14 August 2019

Cloud of Knowing e-Mystery School 2019/20 - Complete Light Worker Training for Ascension

Cloud of Knowing
Dear readers and fellow Light Workers,

The Cloud of Knowing e-Mystery School is a project very dear to my heart that I was guided to begin to back in 2004. In accordance with rises in vibration over the years, it has been updated numerous times culminating in its 2017/8 format. Following the pilot of a fast-track series in 2018/19, I've decided to repeat this*** for the 9-month period Sept. 2019 to May 2020. Although you can work individually in your own time, see final paragraph of this Blog.***Timed course, small group only, with each student working 1-to-1 with me

Cloud of Knowing: Lemurian Saf-Fire e-Mystery School featuring and moving on from my trilogy of Angel Card decks (pub 2002 to 2009). This has been guided over those years by Seraphiel Ruler of the Seraphim Creation Angels, and Sanusemi of the Nine Blue Star Ennead of Seraphim Angels guiding Ascension. Also Metatron and Shekinah, Hermes Trismegistus and a host of other mighty Angels:It teaches Angelic Light Healing, and Light Bodies from beginners to Advanced Light Workers, to aid Ascension of Mother Earth & All Life. From the first step of Oneness with Sacred Eden Tree (Earth’s protected pure energy template), all the way to restoring the Sacred Geometry of that template with and holding this for the Angels and for mankind. Each Level is extensive, works on many levels including subliminally, and (from years of experience I can say) brings about a leap in spiritual consciousness. Plus, Angelic Light Attunements for each Level are enabled (distantly in Templa Mar) for each student by name, to download Level by Level.
Hermes Trismegistus

Cloud of Knowing: Emerald Table of Alchemy of Hermes Trismegistus Initiation. Added for this year as an optional extra for those who have reached Blue Star Level 3: The Emerald Table of Alchemy of Hermes Trismegistus - a course developed between 2013 and 2018.  This is a completelly stand-alone course with Initiation via Star Gates and a full hand-out. But to have reached at least Blue Star 5 (better still completed Blue Star) conveys understanding of the structure and sacred geometry of the Emerald Table, to which you can then add its functions. Price on Application.
1. The Blue Star Seven Level Programme is as follows:
 Foundation  and Level 1: Earth/Sacred Eden Tree Becoming a Light Worker for the Angels from within Sacred Eden Tree of Metatron &Shekinah by rejoining the Universal Sacred Geometry Matrix. And also you establish which Angel is your Spiritual Guide for this work (a key part of your soul contract).
2.    Level 2: Breath of Life, Blue Star, & Thunderbird toThunderbeing,

3.    Level 3: Fire of Life, Amethyst Throne, Nature Kingdom, Soul Retrieval Light Work

4.    Level 4: Water of Life, Heart Grail, healing self and All Waters of Earth

5.    Level 5: Spirit, Mystic Rose (Rosa Mystica), 12/13 Colours of Creation, Geometry of 60 & 72, Divine Masculine & Feminine

Sanusemi (Blue Star Ennead)
6.    Level 6: Spirit, Quinary Angels, Geometry of 144 & 144,000

7.    Level 7: Melchisadec, Michael’s 9 Swords, Holding the Divine Masculine/Feminine, bringing forth the /Trinity, Adam Kadmon
LEMURIAN BLUE STAR COURSE: £444.00 for the first two Levels, each Level after that costs £200.00. Final enrolments (I am retiring!) week commencing 9th January 2020. (Fee payable in full up-front and non-refundable once the first Level's documents have been sent out and the Angelic Light Attunements given)