22 June 2012

Angels and Invocations

Hello dear readers,

Well I have to say it's not very summery in good old England (Blighty) at the mo, with rain (Guardian Matriel and I am talking to him a lot!) and strong winds (Guardian Ruhiel - what's going on here?) prevailing.  And it seems there is not much prospect of immediate improvement either, but there you go.....the only predictable thing about English summer weather is its total unpredictability!  And the only way to deal with such unpredictability is to try to smile at it.....

Anyway, whatever the weather is doing the angels are always around us, whether or not we have the psychic senses to see them (clairvoyance), hear them (clairaudience, preferably whilst safely in heart space) or feel them (clairsentience, especially when invoking one or more angels to be with us).

The first way the angels taught me to feel their energy (as I am not very clairvoyant), back in 1999, is by calling the name of the angel three times.  This is because the name itself is a sacred sound, and three is the number of Divine Truth and the maximum manifestation of a moment  of this Truth.  That's why, if dowsing (see my Angelic Abundance box or also my first book: A Harmony of Angels) you must always determine your Yes and your No by getting the same answer three times in a row.  If you only got it twice then you could not be sure it was Divine Truth.

The angels told me to close my eyes, call three times upon the name of the angel I was invoking, ask the angel to be with me, and finally demonstrate my honesty of intent by saying In Love & Light three times, or else for my Highest Good three times.  It worked for me......!

Quite a few years later, when I worked out the difference between Heart Quest (self-healing and opening the higher heart flower: the Way of Love & Light), and Soul Quest (using the knowledge gained in Heart Quest to help others find the Way), I was taught a more advanced method of invocation.  This involves breathing in a Sacred In-Breath (through nose, mouth closed and tongue behind upper teeth), silently calling on one or more angels by name three times, and feeling/sensing the energy rays of these angels being amassed and held in higher heart.  It is said that All exists in that space between a Sacred In-Breath and Out-Breath, and that All was Created in that space.  If we will and intend to hold that power for the benefit of All, and if we have a vibration that enables this, I believe we can indeed hold the power.  When we breathe it out (through open mouth and with tongue behind lower teeth), then we can direct this breath wherever we like - to someone we are trying to help with healing, to Mother Earth or a part of Mother Earth, or to All That Is.

Have you ever tried drawing a 5-Point Star of Microcosm (Man's search for spiritual direction) in the air in front of you, with your finger?  Or a 6-Point Star of Macrocosm (All That Is)?  The 5-Point Star pictured above, and 6-Point Star is shown below, artworks from the Harmony Angel Cards.  Why is there an amethyst in the centre of the 6-Point Star?  Because the 7th invisible point is of Melchisadec and Sacred Seven.  Also of Ariel and the lifting of the veils between worlds and realities.  Also the 6-Point Star represents (as All in this reality), the five elements: Earth - line at the bottom, Fire - upward pointing triangle, Water - downward pointing triangle, Air - line at the top, and Spirit - the invisible heart of this Star of wholeness and completion.

Draw one of them any way you like really, but if you do this, close your eyes so you can focus on feeling rather than seeing, and then gently place your hands where you drew the Sacred Geometry, you can actually feel the shape in the air.  Amazing!  Why? Because you've drawn the Sacred Geometry as a Glyph of Light - in the 4th Dimension; one that you may or may not be able to see, depending on your psychic skills, but that you can feel....remember also that I believe the Universe (probably the Omniverse also) is construced of Sacred Geometry (as Seraphiel has guided me) and so we are linking into this facility to aid All.

So when you do an advanced angel invocation, involving lots of angels, as I described above, you can also will and intend healing into it and send it through one of these sacred geometries that you drew in front of your heart; then it will be even more powerful.  Try sending it to a part of Mother Earth that needs this help right now, with appropriate angels.  Remember: Love is the Key, and as with all of this ancient knowledge, it's still only the beginning of what we can really do.  Given enough will and intention and an open heart flower filled with Love.  The angels gave me these words: It is Love that gives form to Light.  I think this applies especially for healing.

I'm now working with an even more advanced type of invocation, linked to Soul Quest Light Work, and tapping into higher and higher dimensions, with a specific view to aiding the 144,000 Light Beings of Acension, so e-mail me in due course if you want to know more about this.  There is a two-day workshop teaching this that I will be offering in the autumn (probably October) and in due course I shall write an e-Module for it, based on the workshop.

However, I should mention that to safely do this advanced level of work with me, you would have to have studied/committed to my Angelic Merkaba for Heart Ascension (Soul Quest e-Course or face-to-face - see this section of my website for full details of what this course includes), as apart from aiding Mother Earth and All Life with Ascension, this provides three necessary pre-requisites:
  • Interfaces with Templa Mar through heart, Earth's Atoma through root chakra, and the 44:44 Angel Star Gate via crown chakra
  • Grounding (vital), through attaining Oneness with Sacred Eden Tree
  • And the ability to use these connections to help key Angels by continuously manifesting their energy vibration for Mother Earth and All Life.
 If you contact me I promise you will be answered but perhaps not immediately (especially if the sun suddenly shines) as I am currently trying to be on holiday!

Angel blessings galore