" this idea as too far out) I found out the Editorial Director's name, wrote to her personally, asking if she would be interested in publishing my angel card set.  Surprise, surprise, and thanks to the angels, she wrote back inviting me to go to their London offices and demonstrate the cards to her.  She liked them, by strange synchronicity they were publishing at that very moment a card set!  She thought that, if I did a book first to introduce this philosophy to readers, and if the book (this was A Harmony of Angels) were to sell reasonably well (it did), they could also publish the cards (they did).  I suppose you could say, using a cliche, that the rest is history....but later my editor told me that she virtually never responded to letters from unknown authors......

Well, dear readers, it all happened that way, and although it almost burnt me out between 2000 and 2008, it was all absolutely meant to be....as the works kept selling and the writing continued, my own journey became deeper and deeper.  As I said you have to learn how to live this Divine Truth, not just read or write it.  So, as I followed the Way of Love and Light myself, my task became Light Work  went into Ascension Work and beyond.  After 5 years of working with Drunvalo's Merkaba, when Seraphiel came forward with the Blue Star Seraphim also, he guided development of my own Angelic version of the Merkaba - Tool of Ascension.  I'd also produced e-Modules showing how to begin as I had myself with Melchisadec and his Sacred Seven, and then I began the Blue Star Angels e-Mystery School; about half of my students begin with Melchisadec, and the other half with the Merkaba; it all seems to depend on their personal soul contracts.  

The Quinary Star Gate of the Star Born, here to manifest for the angels.
The published works with Quadrille finally ran their particular course in 2009, as by then the publishers felt I had become just too esoteric and deep for them (as I learnt more myself from and with the angels I just wanted to share it all with readers!)  The point is that the deeper they get, the books and cards still sell, but to a smaller audience. However, my journey continues still as many of you know.....and it's been a wonderful, amazing one......the picture below is of the Aquamarine Star Gate from the Love & Light Angel Card set - my 9th and final work so far.  Why?  Because this is a Water Planet and if you look very closely, as with all the artworks - done in collaboration with the talented Richard Rockwood, it encompasses many teachings from the angels from the past 14 years.  I have posted before from the Star Gate Suit on this Blog, including the Advanced Rosa Mystica, but not, I think this one.

So to sum up SO FAR that is how the composition of all the works and e-Modules began, took shape, coalesced, still continues apace, and how it all flows in Divine Truth, guided by angels every day, along the wonderful Way of Love and Light.

Angel blessings galore,
Angela xxxx

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