11 November 2011

Remembrance Day and timely guidance

Dear Readers,

Remembrance Day

On this day, initiated originally to remember the dead of the two World Wars (makes me feel tearful even just writing those words), at 11.00hrs GMT I myself did a special meditation to help free trapped souls and soul fragments - especially the war dead.

This meditation (Blue Star Level 3) is quite advanced, because firstly, unless you have an alternative of your own, I recommend (and teach) that you need to be One with the Sacred Eden Tree in order to remain safely grounded in Mother Earth through root chakra. Then, I teach that you need to interface with Templa Mar through higher heart (a Microcosm/Macrocosm connection)and with your crown touching the 44:44 Angel Star Gate; these methods mean you are connected to Above and Below, plus what is Within is also Without. Thirdly, if you can completely let go of fear, there is a special technique you can use, together with sacred geometry, so that you become a vehicle to help the angels to do this important Light Work. Anyone who wishes to know more can correspond with me via the website.

And next, as my sister remarked the other day: it's been a wonderful year for acorns! Indeed it has, and acorns are the sign of life to come, very traditional in UK. Oak was associated with our sailors and the song "Hearts of Oak". This was because our ships' hulls were constructed of stout oak in the days when we felt Britannia ruled the waves....

Anyway, as the ground is strewn with acorns and other seeds, bearing the promise of new life to come, this prompted me to offer you some words from the angel Farlas.

Timely guidance from Farlas, Guardian of Winter adapted from the Angel Almanac, Parrt One, on Winter Festivals (artwork for Farlas shown at top of Blog).

Farlas, Guardian Angel of Winter says:

My Festival is a time of muted colours, of brown, purple and grey - an apparent absence of Light. While frost embroiders the earth, I enfold sleeping Nature with my strong wings, protecting her secrets from the elements, knowing the darkest time is turning, making way for Light to return. But appearances are deceiving; although all seems lifeless, nothing is further from the truth. Even now new buds are forming and as the sun returns, Mother Earth awakens. This is merely her time of conserving strength and biding time; coming soon is the promise of birth or re-birth.

This is also your chance to conceive something completely new. Whether major or minor does not matter, just that the impulse creates a longing for change: a quest towards true heart's desires - those in line with your soul journey. On dark days I urge you to shine your own Light within to illuminate where your heart wishes to be at the end of the coming year, for as acorn leads to oak and back to acorn, all is in cycles and cannot remain the same.

At this point in the winter cycle I offer you my strength and endurance. Later on, as winter draws towards its close, little by little I open my wings to embrace the sun and I urge you to follow my example. My subtle monochromes acquire brighter hues, as I allow Nature to begin her age-old, magical transformation once more. Your own desire for change can start now, with preparation and continue from this same moment. And if you harmonise with my, and all other Solar Festivals, your quest leads you towards greater balance at year's end, when I gladly extend my wings towards you once again.

If you are reading this Blog, you can visualise your own heart as oak for strength and fortitude, and/or in the particular form of the acorn to signal plenty of new potential. I wonder, then, will you take heed of Farlas's advice?

Angel blessings
from Angela McGerr
PS: the Angels Readings Day on 18th November is fully booked, but I will offer another one around next February.....