3 February 2011

FIRST FREE ATTUNEMENT to help Mother Earth

As promised, the first free Angelic Light Violet Fire Attunement was duly set up by the angels and me today, and it will be available for any/all who are interested from now onwards, so whenever you want to take advantage of this offer, you can. You don't need to ask me if you can receive this; you just pledge from your heart to use it help Mother Earth and All Life, follow the instructions on my previous Blog post, and the angels will help you to "download" it. Enjoy!

To aid Mother Earth and the Nature Kingdom simply focus on the angels and bring Violet Fire through your heart; then ask for it to be directed with power of Love to wherever it's needed, such as places of natural disasters involving Earth or wild life, war zones, climate issues. If you will and intend this Violet Fire from your heart to the area(s) concerned, the angels can direct it there to help transmute negativity back to pure white Light. It's as simple as that, but the angels can't do it without us! The other thing is that in gratitude from the angels and Mother Earth, you will receive even more Violet Fire in return, to help heal yourself and any chakra blocks you may have, so that you are actually furthering your journey on The Way of Love & Light.

NB: Some feel a lot with Attunements, some don't, but just "know" you have it, and use it wisely and well. If you want to share anything about your experience you can write to me via the Website Contact facility.

A zillion angel blessings
from Angela McGerr

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Silver Angel said...

Hello friends. I read that you do not know why these things are happening. Go to the Kryon website here: http://www.kryon.com/
and you will find out. It's free & it's a lot of reading, but well wort it. I feel I've grown so much in just s few daYS after reading on this site. Opened my eyes. Just like yours did Angela. Love the new video stuff. In Love, Light & Peace
Silver Angel Spreading the Love