22 December 2011

Angels are not just for Christmas

Dear Readers, Students, Angel Enthusiasts and not forgetting my wonderful little band of Approved & Affiliate Angelology Tutors (I love you!),

As the Wheel of the Year turns inexorably through the Winter Solstice and on to Christmas and New Year, I wish you all a wonderful holiday, filled with joy, peace and angelic abundance. Although, as the Blog post title suggests, angels are definitely for every day. In fact I was once going to write a book entitled "Angels are not just for Christmas".


I am now on "staycation" for a couple of weeks, and so any e-mails will not be answered until after the 4th January 2012. Around that time I shall also be telling you more about the new e-Courses and modifications to the Blue Star programme.

Angelic Merkaba for Heart Ascension

In the last post I wrote about this new e-Course, previously only available as a live workshop. But I completely forgot (when comparing it to other Merkaba courses) to mention that there is a unique set of Angelic Light Attunements given with this one (of course distantly with the e-Course option. These proven Attunements, with angels involved in the Angelic Merkaba Meditation, allow all students to connect to angel healing with Colours of Creation. For those who have studied other healing modalities, these Angelic Light Attunements will enhance existing healing skills. The Attunements cover all major chakra energy centres, plus Caduceus for gold/silver harmony and balance to third eye - a key part of this important Ascension study course which takes the student to Oneness with All.

Anyway, some information is already on the Soul Quest Courses section of my website; more next year on how this new course will be managed, how it fits into the course structure and leads directly on to Blue Star Level 1.

Timely Guidance

This is the traditional time of the element of Earth: a time for Ariel, Guardian of Earth and Air. As Ariel says (in Angel Almanac):

I rule the Elements of Earth and Air and the marriage of the two, by which I mean the very life of your world as well as its conjoining with other dimensions and vibrations beyond your own. Earth sustains your physical self, while Air - Breath of Life - brings spiritual manna or nourishment. Bridge the two on my shining violet Light wings as you commence with me on your spiritual re-birth.

First we will work on your grounding in this reality, so that you have a safe foundation from which to be re-born. At this stage I bring deepest purples and magenta, sparkling with crystalline vitality into your life, to allow forgiveness for the past and form foundations for the future. During my Earth Festival I also offer you steps for emotional grounding, transmuting negative thought processes, preparing you so that you occupy a position of earthly strength.

How do I make this happen? Imagine yourself enjoying a new start within my Earth, a tiny, perfect seed that Mother Earth and I love, nurture and protect. As you grow Earth heals you, for it is capable of absorbing all negativity that arises during this process. As the season turns, Raphael's Sun warms you and you safely reach the surface. When you burst through you turn your face to the Sun ready to flower and form a new seed for the future; thus the shining seed of your spirit emerges at last from the veils that hid its secrets and perfection from Light.

Give yourself a chance to mull over Ariel's words during the next few weeks, while his Earth element rules; I show his picture at the top of this post. I have often done this little meditation myself to really feel the power and nurturing of Earth; remember that this works on all scales: Microcosm and Macrocosm. As Above, So Below, As Without, So Within....

A zillion angel blessings to you all
from Angela

8 December 2011

Happy December and a quick update

Hello dear readers,

Although the time of the year is dreary, let Amabiel's (see later in this post) lovely artwork* fill you with joy and uplift your heart.
*As always by dear Richard Rockwood

This is to give you a quick update on what's been going on and what is planned for January.

Angel Readings

The Angel Readings event went really well, with those attending saying that they enjoyed their readings and found them informative; I had a good time doing them as it's not often I get around to face-to-face events. There may be another such Angel Reading Day in the spring, and I will keep you posted on it.

New e-Course Angelic Merkaba for Heart Ascension

I've just about finished adapting the (formerly face to face only) workshop called Angelic Merkaba for Heart Ascension into an e-Module, and it's already been amended to be bookable on my website, under the Soul Quest courses section. If you don't know about Merkaba I can only say that I was guided to learn it in 1999 and did so in January 2000. At that time I didn't really understand what it meant by Merkaba - Tool of Ascension. Yet I committed to it, it changed my life and I've been working with it, teaching it and then developing (under Seraphiel's guidance) this easier yet deeper, healing, angelic version of it now for many years. Of course I soon learnt about Ascension and why Merkaba is so important for us (Heart Ascension) and for Earth (Planetary Ascension)

This particular Angelic Merkaba for Heart Ascension course is complete in itself, but it came out of my work over the years developing the levels of the Blue Star Angels Mystery School. What happened was that I spent years being guided by Seraphiel and Sanusemi working on the Mystery School, which grew deeper and deeper, with the Merkaba Light Body taking on different shapes and forms. Then I realised that some people might just like to learn my basic version of Angelic Merkaba, without going further into the Mysteries, so I went back and wrote this course as well.

Even if you do know about the traditional Merkaba meditation, which was the one I originally learnt (and I gather that Drunvalo Melchizedek - lovely man - is no longer offering this course through his Flower of Life organisation), then the version called Angelic Merkaba is different in many ways. It does preserve the sacred and ancient knowledge that dear Drunvalo first retrieved, with the help of angels, around 25 or more years ago (what a lot has happened in that time, particularly in the last ten years of fast-tracking with Light Work and Ascension). However, my version, created with angelic help and support, is (dare I say?) easier, more right-brained, uses the higher heart flower for healing and Light Work, is created with key angels and so also provides you with a complete self-healing and balancing tool.

So to sum up, the Angelic Merkaba is, as the name suggests, created with the help of a host of angels. This new course will be available immediately after the Christmas and New Year holidays, and you can sign up for it now if you want to learn it with me.

Well that's all for this post, except to wish you angelic blessings for the coming holidays, as well as to remind you that as I always say, angels are not just for Christmas! As mentioned above, the lovely artwork shown this time is Amabiel: Guardian Angel of Loving Kindness, from the Heart & Soul Angels cards set (second of my card set trilogy. The others of the trilogy are Harmony Angel Cards and Love & Light Angel Cards.)

The message from Amabiel is for all of you wonderful readers and healers out there who are trying your best to help others. Keep it up, she says, for 2012 it is so vitally important to send out as much love and light as you possibly can.

Amabiel, Guardian Angel of Loving Kindness

Amabiel praises your capacity for radiating loving kindness and advises this is a large part of your soul purpose - to simply be your beautiful self. You are able to send out emanations of joy, as well as to perceive and share such joy with others; through heart and soul you give and thus receive love. This power actually raises and enriches the planetary and Universe vibration, as it encompasses trust, belief, unselfishness, acceptance, forgiveness and surrender. These attributes within you take the form of dozens of tiny (nano) flowers shaped like pink and violet-purple five-pointed stars. When you send out love it flows from you in an infinite stream of these living Light flowers. The violet transmutes the negativity in this world and the pink actually expands positive love energy. The more Love energy you send, the more the flowers multiply and circulate to be received in the heart by all those in need.

You may think this a minor activity, but Amabiel assures you that on the contrary, it is hugely significant, for you teach by passionate example. If you choose to build on this quality, Amabiel guides you on how to increase your inherent ability to Light the Way for others through your starry flowers of Love.

As all the angels say: LOVE IS THE KEY

Love and light

11 November 2011

Remembrance Day and timely guidance

Dear Readers,

Remembrance Day

On this day, initiated originally to remember the dead of the two World Wars (makes me feel tearful even just writing those words), at 11.00hrs GMT I myself did a special meditation to help free trapped souls and soul fragments - especially the war dead.

This meditation (Blue Star Level 3) is quite advanced, because firstly, unless you have an alternative of your own, I recommend (and teach) that you need to be One with the Sacred Eden Tree in order to remain safely grounded in Mother Earth through root chakra. Then, I teach that you need to interface with Templa Mar through higher heart (a Microcosm/Macrocosm connection)and with your crown touching the 44:44 Angel Star Gate; these methods mean you are connected to Above and Below, plus what is Within is also Without. Thirdly, if you can completely let go of fear, there is a special technique you can use, together with sacred geometry, so that you become a vehicle to help the angels to do this important Light Work. Anyone who wishes to know more can correspond with me via the website.

And next, as my sister remarked the other day: it's been a wonderful year for acorns! Indeed it has, and acorns are the sign of life to come, very traditional in UK. Oak was associated with our sailors and the song "Hearts of Oak". This was because our ships' hulls were constructed of stout oak in the days when we felt Britannia ruled the waves....

Anyway, as the ground is strewn with acorns and other seeds, bearing the promise of new life to come, this prompted me to offer you some words from the angel Farlas.

Timely guidance from Farlas, Guardian of Winter adapted from the Angel Almanac, Parrt One, on Winter Festivals (artwork for Farlas shown at top of Blog).

Farlas, Guardian Angel of Winter says:

My Festival is a time of muted colours, of brown, purple and grey - an apparent absence of Light. While frost embroiders the earth, I enfold sleeping Nature with my strong wings, protecting her secrets from the elements, knowing the darkest time is turning, making way for Light to return. But appearances are deceiving; although all seems lifeless, nothing is further from the truth. Even now new buds are forming and as the sun returns, Mother Earth awakens. This is merely her time of conserving strength and biding time; coming soon is the promise of birth or re-birth.

This is also your chance to conceive something completely new. Whether major or minor does not matter, just that the impulse creates a longing for change: a quest towards true heart's desires - those in line with your soul journey. On dark days I urge you to shine your own Light within to illuminate where your heart wishes to be at the end of the coming year, for as acorn leads to oak and back to acorn, all is in cycles and cannot remain the same.

At this point in the winter cycle I offer you my strength and endurance. Later on, as winter draws towards its close, little by little I open my wings to embrace the sun and I urge you to follow my example. My subtle monochromes acquire brighter hues, as I allow Nature to begin her age-old, magical transformation once more. Your own desire for change can start now, with preparation and continue from this same moment. And if you harmonise with my, and all other Solar Festivals, your quest leads you towards greater balance at year's end, when I gladly extend my wings towards you once again.

If you are reading this Blog, you can visualise your own heart as oak for strength and fortitude, and/or in the particular form of the acorn to signal plenty of new potential. I wonder, then, will you take heed of Farlas's advice?

Angel blessings
from Angela McGerr
PS: the Angels Readings Day on 18th November is fully booked, but I will offer another one around next February.....

25 October 2011

First ever Angel Guidance Readings Day: Friday 18th November

Dear Readers,

The beautiful Breath of Life Mandala illustrated here (from the Love & Light Angel Cards, third set of the Angel Card Trilogy) reminds us that our thoughts should be lifted from the physical to the spiritual. Note the blues, mauves and white of spiritual Truth. At the heart of the Mandala are pure white angel feathers; why is this? Because our angels are always "on the case", offering us loving support.

After years of thinking about it, this is a quick announcement to tell you that I have finally got around to organising my first ever day of offering personal, one-to-one Angel Guidance Readings .

It will be on Friday 18th November at the Georgian House Hotel in Haslemere, and as follows:

There will be a choice of three types of readings: Past/Present/Future, Heart Quest or Soul Quest. The cost will be £65.00 for the 45 minute one-to-one reading plus an optional extra £10.00 for a personal, 10 minute mini-lesson on how to invoke the angels who manifested in your reading. You are welcome to take notes or tape the reading.

A reading in November will steer you into what the angels want you to prioritise for 2012.

There are only a few slots available, so if you'd like to book a reading, please e-mail me via this website as soon as you possibly can to reserve your space. I will confirm it's available and send you a Pay Pal booking button.

To reserve your space you will need to pay £50.00 non-refundable deposit; the balance (of either £15.00 or £25.00) will be payable in cash on the day itself.

People have been asking me to do this for a long time, so I hope one or two of you can make it! If so I look forward to meeting you on this very first occasion.

Love and light

3 October 2011

Templa Mar, E-Course updates, a possible Angelic Merkaba course in Surrey or Sussex and news from Jo

Hello dear readers,

I hope you like the stunning Templa Mar mandala pictured this time. It's not the usual artwork for the Temple; this one was specially designed for the Workbook of Meditations that is part of my two book set: Angel Quest of the Heart. More on Templa Mar later in this Blog as I have written about it many times at the request of the angels.

Well summer finally came over the past two weeks or so. Very bizarre, as we had hot weather throughout April, and then again from the third week of September, with nothing much in between - sort of summer bookends to the season.....

Anyway it was lovely and so thank you Raphael and Tubiel (Guardian of Summer) for that brilliant and dazzling finale; hot sunshine accompanied by the leaves of autumn tumbling down.

Some news for you all:

Angelic Merkaba for Heart Ascension
- rare face-to-face option

Although I rarely give face-to-face courses or workshops, for some reason the angels are guiding me to offer this important Soul Quest workshop later this month, or next month, somewhere locally here (Surrey or Sussex)if a few people are drawn to learn the Angelic Merkaba (an important vehicle to aid Ascension). It would be for one, intensive, day, and if you are interested in hearing more about this possibility, please e-mail me asap. I would hope to do a special one-off fee of £144.00 (less than the normal fee), depending on venue and level of interest. Note: This courses teaches the Merkaba Light Body but in quite a different and easier way than the original (although I love Drunvalo Melchizedek!) It retains the integrity of the original, but becomes a self-healing tool with angels that also grounds and manifests healing and balancing energies for Mother Earth and All Life. You can attain Oneness with Sacred Eden Tree, with your roots in the heart of Mother Earth, your higher heart interfaced with Templa Mar, and your crown touching the 44:44 Angel Star Gate: Portal to pure Metatronic Light. For full details of this course please view Soul Quest section of my website.

Blue Star Angels e-Mystery School

Blue Star Angels Mystery School Part One: Levels 1 - 3 will be withdrawn on 8th October to new entrants, as announced in the last Blog; it will resume after Christmas under a revised arrangement. I have appointed an Affiliate Tutor to assist me in the New Year and I am delighted to announce that she is my advanced student, friend and Light Sister Madeleine Kasem, who lives in Toronto. She will deal with the day-to-day liaison with new students enrolling in 2012, although I shall still give the Angelic Light Attunements personally, and also moderate the answers to the questions posed in the distance learning documents.

Anyone currently studying Level 1 can of course complete his/her studies, but should be aware that there is a maximum time limit set for completion of the level - please see Terms and Conditions of Study in the downloadable document at the end of the Blue Star Angels Mystery School section.

Living Life with the Angels e-Modules

These are still running under my personal control for the moment, but will also be withdrawn this autumn pending a new arrangement for 2012. This will be announced in a future Blog.

News about my sister Jo

Jo is known to many of you, and she will shortly be visiting California to give a couple of workshops. Here is an extract from her latest e-Newsletter.

Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th November, Joanna is holding a weekend workshop in Costa Mesa, Southern California introducing RSE Egyptian Alchemy Healing and how to work with it for self-healing and on friends and family (US$300). Includes attunements, self-healing CD and a full manual. To book or for details email jo_harmony@hotmail.com or serafina@serafinaonline.com

Wednesday 10th November, Joanna is holding a short introductory evening entitled ‘Empower Yourself with the Energies of Ancient Egypt’ in Culver City, Los Angeles (from US$75). Optional attunement, demonstration and readings available. To book or for details email jo_harmony@hotmail.com or rose.ghavami@gmail.com.

More on Templa Mar and its healing potential for you

Closing thoughts from me about Templa Mar, the Beloved Etheric Temple of the Emerald Sea. This has many names, having existed for all time, but it's interesting that it's called Templa Mar or Mer, linked to the name Mary as well as the Sea, birthplace of mankind.

As the Heart & Soul Card says:

The Temple of the Emerald Sea is also Templa Mar (or Mer), the Beloved Temple. Guarded by Metatron and Shekinah it is an etheric place of ultimate spiritual enlightenment, redressing the spiritual balance lost from our world now being re-found. This applies not only to mankind, but also to Mother Earth and her nature/animal kingdoms, for the raising of the vibration levels to restore planetary harmony involves healing for all souls and sentient beings: animal, vegetable and mineral. The Temple is a timeless place of healing in every aspect and at the highest levels; its hallowed ground holds the pure harmonic fractals of 5, 6,12 and 13 in light, colour and sound therefore linking to man's original (Divine self Adam Kadmon) DNA before the fall from grace.

Through will and intent you can find the way through the angelic Blue Star Gate, and open your heart to work with the Temple's redemption programme; once there, the High Priest, Seraphim angels, animal and nature devas will instruct you in some of the wisdom of the Mystery Schools. These have operated (often secretly) throughout time to ensure this wisdom was retained, to be taught or remembered by those like yourself, whose soul purpose was, is and ever shall be to tread the crystalline pathways of healing.

Apart from "calling" those of us who are healers, I believe that Templa Mar holds the codes of mankind's healing timelines. It is a matter (like so many other things) of will and intent. With the help of the angels we can each choose to go there for self-healing at any time, as part of our Heart or Soul Quests. Indeed I wrote in the Love & Light Angel Cards Introduction:

Healing/balance: first five subtle energy bodies

How do you accomplish this synergy in energy centres with the Love & Light set? With the help of Shekinah, who holds the Five Petal Flower Template of the Divine Feminine in Earthly Kingdom*. Then, the angels offer you colour healing in Templa Mar. Templa Mar is the beloved, etheric Temple of the Emerald Sea, accessed by pure intent and allowing heart to synchronise with its special vibrations. Through the visualisations with the angels the crystal colour fractals will flow and coalesce into your chakras as well as your aura, gradually healing physical, emotional, mental, etheric and spiritual aspects (first five subtle energy bodies) at the level appropriate for your "now".

*Metatron holds the Five Point Star Template of the Divine Masculine (and keys to the higher five subtle energy bodies); the two integrated form Seraphiel's Twelve Point Stellated Dodecahedron heart of the Rosa Mystica Sacred Geometry. Yet this is still only the beginning, in 5th Dimension, for in 10th Dimension we can work with Sacred 144 and Metatron's Breastplate of 24 crystals and Seraphiel's Stem & Blossom (Tsadey). When we understand how to become part of this, through higher heart (Love is the Key) we can move to the 1,000th Dimension, hold the power of the Divine Child of the Trinity and aid the 144,000 Light Beings of Ascension to send this Diamond Ray energy of Creation out from heart to aid All.

How do you get to Templa Mar?

Well there are a myriad ways. It's by will and intent; one way is to use the Mandala pictured above....

More on this next time, but that's all for now,

Love and light from
Angela McGerr

4 September 2011


Hello dear readers,

Well summer seemed to come and go in England, without much sunshine effect, which is rather sad for us Brits. But, having said that, I expect some of you in other parts of the world would wish your seasons to be more uneventful like ours! It's all Divine Order.....

Anyway, as we move into September (and it already feels rather autumnal here), I want to tell you about some past plus upcoming changes to my website and work programme, due to my continuing retirement process.

Completion of changes to the e-Series: Modules 1A, 2B, 3C and now 4D: Key Ascension Symbols of the Seraphim e-Module.

The revisions to Modules 1A, 2B, and 3C are now complete, and I shall begin writing the new 4D this month (based on a face-to-face workshop I ran once only, in April 2010; if anyone missed this and regretted missing it, here is your chance to study that material!) Please see the Heart and Soul Quest Sections of Website for more information on these comprehensive e-Modules, that start simply, for beginners to daily connections to angels/angel Light Work and end with aiding the Seraphim Angels with Ascension Angelic Light Glyphs - a dazzling journey on the Way of Love & Light!!!

The Approved and Affiliate Tutors for Angela McGerr Angelolgy Courses

Next I would like to draw your attention to other recent website updates. If you view the section called Events, Workshops & Readings you will see that my special, elite band of Approved and Affiliate Tutors around the world has now grown a little. There is representation now in Germany/French Canada, Holland, Ireland, Toronto Canada, USA and Australia, which is great!

Although I am not personally planning any face to face events any time soon, these fully qualified tutors are offering various angel events of their own, including a selection of Angela McGerr Angelology courses and workshops devised with my personal assistance and blessing. Follow their links and you will find that both Heart Quest Courses (Living daily life with the angels, self-healing/opening higher heart) and Soul Quest (Harmony, Balance, Oneness with All and Diamond Rays of the Seraphim, plus Angelic Merkaba for Heart Ascension) may be on offer soon at a place near you (or in your native language.)

Two of these tutors (Emmanuelle Pries who is French but lives in Germany, and Madeleine Kasem, who is in Toronto) are also now fully qualified to offer professional, intensive angelic guidance readings, on a face-to-face basis, using my Angel Card Trilogy. This comprises the Harmony, Heart & Soul and Love & Light Angel cards, and believe me, a full reading (Heart Quest, Soul Quest or Past/Present/Future) with the Trilogy can truly blow you away!

Angel Card Readings via e-mail

I, myself, mainly only offer e-Readings. But this is new! In addition to my deeper Heart and Soul Quest e-Readings, under the above heading in the same website section, you will now see that following the success of Gold & Silver Guardian Angels mini-readings at various events that I have been doing over the past year, I've decided that I will now offer written e-Readings like these (very affordable, at only £44.00 - angelic number of heart!) These three-card readings are surprisingly comprensive, plus are colourfully laid out and typed up by me. One could in fact be arranged for a birthday or Christmas present for someone if you so wish!

Important change re Blue Star Angels Mystery School (Sanusemi, of the Blue Star Ennead, is the beautiful artwork at the top of this post)

Interested readers should note that in October the Blue Star Angels Mystery School Part One, Levels 1-3, will be completely withdrawn to new entrants to to programme or new starts on any of these levels. It will be paused for several months, whilst (in addition to writing the new e-Module 4D) I update Blue Star Levels 5 and 6 (key stages of the Dance of Six and Five), plus Blue Star 7. These will be completed over the winter. Some time next year I shall finally set down the last two: Level 8 - Working in the pure, unfallen Zodiac, and Level 9: Healing Time/Space.

When the Blue Star Part One programme resumes in 2012 there will be a different, day-to-day, management system*. Although I shall continue to give the Angelic Light Attunements personally, I shall only be involved in the questions/answers at the end of each distance learning document (More to follow on this in my next Blog) If you wish to study and work with me throughout the distant learning process you have this month to sign up for Blue Star Level 1. (it's unlikely you would get beyond one level before the programme is withdrawn). *The bursary system will be discontinued, and instead bursaries will be offered on the simplified, one level only, Angelic Merkaba for Heart Ascension distance learning course to also be launched this autumn.

Well that's all for now, except for a timely reminder from Torquaret, Guardian Angel for Autumn, that now is the time to review your year and focus on what worked or didn't work for you. There is time to change things now, plan and consider during winter, in order to make a new start in spring.

As Torquaret says: (adapted a little from Gold & Silver Guardian Angels Book of Angels:

In a drift of frost-rimed leaves I come, swirling and eddying in the autumn wind that can blow away your past. In my season there is great beauty of colour and form but it is also a time for your reckoning.

Autumn is the time to review the result of the promise of spring and whether this promise was delivered in summer. It is the time of reaping, and also for retrenchment and preparation for the quiet time of winter. It is the same in your life. What you planted in your spring, if correctly nurtured, came to fruition in your summer. Think back - how happy were you with your summer abundance? Did you plant wisely and ambitiously? Remember it is your harvest that you reap and you are the harvester.

If you reaped abundant joy, then I underpin that joy with my love, so that you can build upon this to bring about an even greater harvest next year. If not, I guide you now to take stock of your present life, for this is your chance to determine a different future. It is an opportunity for you to cleanse the past, sweeping it away like the autumn drifts of leaves. I bring my powerful energy to help you use your intuitive skills to prune out that which you wish to be rid of from your life, thinking with your heart and not just with your head.

Make a bonfire of old behavioural patterns, or why not call on Ruhiel Guardian Angel of Winds to help get rid of tiresome mindsets? In short, ensure all is well so that the earthly foundations of your life are cleared, and reviewed. Then these can be rested and re-charged during winter's quiet dormant time. Have the courage and determination to make your decisions in order to be ready for re-planting in your new spring, for though my Autumn wings support your efforts, all of your future potential lies finally in your own two hands.

So on that note,

Love and Light
from Angela x

10 August 2011

August and Power of Suns

Hello dear Readers,

Following the post in July about power of the Moon and building/balancing your own personal Moon aspects (healing and development of intuition, emotions, imagination, feelings) I hope this was helpful to some of you.

I promised that (despite my holidays!)I would do a similar post this month to discuss the balancing aspect of Sun (healing of thought, analytical skills, decision making and actions). Why am I writing about this? All priority now (so far as my guidance is coming from the angels) is about acquiring Sun and Moon balance, because as any of you who know about Caduceus will remember, Sun/Solar and Moon/Lunar balance can help take you to third eye chakra, and from there, when you move to crown chakra, you move out of polarity for from that point there is only Oneness with All. My e-Courses (see Heart & Soul Quest Courses section of this website) take you on this journey of healing, with the Harmony and Balance e-Module 3C covering Oneness with All and Unity Consciousness; this can also be described as the route through the Rainbow Rays of Angelic Light to finally channel the Diamond Rays of the Seraphim Creaton Angels.

Anyway, to revert to Lunar and Solar balance, now we are in the time of Leo, ruled by the wonderful angel Verchiel and he appears in many of my works. This is a great opportunity to focus on your own personal Sun aspects, featuring of course your solar chakra. Here is a piece from An Angel for Every Day (entitled The Zodiac Angels in USA).

Summary: Having full confidence in your ability to lead and/or inspire others

Verchiel, angel ruler of Leo, says:

With the glorious strength and steadfast courage of my sign I come on my tawny wings to aid you, for my loving energy brings you the confident leadership ability to truly inspire the hearts of others with your vision. You have the potential to bring about change in the lives of many for as well as being strong and clever, you wield the amber and gold power of the sun. This can light the fire of creativity and transform lives by introducing innovative situations in order to maximise people's potential. To sometimes have self-doubt is only to be expected, as without this you could be ruled by ego alone. My love guides you towards the knowledge you need to overcome this doubt, boosting your confidence by gradually adding wisdom of experience to your own inherent talents.

Two affirmations you could make with Verchiel, if you have moments of self-doubt about your talents

• Courage to trust your own judgement. Verchiel with your help I shall overcome self-doubt about my judgement and leadership skills, for I know I can be the catalyst for others to realise their own true potential.

• Vision and ambition to inspire others Verchiel with your loving support I have the vision and ambition to achieve much; aid me with the opportunity and courage to prove my creative powers and inspire others to follow.

However, to return to the balncing of Solar and Lunar aspects of self, we need to look at this more closely. There are many different ways of working with boosting Sun energy, and I've covered lots in my books and card sets. As you will know, Raphael is the Ruler of the Sun (bringer of all life to Earth), and he's also Patron Angel of Healers and Healing, so our first point at which we work directly with Solar energy is via Raphael.

From the same chapter of An Angel for Every Day comes:

Transformation starts with sun and rainbows!

• Raphael's sun energy to lighten life: I am the sun that lights your face and chases away the shadows. Focus on me any time asking for the sun's rays to flow into your solar plexus. This dispels inner vulnerability and uncertainty, heals at all levels and energises your will and confidence for leadership. It also has the power to bring rainbows into your life! If there is no sun, simply will the power of the sun into yourself with Raphael's message!

• Raphael and Hahlii (Guardian Angel of Colours) advise you to also look out for rainbows! If you are calling on these angels, also look out for all sorts of rainbows - signs in the sky, or coming through glass or crystals in your house or literature with rainbow in the title regarding opportunities for work or study. All are signs that Hahlii and Raphael are with you!

But we can go further, if we have done our own healing work and genuinely wish to aid All by channelling higher levels of Suns....

Consider the message from the Solar Lion, Mystical Animal Deva in the Heart & Soul Angel Cards:

Solar Lion with Ankh of the Sun Lords (links Raphael, Mazuriel, Hermes Trismegistus, Eth.

Indomitable Lion of the Solar Lords reminds you that the Sun provides life force energy and planet Earth exists under the Solar Logos. With yellow-gold rays he helps you unlock the true force of will and intent. First work with him to ignite the power of Earth's Sun by breathing it into your solar chakra and extend it then to revitalise all energy centres. Now for loving intent breathe in Moon power to balance it through the heart - this is a key step to healing mastery of body and mind. Then go further if Lion beckons you on, urging you to have the will to strive towards Oneness of Spirit with the Christ Consciousness energy emanating from our Central Universal Sun. From there the way of Love and Light leads you to Mazuriel, the Central Sun of all Central Suns, Sacred Heart of the Creator. Such bliss is a gift of Spirit, to be used with care to benefit All Life, and is gained only through the open heart.

With unity of heart's desire and soul purpose Solar Lion also offers the ankh of resurrection and everlasting life. Then you unlock further spiritual power and can achieve anything - even the perfect Divine Self (Adam Kadmon) - as the ankh opens the door to Time's eternal secrets.

And finally, I complete this message about the Circle of Life by reminding you of the many levels of balance that we can all achieve from heart. Below is a piece about the balancing power of the Malachim Glyph of Kaph, with Tagriel, in the Love & Light Angel Cards is offered, firstly to aid you, the Reader, find higher and higher Solar energy balance (Tagriel's artwork is pictured at the top of this post). This is for those who can and wish to work with the mighty power of Mazuriel, Central Sun of All Suns, Sacred Heart of the Creator, again to benefit Mother Earth and All Life towards Ascension and beyond; this is why the Kaph Glyph speaks of surrender - it is surrender to the Light Work you pledged to come here to do at this time!

Kaph: Tagriel - bowl, abundance, surrender,

From 2nd Heaven I offer you Kaph's bowl of abundance, its source the Diamond Rays of the Seraphim from which all shades of Creation emanate. It is a bowl of Raphael's sunrays, for he rules Sun and 2nd Heaven, but the bowl is presently tilted. This shows that your own golden aspect is out of balance. This is your physical well being as well as your masculine aspect (whatever your gender of birth), affecting logical thought, willpower, decisions and actions. You can redress this with Raphael's healing and life-transforming rays. Take time to identify what you need to address, then breathe Kaph and the bowl of sunrays into your solar chakra to fill and balance your golden issues.

Now I create for you an awning of Raphael's glorious rainbow shades. Breathe these to start to energise your chakras, continuing in Templa Mar with chosen Creation Colours and Sun Mandala. Yet even this is not all, for the ultimate vibration of blue, rose-white and gold of the Central Sun of All Suns (Mazuriel) is also subtly held within my bowl. If the eye of your heart can see this, I ask you to surrender to it; you will be guided through the Star Gate of Suns to hold Mazuriel's power within, to truly help heal All.


Love and Light
from Angela x

6 July 2011

Moon Influences and holiday time....

Hello dear readers,

As we move through July I feel a sense of freedom, as it's my two months' holiday time (until the end of August, so please don't write to me unless it's urgent! If you do, you will probably be waiting a while for a reply as I refuse to be chained to this computer as I usually am, whilst on holiday!)

Yet various personal events have caused me to consider the Zodiac angels' influences, especially now.

This is the period of Muriel, Ruler of the Star Sign of Cancer. This sign is, itself, ruled by Moon and Gabriel, plus it's a Water sign, so all about healing the emotions, boosting the imagination, feelings and intuition. Below is something I just adapted from my book An Angel for Every Day (called Zodiac Angels in its USA edition).

In her Chapter Muriel tells us:

I am the voice of your heart, rising pure and clear from your innermost sanctum to express your feelings, for you do not always let them be heard. In such expression I can aid you, during my rule, so that you can find your empowerment for the future. I bring both gold and silver; gold for greater will power (if you need this), for during my sign you already have the gentle silver energy of Gabriel's Moon. Those born in my sign are self-reliant, kind and loving, always giving consideration to the viewpoints of those around you; this may also apply to you. But do you do sometimes put up with almost anything to avoid discord, suppressing your own feelings? If so, you may bring trouble on yourself, for by living a lie it may lead to loneliness or worse. Contentment comes from inner calm; I help you to speak out by sending pink rays of love to your heart, showing you the way to resolve conflict in order to find your truth.

If it's appropriate (if not adapt it!), here is an Affirmation you can make with Muriel until the end of her rule, about taking a stand and speaking out:

Muriel I know that with gold of willpower I will be able to take a stand for my highest good. Bring your loving silver energy to me now, to help build my intuition, to bolster to my confidence to speak out by 20th July, for this will be the start of my self-transformation.

Between now and the end of Muriel's rule (around 20th July), why not consider if her message applies to you and/or your life right now? This is your chance to follow her advice and take action.

There are many angels of Water of Life. The primary angel is Phuel, but here is another useful angel - Matriel, Guardian Angel of Rain, with some timely advice from the same book:

I am the silver shower that sustains all life, for what can live without my aid? My rain also mingles with your sadness and sorrow, blending my drops with your tears so that they are absorbed and cleansed away; in every drop I hold a little of your past life. Use this powerful image to mentally wash away any issues so that with my assistance you may enjoy a fresh start in life.

Invoking Matriel. If this sounds like something that will help you, why not call on Matriel's aid? You can say: Matriel, Matriel, Matriel I need your loving assistance to wash away the past and refresh the present. Please be with me to help me do this for my highest good.

• Mentally see that you are washed clean. In your mind see yourself standing with the pure water washing over you, and you are shining bright!

Gabriel, Ruler of the Moon, brings silver, feminine balance to our lives whatever our gender; by this I mean aiding us with intuition, hopes, dreams, aspirations and imagination. (Our gold side - linked to the Sun and Raphael - is our masculine balance aiding us with logical thought, analysis, decisions and taking actions). Gabriel features in all my books and cards, but of course there are different ways of gaining more silver power.

If you, dear reader, need more silver, here is a visualisation you can do with Khabiel (from the Love & Light Angel Card set) This is a deeper form of the messsage of Silver energy.

Khabiel - bowl, abundance, surrender - Malachim Hebrew Healing Glyph of Kaph . Khabiel is pictured at the top of this Blog Post, with the healing Glyph of Kaph in the top right hand corner. NB: in the next Post I shall be talking about Tagriel, with the corresponding healing and balancing bowl of Raphael's Sunbeams.

From 1st Heaven I bring Kaph: a bowl of silver energy that comes from Oneness via the sparkling Diamond Rays of the Creation Angels that is called Angelic Light. My bowl holds Gabriel's radiance of Moon and 1st Heaven, but at present it's tilted because your silver aspect is out of balance. I offer you a chance to redress this balance and allow your bowl to be righted and thus to fill once more. First take the time to evaluate what you really need in energy healing terms. No matter what your birth gender, feminine (Moon influence) aspects are intuition and heart - intensity and balance of feelings and emotions. Breathe in power of Kaph and silver to balance - even to overflow from your heart.

But there is more. If your heart's eye sees a haze of palest rose-blue-violet amongst the silver flames, you can work with the intense feminine (some call Goddess) energy emanating from Earth's second Moon lost aeons ago through war. The double moon's (Angel Mirabiel's) Angelic Love energy restores feminine balance and aids soul healing in mankind, Nature and Animal Kingdoms. I ask you to surrender; work in Templa Mar with the Moon Mandala;later we guide you through the Star Gate of Moons to benefit All.

To conclude this Blog Post, and until my next one about Verchiel, Ruler of Leo and the Sun of his sign, here is a lovely invocation written a few years ago now by a friend of mine called Leitia (where are you these days Leitia and are you, your lovely husband and your family all well?)

An invocation to Gabriel by Leitia Ravenscroft

Gabriel Gabriel Gabriel
please be with me now,
help me to fulfil my hopes and dreams,
and to accept the changes that may need to be made,
in order to achieve these dreams
assist me to sort out the attainable from pure fantasy and to stay focused
so that i may continue on the path to a new life
thank you Gabriel for your loving assistance
in love and light, love and light ,love and light

1 May 2011


Hello dear readers,

Well most Britons (including me and my family) greatly enjoyed the Royal Wedding last Friday. Such a lovely occasion, and what struck me (apart from the classic perfection of Kate's beautiful wedding dress, and that of her Maid of Honour also) was the obvious love between William and Kate; it was there on their every expression and smile before, during and after the ceremony and was moving to see.

This made me think of the glorious angel Haniel (pictured above), who rules Venus and Friday, and asks us to strive towards Love, Beauty and Compassion. This is not only towards others (Emerald Ray for personal heart, friends, family and loved ones), but also the Magenta Ray of non-judgemental love and forgiveness - even towards/of self. For how can we not judge others if we constantly judge ourselves? So while we are also dealing with inevitable broken or emotionally damaged hearts, or heartaches caused to personal heart, we are asked to try to open our hearts with the Magenta Ray of unconditional love and compassion. This is for Mother Earth herself and All Life.

So Haniel aids us (amongst other angels like Shekinah, Pistis Sophia and Pagiel) to really bring in these Creation Colours for self-healing and for sending out from heart to all other hearts that resonate (or be ready to "wake up" and resonate with the message....

Here are some of Haniel's channellings, adapted slightly from the (royal blue) box of Angelic Abundance (there are many more in other works, and the e-Module A, but I chose these short ones for today!):

First an Affirmation for those seeking true love:

AFFIRMATION: To affirm my Truth in Love and Joy

With Haniel I affirm my need for abundant earthly happiness and loving fulfilment. I deserve those to whom I can give and receive love and joy, pledging to also find the beauty within me, and then allowing my inner radiance to inspire others.

Now a meditation for heart healing and opening the higher heart flower/chakra (linked to thymus), to find compassion for All.

To fill your heart, and hearts of others, with Love

Take some deep breaths of the golden ray of Divine Love, expelling negative thoughts from your mind, until you feel filled with loving energy.
• Ground this energy through your feet, sending love down to Mother Earth.
• Invoke Haniel or other angels you have chosen to be with you. They bring a rose quartz crystal and invite you to step inside it - you are completely enveloped in the rose pink of this crystal: pearly light of Joy which takes away sadness.
• Feel the presence of the angels of love all around you, and imagine you can smell the scent of the roses, a perfume close to the angelic vibration.
• The angels' wings softly enfold you, showering you with rose petals.
Ask the angels to help you find and keep love in your life, including for yourself, faults and all, so that you may give it also to others, for love binds the Universe together.
• See the flower of your heart glowing (you may see a rose or a water lily or lotus), and if it's opening to true, unconditional love, you will see/sense many shades of pink, including a deeper, magenta pink*, edged with pearly radiance. Encircle it with bright emerald light for healing and expansion.
• Visualise loved ones in a pink bubble, with their hearts similarly energised.
• Seal the energy in with Raphael's golden rays, feeling a sense of renewal.
• Send Love and Light and thanks to the angels.
*Magenta is the ninth Colour of Creation (completing the circle between Red and Violet) and is a shade that must be sensed and felt with eye of heart and soul, as well as seen with normal vision. This also applies to Turquoise - the eighth Colour.


And now a quick update on Courses and Events. First e-Courses: no new students or new study levels of either the e-Courses or the Blue Star Angels Mystery School can be accepted after mid-May , due to my upcoming summer break. Those who sign up before the deadline will then have six weeks' chance to get well into their study courses, before this break. For whilst I shall review e-mails from time to time during July and August, I shall not be looking daily!

Following the March and April Nash Manor Events, there are no more events currently scheduled for this year, although of course this may change and this Blog will keep you posted. But this does mean there will be no Events e-Newsletters for the time being. (If you have signed up recently in regard to the free Angelic Light Attunements for Mother Earth that were featured a few months ago, you will need to write to me separately about this, before the end of this month.)

That's it for now, as I am continuing (over this Bank Holiday Weekend) to enjoy the UK's amazing spring weather....

But the angels ask you all to remember: LOVE IS THE KEY

Angel blessings
from Angela

22 April 2011

Happy Easter

Dear Readers and Angel Enthusiasts,

Well it is (amazingly) now nearly two weeks since the Unicorn Path to the Stars Workshop. I hope everyone enjoyed it, and thank you to all of you who attended - and to those who have kindly written to me since. Jacqueline and I certainly gave our all (I am still recovering my energy), but it was a mix of gentle and intensive, and apart from working with Unicorns, aiding folks with their Akashic Records and taking participants gradually through the Twelve Colours of Creation from Red to Diamond, it culminated in a Diamond Ray exercise with the Seraphim to connect and help bring in the 144,000 Light Beings of Ascension who are waiting to come to our aid!

There were also two Angelic Light Attunements, and I am in fact maintaining an Angelic Light Body around all participants, to continue to aid clearing of chakra blocks. Anyone who wants to comment on these can do so through this Blog.

Anyway, the weather is gorgeous, holidays are upon us and so I wish you all a Happy Easter, and may angelic abundance be yours!

Above is our (Richard Rockwood and my)wonderful image of Phuel: Lord of All Waters of Earth and Powers of the Moon. We shortly move from Ariel and Earth into his traditional time of Water in the Wheel of the Solar Festivals. The dew on the flowers of 1st May is said to be magical; his message is about growth and abundance. Here are some words of Phuel's for this time - from May Day - (extracted from Angel Almanac):


Water of Life helps your re-born spirit to prepare for flight.

Mine are all the Waters of Earth, from the mighty, turbulent seas from which your ancestors first crawled on to the land, to emerald lakes, bubbling streams and tiny pools. I guard and guide every one of them for they are my playgrounds, and yours (for you are mainly composed of water), and in the contrast between them all the understanding of my powers will be found.

At this glorious time I speak of my smallest duty of care: the clear and sparkling drop of morning dew on the velvety May Day flower, for dew is borne out of Ariel's Air - Breath of Life - to manifest as my Water of Life on Mother Earth. Bathe your face in morning dew and sense its strong yet gentle power in heart and soul. Connect with Ariel and me, for my message here tells you of the link between Water and Air; both elements hold alchemy to nourish your newly determined spiritual re-birth.

Let my Water of Life flow round you metaphorically, a dazzling stream to bring you calmness and clarity, so that you can see where to fly, for like my mystical dragonfly you will soar from Water into Air on rainbow wings, as your spiritual consciousness rises. Even more important, now, that Water of Life continues to nurture you, so growth is strong and sturdy, your quest leading ever onwards and upwards, further into the sky and Light.

Love and light to you all
from Angela

31 March 2011


Dear Readers and Angel Enthusiasts,

As those of you who follow this Blog will know, I have a forthcoming event in which Jacqueline and I, with a host of Angels and Unicorns, will take people along the Star Path; this is the path of the Seraphim Angels, whose ruler is Seraphiel (pictured above) and goes through the Rainbow to reach the Diamond Ray of Oneness.

How is the Unicorn involved?

The Unicorn has, of course, only one horn, which is why he is an archetype of Oneness. Here is a slightly updated piece, originally written for the Unicorn card in the Heart & Soul set which attempts to explain this:

Unicorn of Unity Consciousness

Carrying the highest (Christ Light) vibration of the animal devas and so known as the Christed One of the Nature Kingdom, Unicorn once walked the Earth but left when one of Earth's two moons (Mirabiel's Eyes of Heaven) was destroyed by wars around half a million years ago. Now he returns, for we are restoring the energy of the lost (feminine) moon through our increasingly powerful vibrations of Love and Light and learning how to balance Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

Unicorn's mane is the rose-white-gold flame of Mazuriel: The Central Sun of All Suns, Sacred Heart of God, and his silver-blue-white horn of Moons' energy pierces the night sky, its radiant Diamond point illuminating the way for you, via the combined energy of the two moons, to Seraphiel's Stars and beyond to Platinum Galactic Gateways. He offers you a spiral route through the Rainbow to Diamond, and re-birth as a serene, complete and unified Light being. For you are a link between the devic kingdom, our own world, and the vision of the New Earth to come.

This beautiful mystical animal wishes to work with you. Connect with him and open your heart first to his gold and silver majesty. Allow his rays to balance and unify your heart and soul in its gold and silver aspects. Then use this magical energy to re-pattern the chakra centres and cells of your body, for your heart can work wonders with will and intent and the Colours of Creation that make up the Diamond Rays. When you have done sufficient self-healing, he touches your third eye with his radiant horn and Diamond Rays open the Way. Who knows what is now possible? Send your pure, balanced Unity consciousness back through your crown down to Mother Earth, to manifest this Oneness, for his horn co-creates your own dazzling Star Path on which you can send and receive the Diamond Rays of the Seraphim to benefit All.

What is the Star Path?

It's the Path designated by the Seraphim who are the Creation Angels and the angels of the Diamond Ray of Oneness.

Below is a piece channelled a few years ago.

Seraphiel, Ruler of the Seraphim Creaton Angels
, told me:

In a column of diamond brilliance I descend, my eyes are the stars and constellations are formed from the splendour of my wings; I am the music of the spheres and the Light of Source from the Creator made manifest

When I am with you it is as if the air around you were visible in a million rainbow molecules, as though it were newly created, which in a sense it is. My celestial music resonates within your soul and empowers your spirit. In your duality world Source becomes golden star fire above, and silver earth flame below, but through me it is re-united and made whole once again, into crystalline diamond strands of existence where all colours and shades of creation are in perfect harmony. Ponder this in your heart - are you one who strives towards Unity for mankind and works for the cause of the Light?

If so with your loving will and intention you can draw down my quintessential ray of Cosmic Spirit. Breathe it in through your crown with a sacred in-breath making your body a column filled with liquid diamond energy. Magnify the energy in your heart with the power of your spirit and then breathe it out on a sacred out-breath to All Life. From there, at the speed of love, you will receive it back manifold, healing your mind, body and spirit at all - even cellular - levels. As the flower of your heart becomes crystalline it creates the sacred geometry that deepens your links to the All*. Ground and manifest as much of my energy as you can, for this is the task your spirit chose to do aeons ago at the proper time, and that time is now. *this is the restoration of Gem Self (aka Adam Kadmon)

Why the Rainbow?

The Star Path of Diamond requires us to heal and balance each of the Twelve Colours of Creation; even though there are many levels of healing. Once we will and intend that we shall take this Path (a key part of The Way of Love & Light), the angels aid us to release blocks and so move along the Star Path. It's another way of saying that we can reach our true potential - the person we signed up to be in this life.

Tuning in if you cannot attend

If you cannot attend the forthcoming event, feel free to tune in over the weekend of 9th and 10th April; connect to Templa Mar to receive any self-healing the angels can assist with at this time (for your Heart Quest), or to enhance your healing abilities for Soul Quest.

Please note:

Owing to preparations for this workshop, unless deemed urgent, I shall not be answering correspondence between 4th April and 14th April.

Love, light and angel blessings
from Angela x

6 March 2011

The Unicorn Path to the Stars: Rainbow Workshop 9th/10th April 2011


Well my first UK Angel Card Trilogy event went brilliantly, so thank you to all those who supported me by attending.

And now the other, second one is fast approaching; please note there are no more UK events being held this year.

This next one, as per the stunning artwork at the top of this Blog, is a Rainbow Angel Workshop, featuring the Twelve Colours of Creation (this is the traditional Seven, plus Turquoise, Magenta (colours that need to be sensed with heart and soul as well as being seen with the eye), plus Gold, Silver of balance and harmony and finally Diamond: the Creation Ray of Oneness with All brought to us by the Seraphim Angels and accessed through the 44:44 Angel Star Gate and higher heart.


This is a brand new idea, in collaboration with lovely Jacqueline Piper, a gifted clairvoyant who has been working with the angels for many years. You can read more about the weekend workshop or book a place on www.angelamcgerr.com/workshops.htm. and/or www.angelight.uk.com/workshops

Basically Jacqueline and I will take you on a self-healing journey through the Rainbow. First of all, we shall meet the Unicorns and identify the Diamond Path to the Stars; this is the path created by the Unicorn’s horn, through Earth’s original two moons and directly to your own Star. You could say that this is route to the person you were destined to become when you were born to this life.

The Diamond Ray of the Seraphim is of course crystal clear, but contains all 12 Colours of Creation. We begin on Saturday with the traditional Rainbow, and we help you embark on a path of re-birth in each colour. We work with the seven colours (a sacred number), and the four healing elements, in Templa Mar, before progressing to Magenta and Turquoise. These are colours that need to be seen with the heart as well as with the eye. This takes us to nine. What are the other Colours? The answer is that on Sunday our focus is Gold (Masculine Balance), Silver (Feminine Balance) and finally, Diamond. This is the Gem Self to which we can all return if we truly desire to take this step.

I have also decided to offer two Angelic Attunements in this workshop: the first is the Violet Fire in three shades, to be given on the Saturday, with Melchisadec, Ariel and Aratron. The second is the Caduceus for Gold (Sun with Raphael) and Silver (Moon with Gabriel), Ariel and Hermes Trismegistos for balance to 3rd Eye; this is the Gateway to Crown Chakra, the Zodiac Stars and Diamond Rays. This is given on Sunday. There may even be more!

Because really the angels are in charge of this workshop, which will unfold in the way they guide us. As Jacqueline and I are somewhat opposites in our angel work, it should all be very interesting.

We do have a couple of places left on this unique workshop but will close the bookings on Monday, 4th April.

Apart from my own events, I'd like to mention two other people close to me doing UK Events.

The first is my sister Jo, known to many of you already.

Joanna Bristow-Watkins spent over 15 years in senior management specialising in customer care and training. Driven by a desire for greater inner peace, she overcome her initial scepticism of energy healing and ultimately became a practitioner and teacher of Reyad Sekh Em® (also known as RSE) and leader of spiritual pilgrimages. Reyad Sekh Em ® is a unique high energy combination of sound, symbols, colour, crystals, angels, alchemy and elemental healing rays to reconnect with Egypt. Originally a sceptic, a profound spiritual awakening (1998) led Joanna to specialise in ancient Egyptian healing philosophies and sacred journeys. Jo issues a monthly e-Newsletter, see http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs012/1101373623497/archive/1104371858636.html) themed on Infinite Possibilities and features personal observations, ancient festivals, moon phases, the New Moon Abundance Ritual and details of courses.

The second person is a friend and student of mine (on the Blue Star Mystery School), a wonderful lady called Joylina Goodings. She is an author and clairvoyant who also works extensively with angels, and she offers lots of events and workshops. Her link is http://www.joylina.com/about-workshops/course-dates/course-dates.html and you might like to take a look at what she is offering this year.

That's all for now,

Angel blessings to you all
from Angela x

24 February 2011



At last, with the help of my daughter's expertise, I, and Angelology, have been conveyed into the 21st Century (not before time do I hear you say?) on wings of Love and Light.

Today she and I made a little video to demonstrate how to call in (i.e. invoke) angels, in the way that the angels themselves taught me back in 1999. This is easy if you are clairvoyant, and can see the angels around you, but like 99% of the world population I am not. So back in the day I asked the angels: "How can I teach people to work with angels if they cannot see you?"

The angels showed me another way, which was learning to invoke them in a certain way (using the Sacred Law of Three for maximum manifestation of the energy), with loving intent, from heart and then how to feel/sense the angelic energy rays touch my hands. This is clairsentience*, and 99% of people (especially angel enthusiasts) can either feel angel energy rays immediately, or else can learn how to do this with a bit of commitment and perseverance. And the more you persevere with this, the easier and stronger it gets! I've written about this method in my books and card sets, but now seemed to be the time to go further.

So this little film is a first, but not necessarily a last. Because if you like this video then it could be possible to do another one for you, or even perhaps to do a video of me describing and voicing the free Angelic Light Attunements for Mother Earth and Nature.

As I say on the video, there is much more about all this in my Working With Angels section of the website, but do let me know if you like this latest, personal touch!

Angel blessings

from Angela McGerr

*Clairaudience is another way of communicating, but certainly in the early stages of this, to protect oneself whilst learning safe channelling techniques, care should be taken to do this only while in higher heart, and preferably during meditation.

3 February 2011

FIRST FREE ATTUNEMENT to help Mother Earth

As promised, the first free Angelic Light Violet Fire Attunement was duly set up by the angels and me today, and it will be available for any/all who are interested from now onwards, so whenever you want to take advantage of this offer, you can. You don't need to ask me if you can receive this; you just pledge from your heart to use it help Mother Earth and All Life, follow the instructions on my previous Blog post, and the angels will help you to "download" it. Enjoy!

To aid Mother Earth and the Nature Kingdom simply focus on the angels and bring Violet Fire through your heart; then ask for it to be directed with power of Love to wherever it's needed, such as places of natural disasters involving Earth or wild life, war zones, climate issues. If you will and intend this Violet Fire from your heart to the area(s) concerned, the angels can direct it there to help transmute negativity back to pure white Light. It's as simple as that, but the angels can't do it without us! The other thing is that in gratitude from the angels and Mother Earth, you will receive even more Violet Fire in return, to help heal yourself and any chakra blocks you may have, so that you are actually furthering your journey on The Way of Love & Light.

NB: Some feel a lot with Attunements, some don't, but just "know" you have it, and use it wisely and well. If you want to share anything about your experience you can write to me via the Website Contact facility.

A zillion angel blessings
from Angela McGerr

1 February 2011

Free Angelic Light Attunement

Dear Readers,

You will probably be aware of the many disasters occurring now in Nature in regard to wild creatures: bees, fish, birds and mammals. Large numbers are dying and in many of these cases, we just don’t know why it’s happening. Is it about poles shifting? Or part of the releasing of Oritronic (Fallen) Light as we move, in this endgame, towards Metatronic (pure, unfallen) Light that we held before the Falls?

This is unclear, but what we do know is that we can all try to aid the angels to heal Mother Earth and the Nature Kingdom by being vehicles to manifest Violet Fire.

If you have never received an Angelic Light Attunement before (symbols written in Angelic Light in your aura by the angels through me, Angela McGerr), you can choose to receive this free Angelic Light Attunement now, as a gift from the Angels to those who have a true, heart’s will and intention to help with this healing.

If you’ve received an Angelic Light Attunement from the angels, through me, before, then you can receive this Attunement again at a higher vibration level, because this will enable you to manifest even more healing than you could before.

Sharing this information

You can share this information with other Light Workers, but please credit me (Angela McGerr) and above All, the Angels as the source!

Why Violet Fire (Creation Violet/Fire of Life)?

This is a major healing tool because Violet Fire is the fire of Transmutation, converting dark energy back into pure Light. To take full advantage of this, pledge from heart to use it to benefit Mother Earth and the Nature Kingdom. In gratitude Mother Earth will return it to you, manifold, to aid your own self-healing.

First Free Angelic Light Attunement

To aid this healing of Mother Earth and All Life I have been guided this week to offer free Angelic Light Attunements. The first one is given below on this Blog, with instructions and an exercise you can use to “download” this Attunement. The exercise helps to clear your own energy centres (so self-heals), and is in fact a tiny extract from my Melchisadec e-Course Module A (See Heart & Soul Quest Courses Section of my website)

The second Attunement advances a little in vibration and in teachings. Therefore if you wish to continue this process, please sign up for the free UK Events e-Newsletter, as the next edition will go out shortly, and contain (apart from a reminder of my two spring, face to face UK Events) part two of free Angelic Light Attunements of Violet Fire.

About the Angelic Light Attunement of 3rd February 2011

This Part One Attunement is with Melchisadec: Ruler of Sacred Seven & Violet (the Seventh Ray) colour of the flower of that name, and Aratron: Ruler of Magic of Nature and associated with Nature shades of Violet. Also Ariel: Ruler of the Elements Earth (warm Purple Violet), and Air (cool Lavender Violet). To give the Attunement I go to the etheric Healing Temple of all time: Templa Mar. This will be familiar to those of you who have my various published works that include Templa Mar (Heart & Soul Cards, Love & Light Cards, Angel Quest of the Heart and Angel Almanac) All the angels in the Attunement are invoked, together with the angels Sadriel (Guardian of Divine Order) and Eth (Guardian of Time). The latter two angels mean that whenever I actually give the Attunement in Templa Mar, you can go there at any time to receive it by invoking Sadriel and Eth to assist you, for the Highest Good of All.

Clearing this Attunement

Before you, the reader, chooses to receive this free Attunement (called by some an Initiation), I need to explain a little about “clearing”. Those who have received Attunements in healing disciplines such as Reiki will know about “clearing” an Attunement through chakras; this is a process of un-blocking that takes place as the symbols heal each chakra. Violet Fire is a cleansing Element and Angelic Light is pure unfallen Light, so, when used from heart with Love, the Law of Three and the Angels, it is a complete clearing process of itself, for in this case the Angels assist this process for you. (For the Law of Three, and invoking Angels, plus typical responses, see my website section Working With Angels). At the end of the day, though, the choice is yours whether or not you accept this Angel Attunement.

As Melchisadec says:

Violet is the spiritual antiseptic; with Love it transmutes dark energy, returning it to pure white Light. If you feel darkness within or around you, invoke my name (and you can invoke Ariel and Aratron also) and mentally say, three times from heart: "I channel the power of Violet Fire that brings the purity I desire" to transmute such darkness. Violet Fire is vital, and a manifold gift to mankind. Using it to self-heal is Heart Quest, to aid Mother Earth is Soul Quest; Attunement with Violet Fire and understanding its true power is a key stage of navigating The Way of Love & Light.

Melchisadec's Star: The Six-Point Macrocosm Star, see heart of Amethyst Star Gate artwork at the top of this text

The Exercise to Download the Attunement (adapted from my e-Module A). View the Star image. Read through the visualisation three times, to get the picture, then you can try it, or your own version of it! If you are a past or present student of mine then you will receive this at the highest vibration (usually higher than before) that the angels currently allow you to have.

• Invoke Melchisadec, Ariel and Aratron three times by name, from heart.
• Take some deep breaths in and out of pure, sparkling white energy (Spiritus Dei - Breath of the Creator - Angel energy), with each breath expelling any negative thoughts, until you feel filled and surrounded with Light.
• Ground this white energy through your feet, down to the heart of Mother Earth (her Atoma), opening a clear, meridian channel for her and All Below; this allows you to manifest the Violet Fire for her.
• In gratitude she will expand this energy; now bring it back through your feet, sending it up through crown and then to Raphael and Sun, Gabriel and Moon, making a balanced, healing link to All Above.
• Feel sparkling white energy return manifold from the angels; now will and intend from heart that it creates the Six-Point Star of Macrocosm around you
• Now visualise yourself sitting within the Star. It’s a symbol of All That Is. Its link to Melchisadec is through its 7th, central yet invisible point and its link to you is through your own heart (This is the Microcos/Macrocosm link).
• Now focus on Melcisadec and his pure Violet Ray of Transmutation and on the powers of Ariel and Aratron.
• Mentally ask to be allowed to cleanse each major chakra energy centre in preparation for this Attunement
• One by one take six cleansing breaths of Love in the form of entwined rays of Violet Fire. One breath is for each point of the star - for the first six main chakras (order is: root, sacral, solar, heart, throat and third eye).
• Remember the power of Love and this Ray can transmute negativity/blocks within you, turning dark energy into the pure Light of perfect peace and that breathing out the healing Violet sends it Above and Below through the links you’ve made to heal Mother Earth & All Life.
• With each breath will and intend Melchisadec’s Violet Ray cleanses each chakra of your body in turn, preparing you for Attunement you will receive.
• Now take a seventh breath - Melchisadec's own for third eye/crown -and ask to receive the Violet Ray Attunement in heart. This means to be encircled with Violet Fire spirals that safely open heart/third eye spiritual consciousness, to take you further on the Way of Love and Light. Enjoy the feeling of peace and protection that this brings you. Even if you don’t “see” or “feel” it, it’s still there if you have willed and intended from heart for this to happen.
• And from now on you will always be able to channel the Violet Fire energy.
• Always remember to thank all the Angels for their gifts and help.

31 January 2011

31st January: A Free Angelic Light Attunement

We have all read of the very sad situation with bees, birds, fish and mammals recently and mysteriously dying in large numbers all around the world. To try to aid the angels with healing of Mother Earth & the Nature Kingdom* I am guided to offer some free Angelic Light Attunements, with appropriate visualisations, to any Light Worker who pledges to help. *This all needs to be healed and redeemed in Love and Light for Ascension to take place

Melchisadec, Spiritual Director of Mankind

These proven healing Attunements involve Melchisadec, Ruler of Violet, Ariel, and other angels of Violet Fire and Nature, enabling various healing shades of the Violet Fire of Transmutation to be channelled into Mother Earth. The first one is to be given on 3rd February 2011 as this date links to Nine - the Ascension Vibration, as well as the auspicious Aquarius New Moon. Having said this, with the angels Sadriel (Guardian of Divine Order) and Eth (Guardian of Time, which is in fact fluid) the Attunement can be downloaded at any time; simply invoke these angels and ask for the Attunement, for the Highest Good of All). I will give the Attunement in Templa Mar*. Full details of the first one will be posted on this Blog tomorrow; please feel free to spread the word to other Light Workers.

Also, at the request of Jacqueline Piper, with whom I am offering the Rainbow/Twelve Colours of Creation Workshop this coming April 9th & 10th (see www.angelamcgerr.com/workshops.htm ) I am going to personally give this Attunement in that Workshop, together with a proven Caduceus Attunement for Harmony & Balance. *Readers of The Angel Quest of the Heart, and users of my Angel Card Trilogy, will be familiar with Templa Mar, Melchisadec, Ariel and Violet Fire, plus Caduceus, but even if you are not a reader you can still take advantage of this free Angelic Light Attunement if you wish to help Mother Earth.

The second free Violet Fire & eAngelic Light Attunement

This will build on the first Attunement, be higher in vibration, and linked to the Amethyst Throne Mandate of Michael & Melchisadec*. I plan to make this available for 17th February (Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius, as Leo – The Solar Lion – is a key Mystical Animal of Healing). I shall offer this more advanced, second Attunement only through my free UK Events e-Newsletter, to go out in early February. Apart from my two Events at Nash Manor this March and April, the e-Newsletter will become a vehicle for those of you who are truly interested in Angelology and healing with angels. Sign up before then if you wish to receive information on this second Attunement, and there may be more if the angels desire it!!! *See Heart & Soul Angel Cards and Blue Star Angels Mystery School