9 March 2015

ATLANTEAN EMERALD TABLE MYSTERY SCHOOL OF HERMES TRISMEGISTUS: Pilot Workshop - Six Places Only - November 3rd/4th/5th 2015

Hermes Trismegistus & the Emerald Table

PART ONE OF THE ATLANTEAN EMERALD TABLE MYSTERY SCHOOL OF HERMES TRISMEGISTUS: takes the form of an Angelic Initiation into this multi-dimensional Tool of Angel Healing & Alchemy, and through Sacred Geometry into the Higher Dance of Twelve & Thirteen 

THE PILOT WORKSHOP will be November 3rd/4th/5th 2015

This is a rare face-to-face opportunity. I shall be teaching this brand-new three-day Angel Healing & Alchemy Workshop for Advanced Light Workers, in Surrey, (southern UK), just once in 2015 (and subject to interest, possibly once in March 2016)

THERE ARE SIX PLACES ONLY IN NOVEMBER 2015 and this Workshop is open only to those completing the pre-requisite course requirement**see below for this

WHAT IS THE EMERALD TABLE INITIATION? It allows you to become Hermes Trismegistus's Emerald Table of Healing & Alchemy. Facilitated by 20 angels (and me) through a series of advanced Star Gates, you attain an advanced Merkaba Light Body and five-fold inter-dimensional healing system to help anchor and build Ascension. This works at both Macrocosmic and Microcosmic levels and, taking advantage of the vast increase in energy, takes you as far in one course as Lemurian Blue Star Levels 5 & 6. In other words, to attain your own Higher Dance of Twelve & Thirteen. Moving on from the Love & Light Cards Templa Mar and Star Gate suits, first work with Rosa Mystica's 60 plus 12 aspects of mankind's subtle energy bodies and Colours of Creation to restore the Adam Kadmon Gem Self (the Coat of Many Colours) following which a myriad new healing and Light Work options manifest.
  • Day 1 and 2: INITIATION - Angels, Colours of Creation Angelic Light vibrations and symbols, Love & Light Cards' Star Gates, Templa Mar, Sacred Geometry (including Rosa Mystica) and Key Ascension Symbols of the Seraphim to be able to channel and hold the Emerald Table Light Body inter-dimensionally in Time/Space to generate healing and benefit All who choose Ascension NOW. 
  • Day 3: the simple way to maintain this Light Body; explaining/exploring this inter-dimensional healing tool further. Apart from the first 72 aspects of Colours of Creation, it is also linked to the 72 Dweller Crystal Skulls, 72 Quinary Angels, and 72 Kaf RadionicTemplates of Healing, so vital to those whose soul purpose covers these. 
  • Another aspect to be discussed on Day 3 is Level 2 of the Emerald Table, which helps restore the pure unfallen Zodiac: a step needed for the Ark of Grace to return for mankind and a key part of the Ascension Programme.
  • Fee: £444.00 including signed Certificate of Attendance. Also morning and afternoon refreshments and light lunch each day.
  • **Students must have either completed Awakening the Crystalline Heart (previously Heart Awakening, Healing & Ascension) or the Lemurian Blue Star Mystery School, Levels 1 & 2, is required for the 2015 pilot course.

Emerald and Ruby Star Gates (Love & Light Cards)

NB: I MAY OFFER A LARGER, FULL DEBUT CLASS IN SPRING 2016. For more on this and postings of exact dates/venue, please watch my Blog here, e-mail me, or "Like" my Facebook Page  (angelamcgerrauthor) If you have followed my work since 2001 I hope to meet you at one of these events!

Sapphire Star Gate of Divine Truth 55:55 (Love & Light Cards)
Hermes Trismegistus (these 3 pics from Love & Light Cards) says it's time for his Emerald Table, having been removed aeons ago, for safekeeping after the Falls, to return to aid mankind with Ascension. This Workshop will specially "call" Solarians Children of the Sun, Healers of All Time (Lion people) or those who have been both Lemurian and Atlantean; you could say it  "squares the Circle of Past Lives and Time/Space".