26 November 2012

What is Merkaba?

Hello again,

The Merkaba (aka Angelic) Light Body is called the Tool of Ascension and as we near 20th/21st December 2012, it feels important to tell you more about it, especially as some people are asking me about it on Facebook.

Here are some FAQ's concerning Merkaba...

Why is Mer Ka Ba the Tool of Ascension?

Because as I am guided, the whole Universe is constructed of Sacred Geometry, all inter-linked in a beautiful pattern of Oneness.  Once we were part of this Oneness but due to the various "Falls" in spiritual vibration we became separated and polarised.  We've forgotten how to spiritually link ourselves back into Oneness, although the very dimensions of our physical selves conform to Sacred Geometry.  In short mankind has lost the Way.....

What does the word Mer Ka Ba actually mean?

The Angelic LIght Body was called Mer Ka Ba in ancient Egypt (yes it has been around that long, or actually thousands of years before that....)  Mer or Mar means Love (as in Templa Mar), yet also Emerald of Heart and Water (see the name Mary, or Mermaid).  Ka means spirit and Ba means soul.  the Mer Ka Ba is a wondrous field of Light energy that extends around us in a kind of saucer shape (domed above and below) for 10 metres (30 feet in each direction).  So this Light Body is huge - about 60 feet in diameter, and it can be full of healing angels. 

What does it represent?

The Light Body represents an extension of our higher self, created out of higher heart, by power of Love.  It's fully programmable.  To create it means we have reached from polarity into Oneness within ourselves and wish to use heart to send out healing fractals to aid All Life.

What are fractals

Fractals are patterns that no matter how intinitely small or large they are, they never diminish in perfection or, in the case of healing fractals, healing power.  The Seed/Flower of LIfe is a healing fractal that can aid All to heal at many levels, including cellular (Microcosm) or planetary (Macrocosm) and even more.... 

Origins of Mer Ka Ba

Once we all had Mer Ka Ba Light Bodies, back in the day when we existed in Oneness with All.  In fact it is said that babies are even now born with this Light Body around them, but because mankind has forgotten how it works, the Light field collapses after 9 days.  The fact that it is 9 days is interesting because 9 is the Ascension Vibration..... 


To summarise: Mer Ka Ba is a body of Light, created by Love, using Sacred Geometry.  If we commit to it, it allows us to "plug" ourselves back into the Universal Matrix (aka Cosmic Jigsaw), so that as the 2012 New Earth Vibration shift takes place (and I believe this is metaphysical not physical), we are ready for this because we already understand the concept of Oneness with All.  We want to embrace this with our entire hearts and souls.  We want to self-heal, to further open our hearts and to use the power of heart and the Sacred Geometry fractals to aid Mother Earth and All Life to heal and ascend into that new Paradigm of Oneness, itself the route to Unity Consciousness.

How do we create a Mer Ka Ba around us?

  1. The simplest way of creating a Mer Ka Ba around yourself is to simply "know" that you have one.  And yes, this can and does work.  So please do this if you wish, or are guided to, because that way you are at least "plugged" back into the Sacred Geometry of the Universe, ready for Ascension. 
  2. The only problem with that, in my view, is that it's like buying a car and just sitting in it, without having had driving lessons!  You can guess, but you don't really know what it is capable of, how to work with it or what to do with it....
  3. So I teach this Mer Ka Ba Light Body with the help of the angels, who aid us in self-healing, moving from polarity back into Oneness from higher heart, and proceeding to create the Light Body around us; plus using it for major healing of others including Mother Earth.  
  4. I do this with what I call "beginner" Sacred Geometries: the Star Tetrahedron and the Seed of Life (shown at top of post), because these represent the masculine and the feminine aspects of the geometry plus they are each patterns of wholeness and completion.  I teach you how to create these geometries with the help of the angels, and then how they function.
  5. Contrary to a lot of people's beliefs, the Star Tetrahedron is NOT Mer Ka Ba, but only the means of generating the Light Body itself; also, this is ancient wisdom and no matter how simple I try to make it, it's rather complex.
  6. I also teach a 9 Chakra system, because this allows Mer Ka Ba to be used as a daily self-healing tool, yet at the same time it reinforces the 9 Vibration of Ascension - raising the vibration of the student into the New Earth Paradigm.
  7. Not only is Mer Ka Ba a wonderful healing tool, but also, committing to this meditation daily (it can take only about 15 minutes) is truly life-changing.
  8. I agree my normal course on this is deep: it's called Angelic Merkaba for Heart Ascension and in distance learning it comprises 4 parts, and currently offers an individual learning path i.e. one to one/one on one tuition with me.  Or else I teach it over two very full days to a maximum of 6 students at a timeEither way its cost of £222 (Numerology for Change and Transformation) may deter some!  You can also study it with my Affiliate Tutors, and you now know who they are and what they offer.
  9. BUT, if a few people reading this are interested and want to learn it with me, and learn it now, (and if so, please message me on FB asap) I could write/supervise a simplified distance learning course for a small group to take (instead of the individual sytem)  and at a lower cost than usual.  And when written this could also be made available to my select band of certified Tutors around the world.....please let me know!!
So I hope this information is useful,

Love and light always,

Angela McGerr 



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