31 March 2011


Dear Readers and Angel Enthusiasts,

As those of you who follow this Blog will know, I have a forthcoming event in which Jacqueline and I, with a host of Angels and Unicorns, will take people along the Star Path; this is the path of the Seraphim Angels, whose ruler is Seraphiel (pictured above) and goes through the Rainbow to reach the Diamond Ray of Oneness.

How is the Unicorn involved?

The Unicorn has, of course, only one horn, which is why he is an archetype of Oneness. Here is a slightly updated piece, originally written for the Unicorn card in the Heart & Soul set which attempts to explain this:

Unicorn of Unity Consciousness

Carrying the highest (Christ Light) vibration of the animal devas and so known as the Christed One of the Nature Kingdom, Unicorn once walked the Earth but left when one of Earth's two moons (Mirabiel's Eyes of Heaven) was destroyed by wars around half a million years ago. Now he returns, for we are restoring the energy of the lost (feminine) moon through our increasingly powerful vibrations of Love and Light and learning how to balance Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

Unicorn's mane is the rose-white-gold flame of Mazuriel: The Central Sun of All Suns, Sacred Heart of God, and his silver-blue-white horn of Moons' energy pierces the night sky, its radiant Diamond point illuminating the way for you, via the combined energy of the two moons, to Seraphiel's Stars and beyond to Platinum Galactic Gateways. He offers you a spiral route through the Rainbow to Diamond, and re-birth as a serene, complete and unified Light being. For you are a link between the devic kingdom, our own world, and the vision of the New Earth to come.

This beautiful mystical animal wishes to work with you. Connect with him and open your heart first to his gold and silver majesty. Allow his rays to balance and unify your heart and soul in its gold and silver aspects. Then use this magical energy to re-pattern the chakra centres and cells of your body, for your heart can work wonders with will and intent and the Colours of Creation that make up the Diamond Rays. When you have done sufficient self-healing, he touches your third eye with his radiant horn and Diamond Rays open the Way. Who knows what is now possible? Send your pure, balanced Unity consciousness back through your crown down to Mother Earth, to manifest this Oneness, for his horn co-creates your own dazzling Star Path on which you can send and receive the Diamond Rays of the Seraphim to benefit All.

What is the Star Path?

It's the Path designated by the Seraphim who are the Creation Angels and the angels of the Diamond Ray of Oneness.

Below is a piece channelled a few years ago.

Seraphiel, Ruler of the Seraphim Creaton Angels
, told me:

In a column of diamond brilliance I descend, my eyes are the stars and constellations are formed from the splendour of my wings; I am the music of the spheres and the Light of Source from the Creator made manifest

When I am with you it is as if the air around you were visible in a million rainbow molecules, as though it were newly created, which in a sense it is. My celestial music resonates within your soul and empowers your spirit. In your duality world Source becomes golden star fire above, and silver earth flame below, but through me it is re-united and made whole once again, into crystalline diamond strands of existence where all colours and shades of creation are in perfect harmony. Ponder this in your heart - are you one who strives towards Unity for mankind and works for the cause of the Light?

If so with your loving will and intention you can draw down my quintessential ray of Cosmic Spirit. Breathe it in through your crown with a sacred in-breath making your body a column filled with liquid diamond energy. Magnify the energy in your heart with the power of your spirit and then breathe it out on a sacred out-breath to All Life. From there, at the speed of love, you will receive it back manifold, healing your mind, body and spirit at all - even cellular - levels. As the flower of your heart becomes crystalline it creates the sacred geometry that deepens your links to the All*. Ground and manifest as much of my energy as you can, for this is the task your spirit chose to do aeons ago at the proper time, and that time is now. *this is the restoration of Gem Self (aka Adam Kadmon)

Why the Rainbow?

The Star Path of Diamond requires us to heal and balance each of the Twelve Colours of Creation; even though there are many levels of healing. Once we will and intend that we shall take this Path (a key part of The Way of Love & Light), the angels aid us to release blocks and so move along the Star Path. It's another way of saying that we can reach our true potential - the person we signed up to be in this life.

Tuning in if you cannot attend

If you cannot attend the forthcoming event, feel free to tune in over the weekend of 9th and 10th April; connect to Templa Mar to receive any self-healing the angels can assist with at this time (for your Heart Quest), or to enhance your healing abilities for Soul Quest.

Please note:

Owing to preparations for this workshop, unless deemed urgent, I shall not be answering correspondence between 4th April and 14th April.

Love, light and angel blessings
from Angela x

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