22 July 2010

July and August update

Dear reader,

I am now on my summer vacation (until September), and am only looking at e-mails from time to time, but I thought I would leave you with this Ritual for Abundance, as all of us are looking for abundance of some kind in our lives. This Ritual is primarily with the angel Zadkiel; he is Ruler of Thursday one of the Sacred Seven (for more, see Working With Angels on this website).

Zadkiel rules Jupiter, the Planet of Abundance, and he will help us obtain abundance so long as it's for our highest good, and we make a mental pledge to share our abundance with others. Other angels also assist with carrying your Affirmation for Abundance out to the Universe.

Before trying the Ritual (can be done any day, but will have even more energy if undertaken on a Thursday as that is Zadkiel's own special day), take some time to really consider what kind of abundance you need. Is it money? In this case you would only receive what you really needed. It might be love, or health or any number of things, but do give this serious consideration.


First consider your life, and what sort of abundance you are seeking. Bear in mind that you could wish for abundance of health, happiness, money, love, spiritual development - the list is infinite. Here is an example affirmation:

"I am grounded and safe and with the help of the angels I open my heart both to receive and to radiate Love and Light to the Universe. Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Spirit nourish and heal me, and in return I share this with Mother Earth and all sentient life. As Microcosm I strive to grow in spiritual consciousness and as Macrocosm I am part of All, for the spark of the Divine is within me. The Waters of Time flow through me and will bring me the abundance I need, sometimes in surprising ways. In accordance with the Universal Laws I shall return good for good as an expression of my eternal gratitude to the Creator. As Above So Below, As Below So Above."

  • Carry out the ritual during a waxing moon, near full moon if possible.
  • Make an altar cloth. This can be in any colour (or shape), such as white (for angels and purity), gold for healing and the sun, blue or turquoise for Zadkiel himself. Choose the colour and shape which appeals to you personally. Place suitable crystals in the centre; you could represent earth/air (smoky quartz/amethyst, water (aquamarine/malachite) and fire (amber) with crystals or just use clear quartz (an all purpose crystal)
  • Use a feather to represent the link with the angels, and spiritual Truth.
  • Now select a deep blue or turquoise candle (or white) for Zadkiel; etch into it the sign for the planet Jupiter (bringer of abundance, wisdom and joy)
  • (optional) Anoint the candle with a drop of frankincense or myrhh to aid your quest.
  • Make an arc of your arm as you light the candle and call on the Angel Zadkiel to assist you to send your Affirmation in the name of the planet Jupiter, in Love and Light, Love and Light, Love and Light.
  • If you have one and wish to programme it, hold in your left hand a lapis lazuli or turquoise crystal (for Zadkiel) to bring wisdom to recognise opportunity when it presents itself.
  • Next read your personal Affirmation three times.
  • Ask the angels of the elements: Phul, Lord of the Waters, Uriel, ruler of Fire, and Ariel, of earth and air to carry your Affirmation to the Universe
  • Ask Ruhiel, Guardian Angel of the Winds, to carry and speed your Affirmation on its way.
  • Let it go. Send it and then forget about it! Do not interfere with it!
  • If you can, leave your candle to burn out. If not pinch or snuff out, as you lose forty per cent of its energy by blowing it out.
  • Thank Zadkiel, and all the other angels you invoked, for their support and assistance.

It should be noted that this Affirmation should work within a few weeks of its release, and things should start to change for the better from this point onwards. Remember to also give thanks to the angels and the Creator for any abundance that you subsequently receive, and to spread it around you to others who need it.