5 October 2010

October 5th update

Hello Dear Readers,


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There are several angels linked with Rainbows, including Raphael, Ruler of Sunday, Sun and Healing, and mighty Melchisadec, spiritual “Director” of us all (who fast-tracks us through Heart and Soul Quests!) Mightiest of all is Seraphiel, Ruler of the Seraphim. But the first angel to consider is Hahlii, Guardian Angel of Colours.

As Hahlii’s message, says in the Heart & Soul Angel Cards:

Some say that 555 million years ago the first colours appeared in our universe, but certain colour secrets have only been revealed as and when mankind was ready for them. Hahlii advises you are ready to master various colour secrets, offering you the gift of the rainbow to help you towards heart's desire. The seven traditional rainbow shades are all connected with health. To bring vitality to your energy centres, lift your emotions, and/or enliven your environment, work first with these (other cards will indicate priorities).

But there are in fact twelve Colours of Creation: the other five require sensing with the heart as well as seeing with the eye. Four of these are magenta, turquoise, gold and silver. Are you ready to focus on these more subtle colours to directly assist you with your goals? Turquoise enables a degree of communication with angelic realms, as does magenta, the colour of a heart that is open to unconditional love and compassion. Gold and silver are for balance of masculine and feminine aspects of self, as well as for physical/spiritual harmony. Finally the twelfth, the pure white light of spiritual (and rainbow) Unity, carries the angelic Language of Light itself. With Hahlii strive towards white for realisation of true heart and soul concordance.

By working with the colours, beginning with the traditional Rainbow Seven, we are working not just to Light, but if the message continued, it would direct you towards the Diamond Ray of Seraphiel, Ruler of the Seraphim (to whom we shall come later on in these blog posts). This Diamond Ray, like the gem itself (pure carbon but in Gem form, as we who are carbon can return to Gem Self) contains no colours, but all colour potential. However, as Hahlii suggests, we need to work on ourselves first to achieve a degree of Mastery.

To begin at the beginning, each basic Rainbow Colour, linked to a chakra energy centre, carries its own potential, and we shall gradually explore these over several blogs, because healing is at the heart of everything I write.

So for now, here is another (updated) message from Hahlii, given first in Gold & Silver Guardian Angels Book of Angels, about some of the powers of the colours:

  • Mine are the rainbow colours and shades of Creation, mixed on an ethereal palette to enrich and heal your life. Each of these has a separate and special role, but when they come together they form the pure white Light of Unity.
  • Make life a kaleidoscope, for colour offers infinite possibilities to heal, develop and work towards Oneness with All. Each of my colours links to your energy centres and has many shades - first use the particular shade you are drawn to, for this will be the one you need.
  • Start with deeper shades of each colour and then progress to pastels, the paler the shade the higher its vibration.
  • Choose an Affirmation(s) to do daily or as often as needed until you feel you are achieving your objective, which is to move towards the white light of crown, to the first Angel Star Gate and beyond to Seraphiel’s Diamond.

o Red: As I secure and energise my earthly life I am empowered

o Orange: As the fire of creativity burns within I innovate and transform

o Yellow: With will and mind I ignite the power of the Sun within me

o Green/Magenta Pink: As water of life heals my heart it flowers with pink of unconditional love.

o Turquoise: I balance my emotions in order to calmly review my life

o Blue: With Sword of Light I embrace truth and freedom.

o Indigo: With abundance of wisdom I retrieve that which I have lost

o Violet: With power of earth and air I pierce the veil and transmute all illusion

o White: Through crown I deepen my Divine connection, touch the 44:44 Angel Star Gate and seek Universal Harmony