6 July 2011

Moon Influences and holiday time....

Hello dear readers,

As we move through July I feel a sense of freedom, as it's my two months' holiday time (until the end of August, so please don't write to me unless it's urgent! If you do, you will probably be waiting a while for a reply as I refuse to be chained to this computer as I usually am, whilst on holiday!)

Yet various personal events have caused me to consider the Zodiac angels' influences, especially now.

This is the period of Muriel, Ruler of the Star Sign of Cancer. This sign is, itself, ruled by Moon and Gabriel, plus it's a Water sign, so all about healing the emotions, boosting the imagination, feelings and intuition. Below is something I just adapted from my book An Angel for Every Day (called Zodiac Angels in its USA edition).

In her Chapter Muriel tells us:

I am the voice of your heart, rising pure and clear from your innermost sanctum to express your feelings, for you do not always let them be heard. In such expression I can aid you, during my rule, so that you can find your empowerment for the future. I bring both gold and silver; gold for greater will power (if you need this), for during my sign you already have the gentle silver energy of Gabriel's Moon. Those born in my sign are self-reliant, kind and loving, always giving consideration to the viewpoints of those around you; this may also apply to you. But do you do sometimes put up with almost anything to avoid discord, suppressing your own feelings? If so, you may bring trouble on yourself, for by living a lie it may lead to loneliness or worse. Contentment comes from inner calm; I help you to speak out by sending pink rays of love to your heart, showing you the way to resolve conflict in order to find your truth.

If it's appropriate (if not adapt it!), here is an Affirmation you can make with Muriel until the end of her rule, about taking a stand and speaking out:

Muriel I know that with gold of willpower I will be able to take a stand for my highest good. Bring your loving silver energy to me now, to help build my intuition, to bolster to my confidence to speak out by 20th July, for this will be the start of my self-transformation.

Between now and the end of Muriel's rule (around 20th July), why not consider if her message applies to you and/or your life right now? This is your chance to follow her advice and take action.

There are many angels of Water of Life. The primary angel is Phuel, but here is another useful angel - Matriel, Guardian Angel of Rain, with some timely advice from the same book:

I am the silver shower that sustains all life, for what can live without my aid? My rain also mingles with your sadness and sorrow, blending my drops with your tears so that they are absorbed and cleansed away; in every drop I hold a little of your past life. Use this powerful image to mentally wash away any issues so that with my assistance you may enjoy a fresh start in life.

Invoking Matriel. If this sounds like something that will help you, why not call on Matriel's aid? You can say: Matriel, Matriel, Matriel I need your loving assistance to wash away the past and refresh the present. Please be with me to help me do this for my highest good.

• Mentally see that you are washed clean. In your mind see yourself standing with the pure water washing over you, and you are shining bright!

Gabriel, Ruler of the Moon, brings silver, feminine balance to our lives whatever our gender; by this I mean aiding us with intuition, hopes, dreams, aspirations and imagination. (Our gold side - linked to the Sun and Raphael - is our masculine balance aiding us with logical thought, analysis, decisions and taking actions). Gabriel features in all my books and cards, but of course there are different ways of gaining more silver power.

If you, dear reader, need more silver, here is a visualisation you can do with Khabiel (from the Love & Light Angel Card set) This is a deeper form of the messsage of Silver energy.

Khabiel - bowl, abundance, surrender - Malachim Hebrew Healing Glyph of Kaph . Khabiel is pictured at the top of this Blog Post, with the healing Glyph of Kaph in the top right hand corner. NB: in the next Post I shall be talking about Tagriel, with the corresponding healing and balancing bowl of Raphael's Sunbeams.

From 1st Heaven I bring Kaph: a bowl of silver energy that comes from Oneness via the sparkling Diamond Rays of the Creation Angels that is called Angelic Light. My bowl holds Gabriel's radiance of Moon and 1st Heaven, but at present it's tilted because your silver aspect is out of balance. I offer you a chance to redress this balance and allow your bowl to be righted and thus to fill once more. First take the time to evaluate what you really need in energy healing terms. No matter what your birth gender, feminine (Moon influence) aspects are intuition and heart - intensity and balance of feelings and emotions. Breathe in power of Kaph and silver to balance - even to overflow from your heart.

But there is more. If your heart's eye sees a haze of palest rose-blue-violet amongst the silver flames, you can work with the intense feminine (some call Goddess) energy emanating from Earth's second Moon lost aeons ago through war. The double moon's (Angel Mirabiel's) Angelic Love energy restores feminine balance and aids soul healing in mankind, Nature and Animal Kingdoms. I ask you to surrender; work in Templa Mar with the Moon Mandala;later we guide you through the Star Gate of Moons to benefit All.

To conclude this Blog Post, and until my next one about Verchiel, Ruler of Leo and the Sun of his sign, here is a lovely invocation written a few years ago now by a friend of mine called Leitia (where are you these days Leitia and are you, your lovely husband and your family all well?)

An invocation to Gabriel by Leitia Ravenscroft

Gabriel Gabriel Gabriel
please be with me now,
help me to fulfil my hopes and dreams,
and to accept the changes that may need to be made,
in order to achieve these dreams
assist me to sort out the attainable from pure fantasy and to stay focused
so that i may continue on the path to a new life
thank you Gabriel for your loving assistance
in love and light, love and light ,love and light