24 February 2011



At last, with the help of my daughter's expertise, I, and Angelology, have been conveyed into the 21st Century (not before time do I hear you say?) on wings of Love and Light.

Today she and I made a little video to demonstrate how to call in (i.e. invoke) angels, in the way that the angels themselves taught me back in 1999. This is easy if you are clairvoyant, and can see the angels around you, but like 99% of the world population I am not. So back in the day I asked the angels: "How can I teach people to work with angels if they cannot see you?"

The angels showed me another way, which was learning to invoke them in a certain way (using the Sacred Law of Three for maximum manifestation of the energy), with loving intent, from heart and then how to feel/sense the angelic energy rays touch my hands. This is clairsentience*, and 99% of people (especially angel enthusiasts) can either feel angel energy rays immediately, or else can learn how to do this with a bit of commitment and perseverance. And the more you persevere with this, the easier and stronger it gets! I've written about this method in my books and card sets, but now seemed to be the time to go further.

So this little film is a first, but not necessarily a last. Because if you like this video then it could be possible to do another one for you, or even perhaps to do a video of me describing and voicing the free Angelic Light Attunements for Mother Earth and Nature.

As I say on the video, there is much more about all this in my Working With Angels section of the website, but do let me know if you like this latest, personal touch!

Angel blessings

from Angela McGerr

*Clairaudience is another way of communicating, but certainly in the early stages of this, to protect oneself whilst learning safe channelling techniques, care should be taken to do this only while in higher heart, and preferably during meditation.


Anonymous said...

What an informative Video!!!! really helpful and explanatory and I did as instructed, with good effect.

Thanks so much for sharing.

Cheryl Turtlemoon X

crocknit said...

Thank you very much Angela...
I like the personal touch and look forward to more...
In love and light
Barbara Summers