24 February 2011



At last, with the help of my daughter's expertise, I, and Angelology, have been conveyed into the 21st Century (not before time do I hear you say?) on wings of Love and Light.

Today she and I made a little video to demonstrate how to call in (i.e. invoke) angels, in the way that the angels themselves taught me back in 1999. This is easy if you are clairvoyant, and can see the angels around you, but like 99% of the world population I am not. So back in the day I asked the angels: "How can I teach people to work with angels if they cannot see you?"

The angels showed me another way, which was learning to invoke them in a certain way (using the Sacred Law of Three for maximum manifestation of the energy), with loving intent, from heart and then how to feel/sense the angelic energy rays touch my hands. This is clairsentience*, and 99% of people (especially angel enthusiasts) can either feel angel energy rays immediately, or else can learn how to do this with a bit of commitment and perseverance. And the more you persevere with this, the easier and stronger it gets! I've written about this method in my books and card sets, but now seemed to be the time to go further.

So this little film is a first, but not necessarily a last. Because if you like this video then it could be possible to do another one for you, or even perhaps to do a video of me describing and voicing the free Angelic Light Attunements for Mother Earth and Nature.

As I say on the video, there is much more about all this in my Working With Angels section of the website, but do let me know if you like this latest, personal touch!

Angel blessings

from Angela McGerr

*Clairaudience is another way of communicating, but certainly in the early stages of this, to protect oneself whilst learning safe channelling techniques, care should be taken to do this only while in higher heart, and preferably during meditation.

3 February 2011

FIRST FREE ATTUNEMENT to help Mother Earth

As promised, the first free Angelic Light Violet Fire Attunement was duly set up by the angels and me today, and it will be available for any/all who are interested from now onwards, so whenever you want to take advantage of this offer, you can. You don't need to ask me if you can receive this; you just pledge from your heart to use it help Mother Earth and All Life, follow the instructions on my previous Blog post, and the angels will help you to "download" it. Enjoy!

To aid Mother Earth and the Nature Kingdom simply focus on the angels and bring Violet Fire through your heart; then ask for it to be directed with power of Love to wherever it's needed, such as places of natural disasters involving Earth or wild life, war zones, climate issues. If you will and intend this Violet Fire from your heart to the area(s) concerned, the angels can direct it there to help transmute negativity back to pure white Light. It's as simple as that, but the angels can't do it without us! The other thing is that in gratitude from the angels and Mother Earth, you will receive even more Violet Fire in return, to help heal yourself and any chakra blocks you may have, so that you are actually furthering your journey on The Way of Love & Light.

NB: Some feel a lot with Attunements, some don't, but just "know" you have it, and use it wisely and well. If you want to share anything about your experience you can write to me via the Website Contact facility.

A zillion angel blessings
from Angela McGerr

1 February 2011

Free Angelic Light Attunement

Dear Readers,

You will probably be aware of the many disasters occurring now in Nature in regard to wild creatures: bees, fish, birds and mammals. Large numbers are dying and in many of these cases, we just don’t know why it’s happening. Is it about poles shifting? Or part of the releasing of Oritronic (Fallen) Light as we move, in this endgame, towards Metatronic (pure, unfallen) Light that we held before the Falls?

This is unclear, but what we do know is that we can all try to aid the angels to heal Mother Earth and the Nature Kingdom by being vehicles to manifest Violet Fire.

If you have never received an Angelic Light Attunement before (symbols written in Angelic Light in your aura by the angels through me, Angela McGerr), you can choose to receive this free Angelic Light Attunement now, as a gift from the Angels to those who have a true, heart’s will and intention to help with this healing.

If you’ve received an Angelic Light Attunement from the angels, through me, before, then you can receive this Attunement again at a higher vibration level, because this will enable you to manifest even more healing than you could before.

Sharing this information

You can share this information with other Light Workers, but please credit me (Angela McGerr) and above All, the Angels as the source!

Why Violet Fire (Creation Violet/Fire of Life)?

This is a major healing tool because Violet Fire is the fire of Transmutation, converting dark energy back into pure Light. To take full advantage of this, pledge from heart to use it to benefit Mother Earth and the Nature Kingdom. In gratitude Mother Earth will return it to you, manifold, to aid your own self-healing.

First Free Angelic Light Attunement

To aid this healing of Mother Earth and All Life I have been guided this week to offer free Angelic Light Attunements. The first one is given below on this Blog, with instructions and an exercise you can use to “download” this Attunement. The exercise helps to clear your own energy centres (so self-heals), and is in fact a tiny extract from my Melchisadec e-Course Module A (See Heart & Soul Quest Courses Section of my website)

The second Attunement advances a little in vibration and in teachings. Therefore if you wish to continue this process, please sign up for the free UK Events e-Newsletter, as the next edition will go out shortly, and contain (apart from a reminder of my two spring, face to face UK Events) part two of free Angelic Light Attunements of Violet Fire.

About the Angelic Light Attunement of 3rd February 2011

This Part One Attunement is with Melchisadec: Ruler of Sacred Seven & Violet (the Seventh Ray) colour of the flower of that name, and Aratron: Ruler of Magic of Nature and associated with Nature shades of Violet. Also Ariel: Ruler of the Elements Earth (warm Purple Violet), and Air (cool Lavender Violet). To give the Attunement I go to the etheric Healing Temple of all time: Templa Mar. This will be familiar to those of you who have my various published works that include Templa Mar (Heart & Soul Cards, Love & Light Cards, Angel Quest of the Heart and Angel Almanac) All the angels in the Attunement are invoked, together with the angels Sadriel (Guardian of Divine Order) and Eth (Guardian of Time). The latter two angels mean that whenever I actually give the Attunement in Templa Mar, you can go there at any time to receive it by invoking Sadriel and Eth to assist you, for the Highest Good of All.

Clearing this Attunement

Before you, the reader, chooses to receive this free Attunement (called by some an Initiation), I need to explain a little about “clearing”. Those who have received Attunements in healing disciplines such as Reiki will know about “clearing” an Attunement through chakras; this is a process of un-blocking that takes place as the symbols heal each chakra. Violet Fire is a cleansing Element and Angelic Light is pure unfallen Light, so, when used from heart with Love, the Law of Three and the Angels, it is a complete clearing process of itself, for in this case the Angels assist this process for you. (For the Law of Three, and invoking Angels, plus typical responses, see my website section Working With Angels). At the end of the day, though, the choice is yours whether or not you accept this Angel Attunement.

As Melchisadec says:

Violet is the spiritual antiseptic; with Love it transmutes dark energy, returning it to pure white Light. If you feel darkness within or around you, invoke my name (and you can invoke Ariel and Aratron also) and mentally say, three times from heart: "I channel the power of Violet Fire that brings the purity I desire" to transmute such darkness. Violet Fire is vital, and a manifold gift to mankind. Using it to self-heal is Heart Quest, to aid Mother Earth is Soul Quest; Attunement with Violet Fire and understanding its true power is a key stage of navigating The Way of Love & Light.

Melchisadec's Star: The Six-Point Macrocosm Star, see heart of Amethyst Star Gate artwork at the top of this text

The Exercise to Download the Attunement (adapted from my e-Module A). View the Star image. Read through the visualisation three times, to get the picture, then you can try it, or your own version of it! If you are a past or present student of mine then you will receive this at the highest vibration (usually higher than before) that the angels currently allow you to have.

• Invoke Melchisadec, Ariel and Aratron three times by name, from heart.
• Take some deep breaths in and out of pure, sparkling white energy (Spiritus Dei - Breath of the Creator - Angel energy), with each breath expelling any negative thoughts, until you feel filled and surrounded with Light.
• Ground this white energy through your feet, down to the heart of Mother Earth (her Atoma), opening a clear, meridian channel for her and All Below; this allows you to manifest the Violet Fire for her.
• In gratitude she will expand this energy; now bring it back through your feet, sending it up through crown and then to Raphael and Sun, Gabriel and Moon, making a balanced, healing link to All Above.
• Feel sparkling white energy return manifold from the angels; now will and intend from heart that it creates the Six-Point Star of Macrocosm around you
• Now visualise yourself sitting within the Star. It’s a symbol of All That Is. Its link to Melchisadec is through its 7th, central yet invisible point and its link to you is through your own heart (This is the Microcos/Macrocosm link).
• Now focus on Melcisadec and his pure Violet Ray of Transmutation and on the powers of Ariel and Aratron.
• Mentally ask to be allowed to cleanse each major chakra energy centre in preparation for this Attunement
• One by one take six cleansing breaths of Love in the form of entwined rays of Violet Fire. One breath is for each point of the star - for the first six main chakras (order is: root, sacral, solar, heart, throat and third eye).
• Remember the power of Love and this Ray can transmute negativity/blocks within you, turning dark energy into the pure Light of perfect peace and that breathing out the healing Violet sends it Above and Below through the links you’ve made to heal Mother Earth & All Life.
• With each breath will and intend Melchisadec’s Violet Ray cleanses each chakra of your body in turn, preparing you for Attunement you will receive.
• Now take a seventh breath - Melchisadec's own for third eye/crown -and ask to receive the Violet Ray Attunement in heart. This means to be encircled with Violet Fire spirals that safely open heart/third eye spiritual consciousness, to take you further on the Way of Love and Light. Enjoy the feeling of peace and protection that this brings you. Even if you don’t “see” or “feel” it, it’s still there if you have willed and intended from heart for this to happen.
• And from now on you will always be able to channel the Violet Fire energy.
• Always remember to thank all the Angels for their gifts and help.