6 November 2010


Hello dear readers,

Thank you to all those who have signed up so far for the new Event News mailing list – a good number of you! I shall shortly be sending something out to you, drawing your attention to my spring Events in UK (bookings now being taken and places going fast).

And now, instead of my usual offerings, I thought you might like to hear some tales of the everyday life of an Angelologist! Do let me know if you enjoy reading this; you can now post comments at the foot of the Blogs. Are any of you out there actually reading this?


Occasionally a reader writes to say that there is a missing card from a card set he or she has purchased. Or that a card has gone missing, and can just a replacement card be obtained. The answer to this is probably no, although if the card set is newly purchased and a card is found to be missing, one can always go back to the retailer and ask for another set as in effect, it’s not fit for purpose if incomplete.

But the interesting thing is that there is usually a purpose behind whichever cards are missing!

For example: a lady wrote to me this week saying that she has a set of Gold & Silver Guardian Angels (probably the simplest of my various card sets!), and that two cards had unfortunately gone missing. I asked her which were the two cards, because there will be a message here, literally out of the blue.

The missing cards were Achaiah (Silver, so relating to emotions, feelings, intuition), Guardian Angel of Nature’s Secrets, and Haniel (Gold, relating to decisions, actions), Guardian Angel of Friday, Venus, Love, Beauty, Compassion. My feeling about these missing cards was that they gave the following message:

Achaiah is the Guardian Angel of Nature's Secrets. This card could imply two things: either you need to go into Nature to be calm and take stock of your situation at present, because it's a bit stressful or you "can't see the wood for the trees!" Or you may be a person that should be investigating and working with Nature's Secrets, which would mean looking into things like healing skills, flowers or flower remedies, homeopathy, colour healing/work of some kind or crystals....

Gold: Haniel is the Guardian Angel of Friday, Love, Beauty, Compassion. This card means that you need to look at your relationships again (perhaps why you
need to take stock, as above), to think about whether your heart is happy,
and/or to ask yourself whether you are judging yourself too severely. Are you
a perfectionist? Can you honestly say you love, and are at complete ease with yourself?

As Gold & Silver messages work with three cards, I suggested that this lady selected a third card which is the Key to Balance card. This card turned out to be Magenta for opening of higher heart chakra.

It turned out that Achaiah was referring to the second scenario I had sensed. This lady had been drawn to study Reiki 1 some years ago, but this had been put on hold because life (family!) had prevented it progressing. She was interested in pursuing Reiki further and had already signed up to do Level 2. The angels were right on the case here!

The Haniel message was not about her judging herself too severely (though many do!) It was about her heart being happy, and being full of love, therefore her being able to help others to open their hearts more, through learning Reiki healing.

The Magenta Key to Balance confirmed this message, for the Magenta Ray is the Ray of the open higher heart chakra of unconditional love, that which aids others to see the beauty in all things, including self, and to start to heal old heart wounds.


A friend of mine has been reading The Angel Quest of the Heart. For those who don’t know this work, it’s a two part set. The first book is a Narrative, based on my own self-healing path, and is set in the Seven Turn (Cretan) Labyrinth of Melchisadec, with a host of angels, Mystical Animals etc., plus riddles to solve to enter each circuit of the Labyrinth.

The second book is a Workbook for the reader, with a set of visualisations and mandalas, enabling the reader to undertake the labyrinthine self-healing journey for him/herself.

This young lady’s comments were that in the first instance, she enjoyed the Narrative but felt constrained about trying the Quest because it was clearly my Heart Quest rather than hers... I found this really interesting because of course it’s true! She went on to say that in a way she rebelled against the Quest, perhaps because it’s easier to go on as we are, rather than tackle the blocks within us. It’s a kind of inertia that takes hold of us. BUT we simply cannot move on without tackling and dissolving these blocks (and they may be from more than one lifetime). The angels are always there to assist, but we have to choose whether or not we invite them in. My friend went on to say something really profound. She said it all changed when she “melted herself, heart-wise, into the Quest”. Then the whole thing opened up for her, and she was able to take the journey of self-healing. Of course this journey on the Way of Love & Light has many levels, but it’s that kind of thinking that gets you started.


In response to my piece about white feathers being signs from the angels, a lady in USA wrote to say that for quite a while she was finding half feather, split lengthwise, and she asked me what this meant.

My feeling is that this is all to do with harmony and balance and how to find Oneness with All. At present, as we rush towards 2012, everything is about this! The whole Caduceus message (see Harmony Cards, Gold & Silver Guardians Book of Angels, and Angel Almanac) is about first reaching gold/silver/chakra balance to 3rd Eye level. Why to there? It’s because the first six chakras represent our duality life, and we have to resolve duality first, by balancing and healing these six chakras from Root to 3rd Eye. From 3rd Eye you move to Crown, and at Crown there is only Oneness with All, and this is the only way I know to reach that Oneness, but what Peace!

As well as a symbol of the spiritual journey, the Feather represents Truth (and, if you consider Ma’at, the Angel Goddess in Egypt, her hieroglyph was the Feather of Truth; all Souls were weighed against this feather). In my books I talk about wonderful Michael, Guardian of Wednesday, Strength, Protection and Truth, and Michael says that the only way to the Creator’s Truth is through personal truth. Therefore, if the feather means Truth, what is the meaning of half a feather? The feather curves in a spiral. This is a Fibonacci spiral, which is a sacred geometry, and I teach the use of this for healing; the gold - broadly Sun and masculine, and the silver - broadly Moon and feminine spiral around the Caduceus or Staff. With the help of the angels Raphael, Gabriel and Ariel we can easily work on balancing and resolving duality with the Caduceus, to 3rd Eye and then achieving Oneness; though of course it takes work and commitment! The implication of half a feather is that this lady’s journey to truth is suspended in some way, and she needs to regain balance within, as well as perhaps in work/life, in order to resume her spiritual development.

Don’t forget to let me know if you like this new format, and here (at the top) is an artwork of Gabriel (done by Richard Rockwood for the very first book – A Harmony of Angels, and Harmony Angel Cards) to show you the Moon Balance, as I showed you the Sun Balance in the last Blog, with Raphael’s artwork.

Love and light

From Angela McGerr