10 August 2011

August and Power of Suns

Hello dear Readers,

Following the post in July about power of the Moon and building/balancing your own personal Moon aspects (healing and development of intuition, emotions, imagination, feelings) I hope this was helpful to some of you.

I promised that (despite my holidays!)I would do a similar post this month to discuss the balancing aspect of Sun (healing of thought, analytical skills, decision making and actions). Why am I writing about this? All priority now (so far as my guidance is coming from the angels) is about acquiring Sun and Moon balance, because as any of you who know about Caduceus will remember, Sun/Solar and Moon/Lunar balance can help take you to third eye chakra, and from there, when you move to crown chakra, you move out of polarity for from that point there is only Oneness with All. My e-Courses (see Heart & Soul Quest Courses section of this website) take you on this journey of healing, with the Harmony and Balance e-Module 3C covering Oneness with All and Unity Consciousness; this can also be described as the route through the Rainbow Rays of Angelic Light to finally channel the Diamond Rays of the Seraphim Creaton Angels.

Anyway, to revert to Lunar and Solar balance, now we are in the time of Leo, ruled by the wonderful angel Verchiel and he appears in many of my works. This is a great opportunity to focus on your own personal Sun aspects, featuring of course your solar chakra. Here is a piece from An Angel for Every Day (entitled The Zodiac Angels in USA).

Summary: Having full confidence in your ability to lead and/or inspire others

Verchiel, angel ruler of Leo, says:

With the glorious strength and steadfast courage of my sign I come on my tawny wings to aid you, for my loving energy brings you the confident leadership ability to truly inspire the hearts of others with your vision. You have the potential to bring about change in the lives of many for as well as being strong and clever, you wield the amber and gold power of the sun. This can light the fire of creativity and transform lives by introducing innovative situations in order to maximise people's potential. To sometimes have self-doubt is only to be expected, as without this you could be ruled by ego alone. My love guides you towards the knowledge you need to overcome this doubt, boosting your confidence by gradually adding wisdom of experience to your own inherent talents.

Two affirmations you could make with Verchiel, if you have moments of self-doubt about your talents

• Courage to trust your own judgement. Verchiel with your help I shall overcome self-doubt about my judgement and leadership skills, for I know I can be the catalyst for others to realise their own true potential.

• Vision and ambition to inspire others Verchiel with your loving support I have the vision and ambition to achieve much; aid me with the opportunity and courage to prove my creative powers and inspire others to follow.

However, to return to the balncing of Solar and Lunar aspects of self, we need to look at this more closely. There are many different ways of working with boosting Sun energy, and I've covered lots in my books and card sets. As you will know, Raphael is the Ruler of the Sun (bringer of all life to Earth), and he's also Patron Angel of Healers and Healing, so our first point at which we work directly with Solar energy is via Raphael.

From the same chapter of An Angel for Every Day comes:

Transformation starts with sun and rainbows!

• Raphael's sun energy to lighten life: I am the sun that lights your face and chases away the shadows. Focus on me any time asking for the sun's rays to flow into your solar plexus. This dispels inner vulnerability and uncertainty, heals at all levels and energises your will and confidence for leadership. It also has the power to bring rainbows into your life! If there is no sun, simply will the power of the sun into yourself with Raphael's message!

• Raphael and Hahlii (Guardian Angel of Colours) advise you to also look out for rainbows! If you are calling on these angels, also look out for all sorts of rainbows - signs in the sky, or coming through glass or crystals in your house or literature with rainbow in the title regarding opportunities for work or study. All are signs that Hahlii and Raphael are with you!

But we can go further, if we have done our own healing work and genuinely wish to aid All by channelling higher levels of Suns....

Consider the message from the Solar Lion, Mystical Animal Deva in the Heart & Soul Angel Cards:

Solar Lion with Ankh of the Sun Lords (links Raphael, Mazuriel, Hermes Trismegistus, Eth.

Indomitable Lion of the Solar Lords reminds you that the Sun provides life force energy and planet Earth exists under the Solar Logos. With yellow-gold rays he helps you unlock the true force of will and intent. First work with him to ignite the power of Earth's Sun by breathing it into your solar chakra and extend it then to revitalise all energy centres. Now for loving intent breathe in Moon power to balance it through the heart - this is a key step to healing mastery of body and mind. Then go further if Lion beckons you on, urging you to have the will to strive towards Oneness of Spirit with the Christ Consciousness energy emanating from our Central Universal Sun. From there the way of Love and Light leads you to Mazuriel, the Central Sun of all Central Suns, Sacred Heart of the Creator. Such bliss is a gift of Spirit, to be used with care to benefit All Life, and is gained only through the open heart.

With unity of heart's desire and soul purpose Solar Lion also offers the ankh of resurrection and everlasting life. Then you unlock further spiritual power and can achieve anything - even the perfect Divine Self (Adam Kadmon) - as the ankh opens the door to Time's eternal secrets.

And finally, I complete this message about the Circle of Life by reminding you of the many levels of balance that we can all achieve from heart. Below is a piece about the balancing power of the Malachim Glyph of Kaph, with Tagriel, in the Love & Light Angel Cards is offered, firstly to aid you, the Reader, find higher and higher Solar energy balance (Tagriel's artwork is pictured at the top of this post). This is for those who can and wish to work with the mighty power of Mazuriel, Central Sun of All Suns, Sacred Heart of the Creator, again to benefit Mother Earth and All Life towards Ascension and beyond; this is why the Kaph Glyph speaks of surrender - it is surrender to the Light Work you pledged to come here to do at this time!

Kaph: Tagriel - bowl, abundance, surrender,

From 2nd Heaven I offer you Kaph's bowl of abundance, its source the Diamond Rays of the Seraphim from which all shades of Creation emanate. It is a bowl of Raphael's sunrays, for he rules Sun and 2nd Heaven, but the bowl is presently tilted. This shows that your own golden aspect is out of balance. This is your physical well being as well as your masculine aspect (whatever your gender of birth), affecting logical thought, willpower, decisions and actions. You can redress this with Raphael's healing and life-transforming rays. Take time to identify what you need to address, then breathe Kaph and the bowl of sunrays into your solar chakra to fill and balance your golden issues.

Now I create for you an awning of Raphael's glorious rainbow shades. Breathe these to start to energise your chakras, continuing in Templa Mar with chosen Creation Colours and Sun Mandala. Yet even this is not all, for the ultimate vibration of blue, rose-white and gold of the Central Sun of All Suns (Mazuriel) is also subtly held within my bowl. If the eye of your heart can see this, I ask you to surrender to it; you will be guided through the Star Gate of Suns to hold Mazuriel's power within, to truly help heal All.


Love and Light
from Angela x