24 January 2012

Angelic Merkaba for Heart Ascension

Hello to all readers,

I hope the new, momentous year of 2012 has begun well for you.

This Blog is mainly to tell you that the Angelic Merkaba for Heart Ascension course (previously only available as a face-to-face workshop) is now ready as a distance learning course, via the Internet and e-mail. This is an important course; remember that every person who achieves personal Heart Ascension (creating crystalline Seed of Life in higher heart in order to access, and become a living conduit for pure Metatronic Light) is greatly increasing the Love & Light flowing in, around and through Mother Earth and therefore aiding Planetary Ascension. You should note that Planetary Ascension includes, apart from mankind, the Nature Kingdom, Inner Earth Kingdom, Devic, Faerie and Elemental Kingdoms, not to mention the infastructure of the planet.

This new e-Course is under the Soul Quest section of my website and now bookable. It's in four parts, and will operate in the same way as my other e-Modules, and e-Mystery School. Those who sign up for it in English* will initially work with me personally, at least for a few months, although I shall be aided, in due course, by one of my senior Tutors. Students who sign up will receive the first document, which contains course work and questions to answer; these ensure the understanding of the material. The student answers the questions and then returns the answers to me for marking and comment. When the questions are answered to my satisfaction, the next document is sent, and so forth, with the meditation being taught gradually as the student proceeds. *It is anticipated that this course will also be available shortly in Dutch, French and German through my Affiliate Tutors who are translating and teaching this exact material; see UK, Overseas Events & Readings section to discover links to these lovely Light people.

As I described more fully in my two December Blog posts, this course teaches the Merkaba meditation in an entirely new way, with major help from the ten angels involved in my guided process; these angels are Raphael, Ariel, Uriel, Gabriel, Phuel, Seraphiel, Metatron, Shekinah, Melchisadec and Pistis Sophia. It also features two sets of Angelic Light Attunements: one set is for the ten angels involved, the other includes Hermes Trismegistos' Caduceus Gateway to Balance, and a Colours of Creation Healing Attunement for each major chakra, including three vibrations of protective Violet Flame. E-mail me if you wish to know more details.

This Angelic Merkaba for Heart Ascension (AMHA) will now be the Foundation Course for the Blue Star Angels Mystery School (previously AMHA and Blue Star 1 covered very similar material and the same meditation, the only difference being that the former did not contain any Blue Star material.) Now, however, Blue Star 1 & 2 are being modified and updated to move directly on from the point at which AMHA finishes. I am now working on the Blue Star Programme.

So that's my news for this Blog, it is just possible I may run a two-day workshop on AMHA in March, though it is tentative at present, a decisiion will be made by the end of January and I will keep you posted.

Other than that, and as we near the end of January in what can now only be termed the true beginning of the Age of Aquarius (in the Zodiac precession), I will leave you with these thoughts from Cambiel, Ruler of this Zodiac Sign; ponder on these for the next few weeks.

Cambiel, angel ruler of Aquarius, says:

Like the Water Carrier of my sign, I bring the silver-blue-green Water of Life to heal the grail of your heart, and to allow your inner feelings to grow and develop to their full potential, for above all I urge you to listen to your own intuition, and to follow your heart at this time. As blue white lightning may flash in the sky, so the power of Air - Breath of Life - and Fire of Life manifests through me to light the amber spark of your visionary aspirations. In this, my time of the year, find the right focus in life and work to maintain your vision, asking my aid in self-healing if you have been hurt by life. If you would move on, I urge you to be true to yourself and your ideals in the rightness of your words and actions. Also, continue to empathise with others, for in today's difficult world your skills are truly beyond price.

Although it's an Air - Breath of Life sign, this key sign to help bring more peace and harmony for our Planet and All Life is named for Water of Life. Yet also in this sign is Uranus, Ruled by Uriel and so this brings Fire of Life, too, into the equation. So the three key Elements that date back to Zoroastrianism (maybe 10,000 years or more) all feature in the next four weeks. Whatever your own sign may be, don't let this opportunity to work with these mighty angels pass you by:

Personal qualities linked with Aquarius and Cambiel:
• Identification of true aspirations, ambitions, hopes and dreams
• Principles, ideals, integrity, empathy, healing of emotions through Water

Elemental Ruler of Earth - Ariel offers grounding in his other capacity as Ruler of Earth, plus these air strengths:
• Visionary inspiration and building greater intuition
• Flower/essential oil energy healing to bring about those dreams

The ruling planetary angel (Uriel) infuences:
• Creative energy for innovation: self-transformation for that fresh start.
• Cleansing, purifying, revitalising sacral area - our creative centre

A lot to think about.....

Love, light and a zillion angel blessings