29 August 2012

New developments including Facebook

Hello dear readers,

This is a quick note to tell you that I have at long last been dragged into the 21st Century by friends and loved ones, and so now you can find me on Facebook!

Welcome to those new to Angels & Heart Quest

The Facebook page is still somewhat in embryo as yet, but it's the first of several new developments that will take place over the next couple of months with regard to creating these social networking opportunities and making them more interesting and informative.  This will be on several levels, catering firstly for beginners to Angelology - welcome to working with Angelic Light healing energy towards inner peace - the angels are delighted to be working with you.  Especially Melchisadec (see below) who aids and guides all self-healing and opening of higher heart (this is Heart Quest).

For readers and students on Soul Quest

Angelic Light Work continues apace.  For those on Soul Quest (using the knowledge and wisdom gained through Heart Quest to resonate with the triple crown of mighty Hermes Trismegistos: Love, Power and Wisdom to aid others to heal), these two media will also become opportunities to aid Light Workers.  We are now in what some call "The Quickening".  What does this mean?  It means it's time to generate absolutely as much Love and Light into Mother Earth and towards receptive mankind as quickly as possible to raise the Planetary vibration - away from polarity and into Oneness with All.  As many readers know, I work with Seraphiel, Ruler of the Seraphim, on this and the Ennead of the Blue Star Angels guiding Ascension.  Maybe you are working with other Light Beings and want to see how the Cosmic Jigsaw fits All together.  Do you have a question about this? 

The artworks (a collaboration, as for all my artworks, by myself, the angels and extraordinarily talented Richard Rockwood) from the third and most advanced of my Angel Card Trilogy - the Love & Light set - hold this Ascension vibration.  At the top of this post is a beautiful artwork from Shekinah's first suit in that set depicting a high vibration of Ariel, Ruler of Earth and Air,.  Ariel is with us at this time (Summer: Third Quarter - by age old tradition the Element of Air until Uriel and Fire take over after the Equinox)   This important artwork showing healing with Violet Fire at different vibrations also carries he Healing Glyph of Zayn (see top right hand corner - Malachim Healing Angel Alphabet) with its key words: fertility, re-birth, nurture, release - do any of these words apply to you?  Here are the words that go with this Glyph (from Angel Almanac): The angels advise that the cycle of life you are in now holds all the potential you need for re-birth, either for physical self, life, spirituality or all three.  Of course you cannot do this alone, nor without ability to focus, so make a choice, releasing what is necessary to enable your decisions and actions to start the new cycle.   Typing this (I just decided - or rather the angels told me - to put it in) I see how neatly it follows from the last post!

Building on this, below is an artwork from the Love & Light set: the Sapphire (Saf-Fire) Star Gate of Metatron's Suit; it will resonate with some of you and is a key Sacred Geometry for Ascension and beyond.  For my next Blog post I will explain more about the three Primary Star Gates of Ascension including this one but for now I can tell you that this is Aeriopax (as originally given by my esteemed mentor William  Buehler, an amazing and wonderful Light Grid Worker of many years standing who resides in Colorado).  After years of working with the Angels, Love & Light myself, finally reaching the Star Gates, I finally was able to portray Aeriopax in this way for you all.

So to revert to the new ideas - what is happening?
  • On Facebook you will be able to:
    • Connect with me and learn what I am currently doing
    • See if I am scheduling any face-to-face Angelology Workshops
    • Ask general questions about Angels and Angelology, Heart and Soul Quests
    • Read information about my wonderful little band of Approved and Affiliate Tutors who live and work in Holland, Germany, Australia, Ireland and Canada.  
    • Read about courses and workshops in other languages: My certificated tutors offer (or will shortly offer) these in Dutch, German, French and English
  • On my Blog: (Formerly Angela's Diary), starting this autumn, there will be a revised format:
    • New and topical channellings for you from key Angels of Ascension
    • Some simple tutorials and 
    • Angelic Light Attunements.
What do you think so far?  Are you signed up for both Blog and Facebook?  Why not tell me via this Blog or on Facebook what you want to learn through these media?  Then I will consider if/how I can teach it....

Sending Love and Light
Angela McGerr

13 August 2012

Life Coaching ourselves with Love into Light

Hi dear readers,

Well as we all settle down, post the first 2012 London Olympics (as the Paralympics is still to come) all talk is now about the legacy.  In my last post I spoke of aspirations, ambitions and goals.  It would be great if as many people as possible came out of this feeling renewed in these aspects of self.

Above is the Fire Mandala from Love & Light Angel Cards: an apt image for this time of Leo, Sun and Fire energy: the 111 and 11:11 of healing through self-empowerment and regaining passion for life and for our work.  See the White Fire at the centre?  This is the Fire That Does Not Burn, that forms the leaves of the Sacred Eden Tree (believed to be the same as the Burning Bush of the Bible), and when we are One with Sacred Eden Tree it shines from us also - this is true empowerment.....

Unless we really take them on board, too many things we are simply shown on TV, truly wonderful as they are, will then pass us by.  Although if we see 222 it means that the opportunity is there for us to change our own lives - if we so choose and are prepared to work at it.  What we can do is to use our admiration of others to take a decision (333 urges this if you are seeing it) to take control of our lives, and turn this current inspiration to achieve that has been demonstrated by others like our athletes (won with hard work rather than quick fixes, and I am all for that, as readers and students know!) into our own reality?

If we are a bit stuck, rather than just shrug our shoulders, we can use Life Coaching to aid us with either large or small life goals, and I defy any of you readers to tell me that you have no goals....! 

When the angels hijacked me from my management consulting business, and before the first angel cards (Harmony) and book idea took shape, I trained and did some Life and Business Coaching with people, and I promise you that it does really work.  Okay it's quite difficult, but so are most things worth attaining.

You can coach yourself if you are an organised person - you do need to be quite self-disciplined - or you can begin the process yourself and get a friend or loved one to help you reach the Action Plan target(s).  You do need the goal or goals, some stamina and plenty of detemination, exactly as you would need to have become an Olympic or any other medal winning athlete.

Here is what you do:
  • Decide your goal.  This can be large, in which case break it down into smaller goals.  Or it can be a small goal if you think this is easier, depending on your personality.  We will keep this session relevant to Mind, Body and Spirit, so for example: let's say you trained in a healing modality and you want to get a small healing and teaching business going for yourself.
  • Decide how to get there.  Accept the fact that at the beginning you are not known by many folks as a healer, and although the angels and Ascended Masters will help you with healees, you have to do some hard work first yourself!  It doesn't just happen....and you cannot just leave it to the Light Beings.
So here is what you could do in terms of Life/Business Coaching (the 4-Point GROW model):
  • Goal: 
    • To get clients for healing and/or students to teach
  • Reality: 
    • You are not known yet, you need to market yourself.  
  • Options: 
  • Step 1 decide where you are going to do your work
    • Organise something for this, either at home if you can or research costs of, say, a room at a therapy clinic. or other suitable venue 
    • Ensure you have the tools you need to do it (i.e. couch for full healings, suitable room for teaching etc.)
    • Set some dates up if you are teaching, giving yourself plenty of time.
  • Step 2 is marketing yourself, so people know about you.
    • Get yourself some cards printed - this can be quite cheap, and is an essential step
    • Find an MBS Fair that has the right feel about it, and in the first instance, go there and look around at the stands, the people running them, those attending, etc. to get a feel for this: it's market intelligence.
    • See which stands are the most popular and observe why.
    • Chat up some people behind stands, if you can and if you are not in direct competition with them; most people are quite helpful.  Give out cards.
    • Decide if you want to invest in a stand at the next one of these events.  You could give short healing demonstrations, for a small fee (free ones don't really work very well in my experience, as people don't value them much).  You can give out cards as well as print flyers giving details of your offerings.  This gets your information out there.  Organise a clipboard for interested people to fill in their e-mail addresses.  This is your embryo mailing list.
    • Consider a simple web page, so that people with your cards can look up you and your offerings.  Even if it's just a one page Blog you can start to get interested followers. 
    • Google MBS groups in your area and offer to give a talk on your healing and teaching.  Don't be nervous about it.  The Light Beings will aid you, if this is your soul purpose.  
    • At such talks, again give out cards and take e-mail addresses.  Your mailing list grows.
  •  Step 3 is determining/overcoming what may be preventing you from any of the above steps 
    • List each of the obstacles you need to overcome, in order to progress all the above steps.
    • List how you can realistically overcome these obstacles
    • Set yourself timescales for overcoming each of them
  • What will you do? 
    • Go back to your Goal or Goals and create a mini Action Plan for yourself: the Goal, the steps you need, overcoming obstacles in the way, a timescale for attaining.
    • Get on with following your Action Plan!!!  What are you waiting for?

This artwork is of Pachdiel, from the Love & Light set, and concerns establishing oneself in strength and promoting the message of Oneness, self-healing (Heart Quest) and aiding others to heal (Soul Quest) throughout the Four Corners of Mother Earth.  How fitting that is....from the Gold of empowerment of solar chakra, outward through root, heart and crown into the Violet of Transmutation that returns All to purity.

I hope this is helpful to you, dear readers, why not let me know....but if you now see a white angel feather, whilst thinking about this information, or else 111, 222 or 333 appear to you, then definitely you should follow this advice from me and the angels!

Sending angel blessings and sparkles,

Angela x

2 August 2012

Olympics, fun, aspirations, attainments......

Hello dear readers,

London 1012 Olympics

Firstly, I have to confess that I am not really a sports-focused person at all, but it's impossible not to be caught up in the sheer excitement of the London 2012 Olympics. There is joy and there is disappointment of course, and there are many nail biting episodes, but underpinning it all is lots of national pride, especially in all our wonderful winners. And definitely it's hat's off to the glorious Gold Medal winners (especially the amazing Bradley Wiggins, also winner of the gruelling Tour de France only a couple of weeks ago!), for they inspire our youngsters (indeed all of us) and this can only be good. It's proving to be a truly fabulous week so far.... Time to think about our own aspirations, ambitions and attainment - whatever they may be, in life, work, spirituality etc. - and plan how new steps, next steps or just how to go further.....

Chap (Alternative) Olympiad

This is not my usual type of post, but I wanted to write of my excitement and am pleased that my daughter Fleur (Diary of a Vintage Girl - Blog) is involved in some of the entertainment - about English eccentricity - for the Olympic attendees. This is by invitation and connected with magazine she writes for (The Chap)....it's an alternative Olympiad, is not paid but lots of fun. It was happening last weekend and is happening today and tomorrow as well. It might even be filmed by an International News Broadcaster....fingers crossed....

Some pix of last weekend and of my beautiful daughter are above; don't you just love her outfit and especially that hat??

But seriously, remember, if you need aspirations and new ambitions, that Gabriel is the angel for you; she also advises you to listen to heart and intuition, rather than relying on head to make decisions. I know this is also important, but try to get the balance right here! See artwork of Gabriel below and note Moon (intuition/imagination, emotions, Silver balance), turquoise colours for Water of Life, healing of emotions, and thymus, green for healing of, and listening to heart, and that touch of indigo for third eye and again, intuition.

But back to fun!!! If you are interested in English eccentricity (involving Umbrella Jousting, tossing a cucumber sandwich, ironing board surfing and such events like that!!) do take a look at my daughter's Blog...

Life & Business Coaching with me and the Angels coming up soon

My next post will build on this one, and be about new goals in life and attaining them. I shall offer some Life & Business Coaching ideas to get you kick-started on your new aspirations/ambitions and/or goals. So think about where you are, in this time of Summer: Air, Breath of Life, lifting of mind, body and spirit instead of being "down in the dumps" or stuck in some way.

So watch this space, but for now I leave you with lots of these fun photos from Fleur's award winning Blog..and scroll down past her later two postings to find more on the Alternative Olympics and pictures of the British Team's cyclists, and stupendous hero Bradley Wiggins passing the end of her very road, lucky thing......

Love, light and angel blessings
especially as for a short time, it's stopped raining and the sun is out...


Angela McGerr