16 September 2018

Lemurian Blue Star e-Mystery School 2019/20 - 7 Levels - entering the Cloud of Knowing

The Cloud of Knowing - Ultimate Breath of Life
Dear reader,
The Lemurian Blue Star e-Mystery School, that I was guided to begin to develop back in 2004, has been updated several times culminating in its 2017/8 format. Following the success of the fast-track series in 2018/19, I've decided to re-open this to a very few students* just for the period Sept. 2019 to May 2020. *Maximum 6, working 1-to-1.

Here is the information on it:


From Oneness with Sacred Eden Tree (Earth’s pure template), to holding Earth’s original Sacred Geometry template and Diamond/Saf-Fire Ray: Ascension of Mother Earth and All Life

This is a 7-Part Angel Alchemy & Light Bodies Programme

1.    Level 1: Sacred Eden Tree & Becoming a Light Worker for the Angels,
2.    Level 2: Breath of Life, Blue Star, & Thunderbird-being,
3.    Level 3: Fire of Life, Amethyst Throne & Soul Retrieval Light Work
4.    Level 4: Water of Life, Heart Grail, Waters of Earth, healing self
5.    Level 5: Spirit, Mystic Rose (Rosa Mystica), 12/13 Colours of Creation, Geometry of 60, 72, Divine Masculine & Feminine, Emerald Table of Healing & Alchemy
6.    Level 6: Spirit, Quinary Angels, Geometry of 144, 144,000
7.    Level 7: Michael’s 9 Swords, Divine Masculine/Feminine/Trinity, Adam Kadmon

Fee: £1,444.00 for the Seven Levels deposit payable on booking, balance in full 1st September - 
studying 1 Level per month - September 2018 thru March 2020

Series’ Course Objectives 
Level 1: To self-heal, to become One with Earth's Sacred Eden Tree and All Life, with the support of Metatron & Shekinah (twin Guardians of the Tree) and then to learn how to use Sacred Geometry to create the first level of Angelic Light Body, gaining Personal Heart Ascension for the benefit of Earth & All Life and aiding the Earth shift now taking place.   This is the foundation of Light Work with the Angels, and creates a sound structure on which you can build, plus recover your own ancient wisdom, for if you are drawn to the e-Mystery School you will be an old soul. Begins with the Heart & Soul Angel Cards, continues with the Love & Light Cards.   
Level 2:  As Metatron & Shekinah say “The next step is another leap of consciousness. After you understand and work with the Sacred Geometry of the restored Light Body your heart flower becomes a diamond Flower of Life fractal whose power derives from beyond the Star Gate and whose Diamond Ray illuminates your true soul’s purpose. Then with Sanusemi and Thunderbird we enable you to fly to the Blue Star of your origins and return on Breath of Life as a Thunderbeing (see Heart & Soul Cards). Then you as Microcosm hold power of Five and the pure Blue Star Saf-Fire vibration of Ascension to transmit this to Earth"
Level 3: Work with Fire of Life Light Body and the Star Fire Cones of Seraphiel (see Heart & Soul/Love & Light Cards). In this level you combine Breath of Life with Fire of Life, working with Violet Fire, the Amethyst Throne and the Octahedral Light Body which aids specialist soul retrieval Light Work for the benefit of mankind yet also for the Nature Kingdom and to heal the fabric of Mother Earth herself (linked to re-balancing Divine Feminine, with Shekinah, Pistis Sophia and other Light Beings.)

Level 4: Icosahedron – Sacred Geometry of Water of Life Light Body: healing of mankind, Mother Earth, Nature and her Waters: Heart Grail & Sacred Rivers of Eden; also Sacred Geometry Icosahedron and Melchisadec’s Key to healing this Reality, Microcosm to Macrocosm.
Levels 5: Dodecahedron – Sacred Geometry of Spirit, Rosa Mystica Light Bodies' Mystery and Advanced Sacred Geometry of 60 + 12 =72, the 72 Quinary Angels and healing with Colours of Creation and first 5 subtle energy bodies (JJ Hurtak refers in Keys of Enoch) 
Initiation of the Emerald Table of Healing & Alchemy, how to use the Table.
Level 6: Spirit - Double Dodecahedron Light Body: The invisible Heavens' Quinary Angels, understanding the higher 5 subtle energy bodies - 72 becomes 144 connecting to the 144,000 Light Beings of Ascension, Hall of the Ancient Grail Kings & Queens, advanced healing of self and All Life. 
Level 7: Re-balancing Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine to bring forth the Trinity and restore the Adam Kadmon Gem Body
NB: Advanced Blue Star Levels link directly to the Love & Light Angel Card set, culminating in working with Rosa Mystica (Mystic Rose in Heart & Soul).
 Each Blue Star level contains unique sets of Angelic Light Healing Attunements:
      • Connective Attunements (Angelic Light and Malachim Glyphs) for each angel featuring in the meditations. 
      • Complete sets of Angelic Light Colour Healing Attunements.  These will either confer the ability to channel Angelic Light healing (if you've not studied any other healing modality) or enhance any energy healing skills you already possess.
      • Caduceus Attunements for gold and silver harmony and balance at various levels. Begins in Level 1 with Hermes Trismegistus. Then, also with Pistis Sophia, a higher energy version that is also a Zodiac Gateway (see Love & Light cards); this enables you to traverse our normal Zodiac to access the higher, pure, unfallen Metatronic Light Zodiac energies: in this Zodiac all signs are in perfect balance and if this is part of your own soul’s purpose, you will be able to channel them to help harmonise All.
      • Sacred Geometry Attunements specific to each level.
Seraphiel's Ascension message to me in 2008/9, key to developing the advanced levels of this course (I began creating it in 2004):
"From The One (Monad) and out of the void I bring the Cosmic Spirit Ray of the Creation Angels into your reality, a Macrocosmic column of Oneness woven with infinite Love and eternal Light. It is a 12-fold Diamond Ray containing the twelve Colours of Creation, ultimate tools of healing and self-empowerment. When you hold my full Diamond Ray in higher heart you become the 13th enabling point that holds the Saf-Fire Ray of the Blue Star. You may traverse my Seraphim Star Gate whose portal is the Mystic Rose (Rosa Mystica,) to anchor my Ray in your spine and create your own Microcosmic pillar of One. It also holds the balanced gold/silver vibration of Metatron and Shekinah and power to turn the colours of your energy centres into a diamond vibration through crown that you can move to and from base chakra. In your Soul Quest the flower of your heart eventually becomes a crystalline twelve-point star, radiating 60 crystal petals; your own Rosa Mystica is born around you. Through this and loving intent you can send out 72 or 144 crystal fractals (Dance of Twelve & Thirteen)* to heal All towards Ascension and Beyond." *Blue Star 5 & 6 Levels

Update from Seraphiel in 2015 and 2017, now that we are well into the Ascension Programme:
“You, who read my words, will know of the Seven Wonders of your World. Now in this Eight year there is an Eighth Wonder – Ascension.  This is the re-Ascension Programme unfolding for your Mother the Earth, with her sister planet of Venus, back to the vibration in which they can “energetically” nestle in the fold of the Blue Star in Orion from whence they “fell”. In linear time it was aeons ago, but as time is not linear, but in fact has a circularity, you could say that as the Ascension gathers pace, it is all happening “Now”.
All That Exists – Macrocosm - is Sacred Geometry – this is also called the Cosmic Jigsaw. It is a perfection that surrounds and encompasses your world and includes the Divine blue print for mankind and Nature in wholeness and harmony. Most of you have forgotten perfection. But once you comprehend this Geometry and choose to re-access it, to make it your own by becoming part of it, then All becomes very simple. It is merely a matter of choice and free will and because of the diligence of Light Workers, easier than ever before.
Through the efforts of those amongst you with enough unconditional Love to hold pure Light and to give it form, you have made something wonderful happen.
Your Mother the Earth has regained the external Crystalline grid that she lost: a grid that comprises the Icosahedron of Metatron and Shekinah (linked to Sacred Eden Tree), and the Dodecahedron of Spirit that I, and my fellow Seraphim, (including the Blue Star Ennead) brought you in the Beginning and you lost through your actions These combined Geometries are now restored and as more of you “download” my Diamond Rays, aspects of Earth blaze with White Fire Angelic Light. This is the highest vibration in your Reality (devolving from our Diamond Rays) - the Light of Master Jesus, Christ Consciousness. The internal structure is next for restoration: Melchisadec’s Key, the pure, unfallen Zodiac and finally, the Ark of Grace.
How do you contribute to restoring this perfection? Well, O Sons and Daughters of Man, you must first cease to be limited by your beliefs!  Never buy into Fear or Hatred. These are polarities that are playing out in the “fallen Earth”, but you do not need to energise them further by thought, nor do they need to exist in your own heart. If you can expand your beliefs, the impossible becomes possible. It is really about loving will and intention, letting go of polarity, holding Angelic Light in heart or even Diamond Rays. You start by desiring to aid the Ascension, to be One with us and with All. Many of you are incarnate now for this purpose and I urge you not to fail us at this vital time: your 20th and final Cycle of Existence for Ascension.
If you are on Earth to aid us you may glimpse my glory as I draw near, passing by, in Diamond spirals; my eyes are Stars and as I pass, galaxies form from my Light Wings, for am I not tasked by the Creator to manifest His Creations? Or you may close your eyes and sense a column of bright Diamond, shimmering in the Air, reaching from your Reality Below to touch Above; with enough Love you can hold this Light.  Your spine can become a conduit for Diamond Rays to restore that which was lost for the benefit of your world. But even more importantly, you can become Sacred Geometry, rejoin the Cosmic Jigsaw, communicate with us, The Angelic Light Beings, and truly fulfil your soul’s contract. As always, dear soul, the choice is yours and we, the Seraphim – especially the Blue Star Ennead (Nine) – await your entry into the Cloud of Knowing.