24 December 2010

A very happy Christmas

Hello dear readers,

A very happy and peaceful Christmas to you all from snowy England, and may this precious holiday time be filled with an abundance of angel blessings.....

Love and light
from Angela McGerr

11 December 2010



Hello dear readers,

Event e-Newsletter No. 1 sent in November

I hope all those of you who signed up for my new Events e-Newsletter received it when it was sent out in early November. If not, please check your Junk Mail just in case it went there by mistake!

Thank you to those who complimented me on it; of course as it’s a learning curve for me it all took longer than I thought, but it was worth it if you liked it and found it informative. Next one in January!

My Christmas Break

I shall be on holiday between 17th December and 3rd January; please don’t send me e-mails during this period!

Now some timely advice from the Angels

As yet another year draws to a close, the days grow shorter, nights longer, and we move towards the Winter Solstice.

Metatron and Shekinah, Twin Guardians of the Tree of Life tell you to use this time in a spiritual way if you can (from Angel Almanac):

  • In midwinter your days are short, and light in your world seems fleeting. We urge you to use this opportunity to focus on growing your Light within. This is the spark of Divine Light that resides in your own higher heart and through your will and intention the spark can be fanned into pure Angelic Light of the Flame That Does Not Burn.

What are the angels talking of here? To explain this a bit more - they are referring to Light of Oneness with All: the pure, un-fallen is the Light vibration that our planet enjoyed before the Falls from Grace. The spark of this Light is still within each and every one of us, in our hearts. When you learn (with the angels) how to live in your heart you can access this Light, and in fact you radiate it out to everyone and everything on Mother Earth. Also you will feel deep inner peace. It just takes understanding and some commitment to want to help Earth and All Life.

Here is a perspective on Heart and Soul Quest.

As Ariel, Ruler of Earth and Air says (from Angel Almanac):

  • I rule the Elements of Earth and Air and the marriage of the two, by which I mean the very life of your world as well as its conjoining with other dimensions and vibrations beyond your own. Earth sustains your physical self, while Air - Breath of Life - brings spiritual manna or nourishment. Bridge the two on my warm and shining Light wings as you commence with me on your spiritual re-birth.
  • First we will work on your grounding in this reality, so that you have a safe oundation from which to be re-born. At this stage I bring deepest red-purples, violets and magenta, sparkling with crystalline vitality into your life, to allow forgiveness for the past and form foundations for the future. During my Earth Festival I also offer you steps for emotional grounding, transmuting negative thought processes, preparing you so that you occupy a position of earthly strength.
  • How do I make this happen? Imagine yourself enjoying a new start within my Earth, a tiny, perfect seed that Mother Earth and I love, nurture and protect. As you grow Earth heals you, for it is capable of absorbing all negativity that arises during this process. As the season turns, Raphael's Sun warms you and you safely reach the surface. When you burst through you turn your face to the Sun ready to flower and form a new seed for the future; thus the shining seed of your spirit emerges at last from the veils that hid its secrets and perfection from Light.

Reviewing your year

Have you had a good year? If you have, then that’s great; if you have not, then is it time to re-think your life? Contrary to what some may think, although we are now in deepest winter here in this hemisphere, Nature is merely biding her time and preparing for spring. We can do the same, during winter, to rest, plan and prepare for a new time of plenty in our lives. Sew your seeds and water them in spring, to bring you abundance in summer.

Using the Rainbow and Colours of Creation – begin with Red

To begin to re-think your life, including health and surroundings, it makes sense to begin with Creation Red. This is because it’s the primal colour, that of your root chakra, so physical health and strength in that part of the body (including some digestive organs). It’s the blood itself, for everything begins with red. Yet at the same red represents your security in life and your foundations on which to build your future. Also red links to magenta, the colour of higher heart and true compassion.

Camael, Ruler of Tuesday, Mars and linked to Creation Red says: (from A Harmony of Angels, Harmony Angel Cards, Angel for Every Day, and taught in the Melchisadec & Sacred Seven e-Module 1)

You can use Affirmations with me to increase confidence and or conviction, and to set new goals for next year. Like this:

  • Camael, Camael, Camael: I know that deep down I am capable of the inner confidence and conviction to live my life the way I wish. Supported by your love I shall be courageous in pursuing this aim and I shall not give up until I succeed.
  • Camael, Camael, Camael: I have put the past behind me and I deserve the chance to achieve my newly determined ambitions. With your help I shall create the firm foundations I need on which to achieve my true potential in life.

Or for self-healing (Heart Quest)* or aiding others to heal (Soul Quest)*, if you know about Templa Mar and if you want to try some Creation Red healing there to remove blocks to a brand new start in 2011, here is a piece from the Love & Light Cards (Shekinah’s Templa Mar Healing Suit):

Red of Creation: Ariel (purple, red-purple: grounding), Mumiah (sparkling red: physical wellbeing), Camael (crimson: security, empowerment), Shekinah (rose-magenta, rose-gold: spiritual re-birth).

The Diamond Ray of Oneness devolves from All to commence as primal Red of root chakra. But red has many shades: deeper for grounded, secure foundations, sparkling for physical wellbeing, crimson for empowerment etc. The real key is balancing its masculine and feminine aspects to reach etheric and spiritual vibrations of compassion. When you reach a level of healing where All is cherished (especially self) with faults forgiven, you can access rose-magenta that will flow through rose-gold from root to heart's emerald to open higher heart (the Blood Rose). Your root chakra links etherically with that of the Eden Tree and Oneness: your new harmonic blue print is born.

Self-healing by invoking these angels and breathing Red

  • As I breathe in your rose red vibrations and hold this breath Angelic Love fills my heart. On my out-breath I travel with you to the Ruby Chamber in Templa Mar. In the heart of the Rose Mandala I bathe in healing Angelic Light. Glowing, living crystal fractals of earth's purple, sparkling wine red and warm vital crimson flow in to heal and balancing my root chakra. Palest rose-gold brings spiritual strength. As I forgive and can rejoin All through root and Eden Tree; rose-magenta offers re-birth through power of Love and Light.

*For more on Heart Quest and Soul Quest see first sections of my website)

How to learn more

To learn how to do really effective angel guidance readings with my Angel Card Trilogy, or about healing with the Twelve Colours of Creation, why not come on one of my two spring 2011 Workshops? See UK Events (from Home Page) for information/bookings on these.

That’s all for this post, but I wish you the season’s greetings and a wonderful holiday filled with angelic abundance,

Love and light to you all


Angela McGerr