26 November 2012

What is Merkaba?

Hello again,

The Merkaba (aka Angelic) Light Body is called the Tool of Ascension and as we near 20th/21st December 2012, it feels important to tell you more about it, especially as some people are asking me about it on Facebook.

Here are some FAQ's concerning Merkaba...

Why is Mer Ka Ba the Tool of Ascension?

Because as I am guided, the whole Universe is constructed of Sacred Geometry, all inter-linked in a beautiful pattern of Oneness.  Once we were part of this Oneness but due to the various "Falls" in spiritual vibration we became separated and polarised.  We've forgotten how to spiritually link ourselves back into Oneness, although the very dimensions of our physical selves conform to Sacred Geometry.  In short mankind has lost the Way.....

What does the word Mer Ka Ba actually mean?

The Angelic LIght Body was called Mer Ka Ba in ancient Egypt (yes it has been around that long, or actually thousands of years before that....)  Mer or Mar means Love (as in Templa Mar), yet also Emerald of Heart and Water (see the name Mary, or Mermaid).  Ka means spirit and Ba means soul.  the Mer Ka Ba is a wondrous field of Light energy that extends around us in a kind of saucer shape (domed above and below) for 10 metres (30 feet in each direction).  So this Light Body is huge - about 60 feet in diameter, and it can be full of healing angels. 

What does it represent?

The Light Body represents an extension of our higher self, created out of higher heart, by power of Love.  It's fully programmable.  To create it means we have reached from polarity into Oneness within ourselves and wish to use heart to send out healing fractals to aid All Life.

What are fractals

Fractals are patterns that no matter how intinitely small or large they are, they never diminish in perfection or, in the case of healing fractals, healing power.  The Seed/Flower of LIfe is a healing fractal that can aid All to heal at many levels, including cellular (Microcosm) or planetary (Macrocosm) and even more.... 

Origins of Mer Ka Ba

Once we all had Mer Ka Ba Light Bodies, back in the day when we existed in Oneness with All.  In fact it is said that babies are even now born with this Light Body around them, but because mankind has forgotten how it works, the Light field collapses after 9 days.  The fact that it is 9 days is interesting because 9 is the Ascension Vibration..... 


To summarise: Mer Ka Ba is a body of Light, created by Love, using Sacred Geometry.  If we commit to it, it allows us to "plug" ourselves back into the Universal Matrix (aka Cosmic Jigsaw), so that as the 2012 New Earth Vibration shift takes place (and I believe this is metaphysical not physical), we are ready for this because we already understand the concept of Oneness with All.  We want to embrace this with our entire hearts and souls.  We want to self-heal, to further open our hearts and to use the power of heart and the Sacred Geometry fractals to aid Mother Earth and All Life to heal and ascend into that new Paradigm of Oneness, itself the route to Unity Consciousness.

How do we create a Mer Ka Ba around us?

  1. The simplest way of creating a Mer Ka Ba around yourself is to simply "know" that you have one.  And yes, this can and does work.  So please do this if you wish, or are guided to, because that way you are at least "plugged" back into the Sacred Geometry of the Universe, ready for Ascension. 
  2. The only problem with that, in my view, is that it's like buying a car and just sitting in it, without having had driving lessons!  You can guess, but you don't really know what it is capable of, how to work with it or what to do with it....
  3. So I teach this Mer Ka Ba Light Body with the help of the angels, who aid us in self-healing, moving from polarity back into Oneness from higher heart, and proceeding to create the Light Body around us; plus using it for major healing of others including Mother Earth.  
  4. I do this with what I call "beginner" Sacred Geometries: the Star Tetrahedron and the Seed of Life (shown at top of post), because these represent the masculine and the feminine aspects of the geometry plus they are each patterns of wholeness and completion.  I teach you how to create these geometries with the help of the angels, and then how they function.
  5. Contrary to a lot of people's beliefs, the Star Tetrahedron is NOT Mer Ka Ba, but only the means of generating the Light Body itself; also, this is ancient wisdom and no matter how simple I try to make it, it's rather complex.
  6. I also teach a 9 Chakra system, because this allows Mer Ka Ba to be used as a daily self-healing tool, yet at the same time it reinforces the 9 Vibration of Ascension - raising the vibration of the student into the New Earth Paradigm.
  7. Not only is Mer Ka Ba a wonderful healing tool, but also, committing to this meditation daily (it can take only about 15 minutes) is truly life-changing.
  8. I agree my normal course on this is deep: it's called Angelic Merkaba for Heart Ascension and in distance learning it comprises 4 parts, and currently offers an individual learning path i.e. one to one/one on one tuition with me.  Or else I teach it over two very full days to a maximum of 6 students at a timeEither way its cost of £222 (Numerology for Change and Transformation) may deter some!  You can also study it with my Affiliate Tutors, and you now know who they are and what they offer.
  9. BUT, if a few people reading this are interested and want to learn it with me, and learn it now, (and if so, please message me on FB asap) I could write/supervise a simplified distance learning course for a small group to take (instead of the individual sytem)  and at a lower cost than usual.  And when written this could also be made available to my select band of certified Tutors around the world.....please let me know!!
So I hope this information is useful,

Love and light always,

Angela McGerr 



23 November 2012

My Apprentice: Jo Gill

Hello dear readers,

I'd now like to conclude the series about the wonderful band of Light folks who work with me, teaching (and continuing to study Angelology) and so helping me to put this ancient wisdom out there into the world for the benefit of aiding all those interested in the subject; healing is the key word here.  Working with the angels in this way is a two-part quest: to firstly self-heal (Heart Quest) and secondly to use the knowledge gained in that process to help heal Mother Earth and All Life (Soul Quest).

Having featured my six Approved and/or Affiliate Tutors, now it is the turn of Joanna Gill, a young woman who earlier this year gave up a well-paid job to do full time Light Work - brave indeed!

About Joanna Gill: my Apprentice

Joanna Gill began her personal spiritual journey in Bimini where she was blessed with the honour of swimming with Dolphins in their natural playground. This sparked her desire to help people recognize and re-connect with their own inner truth, guide and wisdom.  Through meditation, she was guided to work with the Angels and in particular the Angela McGerr’s Blue Star e-Mystery School. Shortly after following this guidance, she gave up her career in the corporate world and unplugged from the ‘system’ to follow her heart and fully commit to discovering her soul purpose.

Joanna’s journey is still magically unfolding. As a Light Worker, Joanna feels her purpose is to expand her own consciousness in order to help others do the same. Her soul yearns to channel and anchor more Love and Light into this earthly plane to help heal Mother Earth and assist humanity in reaching Oneness.

Having completed the Angelic Merkaba for Heart Ascension and enrolled on the Blue Star Mystery School e-course, as well as Angela's series of e-Modules, she is now pursing her guidance to teach Angela McGerr Angelology.

Joann says in her Testimonial:

Angel McGerr’s courses have taken me through a deep process unlike anything I ever have experienced. It has challenged me on every level. However, it has been incredibly rewarding and has helped me self-heal, expand my consciousness and develop an incredible relationship with the Angels. These courses have truly changed my life and inspired me to embark on the rigorous process required to teach Angel McGerr Angelology.

I am excited about the pathways and doors that have opened up since beginning this journey in 2012, in particular becoming Angela’s Apprentice.

I know you will be learning much more about Joanna in times to come; Joanna lives in London and next year she hopes to qualify to teach various face to face workshops, including "starter" ones on Working With Angels, and Melchisadec and his Sacred Seven; scroll down in Facebook to read about these Seven mighty angels, who rule the weekdays and to see their individual artworks, for depending on which day of the week you were born on, one of these will be a Primary Guardian Angel of yours.  

Melchisadec (pictured below) & Sacred Seven is taught by me in my e-Module 1A, and usually ione of a range of workshops for Heart Quest and self-healing that is offered face to face by my certified Approved Tutors.  Joanna is also working towards becoming an Affiliate Tutor and so to teach the Soul Quest: Angelic Merkaba for Heart Ascension workshop.  To read about what these courses contain please see my website section: (http://www.angelamcgerr.com/heartandsoulcourses.htm)  This begins with Heart Quest e-Modules 1A, 2B and 3C and then goes on to Soul Quest: Angelic Merkaba and finally, the Blue Star Angels e-Mystery School that Joanna (and in fact all of my Tutors as well) are currently studying at various advanced levels.

For more on my Approved and Affiliate Tutors, where they are and what they are qualifi(http://www.angelamcgerr.com/heartandsoulcourses.htm)ed to teach, see past Blogs and check out their own websites).

My next post will be about Ariel, Ruler of the two elements: Earth and Air, and it will complete my little series on the Elemental Rulers (as I've already covered Phuel, Lord of the Waters, and Uriel, Ruler of Fire); these three Angels are involved in all the Zodiac Signs.  Coming after that will be the Zodiac Rulers themselves.......!

Sending you all angel blessings galore,
Angela xxx

22 November 2012

Sending you Love and Light tonight.......

Hello dear readers,

Just in case some of you who follow this Blog (thank  you!) do not follow my Face Book page, this is to tell/remind you that tonight I am doing a live radio programme called The Spirit Hour.  It's from 8pm to 9pm GMT, presented by Diane Green, and we'll of course be talking about Angelology and angels generally and calling them in (though I am sure they will already be there....)  Towards the end of the programme there should be a chance to phone in with angel questions.

If you can't tune in at the time then Diane tells me all the programmes are archived.

Below is the link to the programme, and maybe I will talk to some of you?

The angel above is the beautiful angel Amabiel, Guardian of Loving Kindness.  You can see that it's the colours of the healed (green) and open (magenta) heart, combined with spiritual flowers (with five petals).  I am specially featuring Amabiel because tonight I'll be sending out this energy with Amabiel to all of you who are linked to me in any way, and I hope it's healing, comforting and uplifting; you can tune in and receive this at any time, and send it out yourself to help All, including Mother Earth.

Sending you all zillions of angel blessings,
Angela xxx

15 November 2012

My Tutors in Germany (for France also) and Ireland

Hello dear readers,

This follows on from recent postings about my select band of Approved and Affiliate Tutors, all of whom are very dear to me.  As time goes on I work more and more closely with them and in fact they are all on the final levels of the Blue Star Angels e-Mystery School, so you could say that they also continue to work closely with me; it's a lovely synergy.  This week I am featuring two more: Emmanuelle (who is French) in Germany, and Helen who is currently in the Irish Republic.  Below is a picture of Emmanuelle Pries.

Germany and France: Angela McGerr Approved & Affiliate Tutor

Emmanuelle Pries: As an Affiliate Tutor Emmanuelle is certified to teach Soul Quest: Angelic Merkaba for Heart Ascension (AMHA), face-to-face and through distance learning. She is also an Approved Tutor who teaches (with her own special additions such as crystals and sprays) Angelology courses on Melchisadec and the Sacred Seven Rulers of the Weekdays, Seraphiel and the Nature Angels, and Gold & Silver Angels of Harmony & Balance. Emmanuelle is also one of only two certificate holders in the world who has gone through the rigorous process to become qualified (by me) to give professional angelic guidance readings to people from any of my published card sets; also specifically to do these using the 144 cards from my Angel Card Trilogy: Harmony, Heart and Soul, Love and Light angel cards.  (The other certificate holder is Madeleine Kasem, featured recently here)

For lots more information do visit Emmanuelle's website: 

About Emmanuelle

Emmanuelle has a rich and varied background. Growing up in France, she studied in the United States (B.A. from U.C. Berkeley) and worked in Canada and Germany. She began her spiritual quest in the early 90s while attending University and rekindled her passion for angels. In 2006 while visiting the Angel Congress in Hamburg, Emmanuelle was blessed with meeting Angela. Her journey has been on the fast track ever since and in the spring of 2010 after 4 years of intensive study she completed her teachers’ training in a range of healing and teaching modalities. During the same period she apprenticed with Angela in mentoring others via online courses. Emmanuelle is a gifted clairvoyant and works with crystalline and angelic energies. She is also a healer and teacher of angels. She is now embracing her purpose as a teacher of Ascension by sharing her gifts with others.

Emmanuelle writes:

“Part of what you will do is help others on their soul path and assist them in retrieving healing fractals” Angela said to me during our first reading back in 2006. I had no idea what this meant, and certainly had no intentions of retrieving anything for anyone let alone fractals!  But this sparked my interest and I signed up for her very first Angelology e-Module 1 on angels. I discovered a world of meditations, attunements, healing exercises, affirmations and a lot more. I started to work with each angel, healing different aspect of my life, peeling away layers that no longer served me. I soon was able to recognize each angel, to invoke them from the heart and to hear them clearly. Mini-miracles started to appear as I was applying what I had learned in the courses to real life situations. I whizzed through financial and emotional challenges, created miracles for myself and my family, expanded my consciousness such that I was able to experience a complete heart opening.

Today, I am assisting others to connect and work with angelic energies. My ultimate goal is to teach you how to open your heart wide enough such that you can experience angelic bliss. Feeling the waves of angelic energies going through your body as your heart opens is a moment you will not want to miss. 

And now more about Helen Harrington:

Republic of Ireland: Angela McGerr Affiliate Tutor

Helen Harrington is an Affiliate Tutor who is also approved to teach various Angelology workshops. She teaches (as Workshops and Evening Classes) for Heart Quest: Introduction to Connecting with the Angels, Pistis Sophia and the Zodiac Star Fire Angels, Working with the Elemental Angels and Animal Devas, The Rainbow Angels and the Chakras.  For Soul Quest she teaches the Angelic Merkaba for Heart Ascension which she calls: Activating the Mer-Ka-Ba Light Body with the Seraphim Angels.

Apart from this she offers help with Soul Contracts, so that you can discover your original Life purpose and pre-birth 'Soul Contract' with the guidance of the Angels, and also Angel Therapy/ Spiritual Counselling.  This takes the form of individual Spiritual Counselling to assist people with identifying practices and approaches of working with the angels, in regards to any specific areas of concern.  She does her own form of angel readings.  NB. All these services can be accessed via email, phone or in person.
Helen’s website is under construction; she can be e-mailed on sapphireangelsandlightworkers@gmail.com.

In Helen's own words:

How I was drawn to Angela’s E-Modules

After studying, practicing and teaching many spiritual disciplines for over fifteen years, I finally discovered' The Angel Almanac' over five years ago and immediately decided that I wanted to study and learn more about the Angels and to deepen my connection with them.
I enrolled to study the 'Angelology Melchisadec Rainbow Angels' Module 1, and actually I am very glad I did because it gave me an excellent grounding for the much more intense and complex Blue Star Work which I subsequently went on to study.

I would definitely recommend these e-modules as an excellent introduction to Angela's Work. They are very clear and well presented and Angela is a wonderful and ever present teacher.. always more than willing to help and to offer love and support. Angela offers a wide range of study and within this spectrum is something for everyone:- but what sets her apart from other teachers to me, is that her work is deeper, and more attuned to the energies of both the angels and the elements.   

This work is for those who wish to evolve and grow, and who are willing to take responsibility for their own personal healing. Angela's work is never 'fluffy' or 'frothy' and she leaves the stories of miracles, bells and lights, to others. She is a woman who wishes to help people to help themselves, and ultimately to inspire each of us along the road of Wholeness and Unity. Angela understands very well, that as we heal ourselves, so we begin to heal the Whole of Creation.   

I hope that these capable and talented people, and the range of courses they offer - including Angelology - may help those of you living in Ireland, Germany or France (or even French Canada*) to find local courses on my published works.  *Emmanuelle has taught The Angelic Merkaba for Heart Ascension in Montreal area where she has family, while Madeleine Kasem, my other Affiliate Tutor who teaches this, does so in Toronto.  

The final post in this series on Tutors will be on my Apprentice/Student/Assistant Joanna Gill...who the angels sent to me last summer...(thank you angels) and who is studying hard to become an Approved & Affiliate Tutor early next year.  

Guardian Angels Posts

The Blog Post coming next is Ariel, Ruler of Earth and Air.  this will complete the series of three Blog Posts on the Rulers of the Elements Fire/Water/Earth and Air.  Remember Ariel is one of your Guardians if you are born under a Zodiac Earth Sign (Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn), or an Air Sign (Aquarius, Gemini or Libra) so look out for this post, to build your personal knowledge of five of your own six Guardian Angels.  These six are made up from: the primary angel ruling the day of the week on which you were born, three associated with your Zodiac Sign, a Star Guardian (more on that later) and the angel assigned to assist you throughout life.  Others will come and go as needed!  (NB: Lots more on this in my book: Angel Almanac)

That's all for now,
Sending Love & Light
Angela xxx