4 September 2011


Hello dear readers,

Well summer seemed to come and go in England, without much sunshine effect, which is rather sad for us Brits. But, having said that, I expect some of you in other parts of the world would wish your seasons to be more uneventful like ours! It's all Divine Order.....

Anyway, as we move into September (and it already feels rather autumnal here), I want to tell you about some past plus upcoming changes to my website and work programme, due to my continuing retirement process.

Completion of changes to the e-Series: Modules 1A, 2B, 3C and now 4D: Key Ascension Symbols of the Seraphim e-Module.

The revisions to Modules 1A, 2B, and 3C are now complete, and I shall begin writing the new 4D this month (based on a face-to-face workshop I ran once only, in April 2010; if anyone missed this and regretted missing it, here is your chance to study that material!) Please see the Heart and Soul Quest Sections of Website for more information on these comprehensive e-Modules, that start simply, for beginners to daily connections to angels/angel Light Work and end with aiding the Seraphim Angels with Ascension Angelic Light Glyphs - a dazzling journey on the Way of Love & Light!!!

The Approved and Affiliate Tutors for Angela McGerr Angelolgy Courses

Next I would like to draw your attention to other recent website updates. If you view the section called Events, Workshops & Readings you will see that my special, elite band of Approved and Affiliate Tutors around the world has now grown a little. There is representation now in Germany/French Canada, Holland, Ireland, Toronto Canada, USA and Australia, which is great!

Although I am not personally planning any face to face events any time soon, these fully qualified tutors are offering various angel events of their own, including a selection of Angela McGerr Angelology courses and workshops devised with my personal assistance and blessing. Follow their links and you will find that both Heart Quest Courses (Living daily life with the angels, self-healing/opening higher heart) and Soul Quest (Harmony, Balance, Oneness with All and Diamond Rays of the Seraphim, plus Angelic Merkaba for Heart Ascension) may be on offer soon at a place near you (or in your native language.)

Two of these tutors (Emmanuelle Pries who is French but lives in Germany, and Madeleine Kasem, who is in Toronto) are also now fully qualified to offer professional, intensive angelic guidance readings, on a face-to-face basis, using my Angel Card Trilogy. This comprises the Harmony, Heart & Soul and Love & Light Angel cards, and believe me, a full reading (Heart Quest, Soul Quest or Past/Present/Future) with the Trilogy can truly blow you away!

Angel Card Readings via e-mail

I, myself, mainly only offer e-Readings. But this is new! In addition to my deeper Heart and Soul Quest e-Readings, under the above heading in the same website section, you will now see that following the success of Gold & Silver Guardian Angels mini-readings at various events that I have been doing over the past year, I've decided that I will now offer written e-Readings like these (very affordable, at only £44.00 - angelic number of heart!) These three-card readings are surprisingly comprensive, plus are colourfully laid out and typed up by me. One could in fact be arranged for a birthday or Christmas present for someone if you so wish!

Important change re Blue Star Angels Mystery School (Sanusemi, of the Blue Star Ennead, is the beautiful artwork at the top of this post)

Interested readers should note that in October the Blue Star Angels Mystery School Part One, Levels 1-3, will be completely withdrawn to new entrants to to programme or new starts on any of these levels. It will be paused for several months, whilst (in addition to writing the new e-Module 4D) I update Blue Star Levels 5 and 6 (key stages of the Dance of Six and Five), plus Blue Star 7. These will be completed over the winter. Some time next year I shall finally set down the last two: Level 8 - Working in the pure, unfallen Zodiac, and Level 9: Healing Time/Space.

When the Blue Star Part One programme resumes in 2012 there will be a different, day-to-day, management system*. Although I shall continue to give the Angelic Light Attunements personally, I shall only be involved in the questions/answers at the end of each distance learning document (More to follow on this in my next Blog) If you wish to study and work with me throughout the distant learning process you have this month to sign up for Blue Star Level 1. (it's unlikely you would get beyond one level before the programme is withdrawn). *The bursary system will be discontinued, and instead bursaries will be offered on the simplified, one level only, Angelic Merkaba for Heart Ascension distance learning course to also be launched this autumn.

Well that's all for now, except for a timely reminder from Torquaret, Guardian Angel for Autumn, that now is the time to review your year and focus on what worked or didn't work for you. There is time to change things now, plan and consider during winter, in order to make a new start in spring.

As Torquaret says: (adapted a little from Gold & Silver Guardian Angels Book of Angels:

In a drift of frost-rimed leaves I come, swirling and eddying in the autumn wind that can blow away your past. In my season there is great beauty of colour and form but it is also a time for your reckoning.

Autumn is the time to review the result of the promise of spring and whether this promise was delivered in summer. It is the time of reaping, and also for retrenchment and preparation for the quiet time of winter. It is the same in your life. What you planted in your spring, if correctly nurtured, came to fruition in your summer. Think back - how happy were you with your summer abundance? Did you plant wisely and ambitiously? Remember it is your harvest that you reap and you are the harvester.

If you reaped abundant joy, then I underpin that joy with my love, so that you can build upon this to bring about an even greater harvest next year. If not, I guide you now to take stock of your present life, for this is your chance to determine a different future. It is an opportunity for you to cleanse the past, sweeping it away like the autumn drifts of leaves. I bring my powerful energy to help you use your intuitive skills to prune out that which you wish to be rid of from your life, thinking with your heart and not just with your head.

Make a bonfire of old behavioural patterns, or why not call on Ruhiel Guardian Angel of Winds to help get rid of tiresome mindsets? In short, ensure all is well so that the earthly foundations of your life are cleared, and reviewed. Then these can be rested and re-charged during winter's quiet dormant time. Have the courage and determination to make your decisions in order to be ready for re-planting in your new spring, for though my Autumn wings support your efforts, all of your future potential lies finally in your own two hands.

So on that note,

Love and Light
from Angela x