3 May 2012

Hello dear readers,

As I look at the rain outside (again!). and reflect on the date, it's a bit hard to credit that it's nearly summer in Good Old England! And what a summer we have planned, with the Queens Diamond Jubilee as well as the Olympics, all of which are great. Yet when we work with angels there are always lots of other agendas to address! Here are some thoughts and reflections on the angels and Heart/Soul Quest focuses for May.

Timely Advice from the Angels

As the Eight Point Wheel of the year turns (as described in Angel Almanac), there is much to also consider by way of spiritual development. Let me remind you that in terms of the Elements, Phuel takes over, on 1st May, as the Ruler of the Element of Water (before that it was Ariel, Ruler of Earth). Quite appropriate really that it's Phuel, with our weather this past five weeks! Phuel brings calmness, tranquillity, emotional balance.

Above is an artwork of Phuel, from the Love & Light Angel Cards (third and most advanced set of my Angel Card Trilogy - See Angela's Expertise section of website). This card describes links to Dolphin (and Lemurian origins.

And below is the text from this card:

Mem: Phuel - living waters, inspiration, healing power of six

I, Lord of Water of Life and Powers of Moon, glide upon the living waters, radiating calming emerald, silver and aquamarine energy. Behold the limitless potential of my mysterious, deeply lustrous rays, for when you allow them to flow around heart and thymus you can connect to myself and the angelic realms through Water of Life. I offer Mem (six: the vibration of physical healing, Macrocosm, and Sun) with my own emotionally balancing rays of five, Moon, Microcosm, spirituality. Therefore this message is a sacred marriage of fire and water, as I help orchestrate your harmonic physical and spiritual healing dance of six and five to new heights. This I promise, for are you not given will and passion by Sun, yet with emotions and feelings governed by Moon?

My mystical Dolphin's sparkling yet soothing energy leads back to your own ancient Lemurian origins. As I attune you with Mem it scintillates within you, preparation for Templa Mar healing to new six and five levels. Choose Creation Blue, Water of Life or other colours if you prefer, but if you willingly pledge, through yourself as Microcosm, to heal Mother Earth's heart and all her waters (Macrocosm) I hear this and free your own true power to flow forth in the name of Love and Light.

I hope this text will inspire some of you to be attuned with Phuel's Malachim Healing Glyph of Mem,and to self heal with power of Water of Life, because from a position of calmness you can review your life at this point in the momentous year of 2012.

For The second thing to take on board, when you have reached that state of tranquillity, is that Tual rules the Zodiac sign of Taurus, until around May 20th. Tual urges us to take stock and de-clutter/simplify our lives. I feel we can only do this from our position of calmness, so then we can really see what we need to hold on to (including possessions, mindsets, and more importantly perhaps, behavioural patterns) and what we can let go of, at this time.

Here is what Tual says in An Angel for Every Day:

My wings of love and light are filled with the strength and patience of my sign. I herald your re-awakening for my positive energy guides you to start reviewing and simplifying your life. First I bring you greater stability to strengthen your roots and foundations in Mother Earth so that you can build confidently and securely on them. Next consider your possessions - which of them do you really need and which should you relinquish? Do not over-burden yourself, for this hinders your expansion of mind, body and spirit. Therefore think of the freedom to be gained by letting go of things or learning to sometimes say no! This will give you the time to allow my green and pink, the colours of the power of the heart to flow in; these help you to focus calmly on what is really important for your future.

The colours mentioned are green and pink, because Taurus is itself ruled by Venus, and it's an Earth Sign. So good to remain grounded in Mother Earth, with Ariel, and to put your hands into rich brown earth if possible to really feel her nurturing power. Yet it's also time to open or re-open your heart with emerald green to new, loving relationships.

Here is an exercise you can do with Tual (again from An Angel for Every Day, Tual's Chapter)

Tual brings emerald green rays to calm, open and expand your heart, building on firm foundations in Mother Earth; emerald heals and expands heart.

• Sit comfortably. Hold a Taurus crystal (emerald, rose quartz, tourmaline or similar colours) if you have one.
• Close your eyes and start taking deep breaths of pure white energy, breathing out any negative emotions, until you start to feel relaxed
• Now invoke Tual by saying "Tual please bring me the power of emerald green to calm, open and expand my heart in love and light, love and light, love and light. Let this energy flow into mind, body and spirit.
• Imagine that Tual is pouring emerald light into the crown of your head.
• As you breathe it in, the light flows down from crown to base of spine.
• Send this light to ground into Mother Earth, where it flows to her heart.
• Now as you breathe in Mother Earth sends back rich brown earth energy to your feet and body, giving you a sense of belonging to all life.
• Now say these affirmations, as appropriate:
With power of love and brown I let go of that which I no longer need in my life. I form firm new foundations in Earth. With power of love and green I build on these, healing and opening heart so that all things become possible in life.
• On the next out-breath breathe out the green light so that you create a coloured aura the shape of emerald green wings around you, sealing in the resolve you made with these affirmations and showing the Universe how you wish to move forwards in life.
• Thank Tual, and ask him to seal this energy into your crystal if used and keep this by you to remind you of what you are trying to achieve.

Update on my plans

My holiday - staycation - this year

Although I do love hearing from readers, this year I plan to be on holiday - more or less - from June through August, and a close friend who is also one of my advanced students - Madeleine Kasem from Toronto, Canada - will be assisting me with correspondence from readers and students during this period. There are quite a few students on my books at the moment, which is nice, and as each of you works at your own pace I have no idea when you will next communicate, but I am alerting you all to this plan.

e-Readings for Angelic Guidance

Also, my Angel e-Readings are proving quite popular, but I shall not be accepting these over that three month period.

Blue Star Angels Mystery School

This has been paused for a while, but will be re-available from September of this year. Please note, however, that Angelic Merkaba for Heart Ascension (see Soul Quest e-Courses) is now a pre-requisite for signing up for the Mystery School.

That's all for now, enjoy the spring flowers,

Love and light
Angela McGerr