22 November 2012

Sending you Love and Light tonight.......

Hello dear readers,

Just in case some of you who follow this Blog (thank  you!) do not follow my Face Book page, this is to tell/remind you that tonight I am doing a live radio programme called The Spirit Hour.  It's from 8pm to 9pm GMT, presented by Diane Green, and we'll of course be talking about Angelology and angels generally and calling them in (though I am sure they will already be there....)  Towards the end of the programme there should be a chance to phone in with angel questions.

If you can't tune in at the time then Diane tells me all the programmes are archived.

Below is the link to the programme, and maybe I will talk to some of you?

The angel above is the beautiful angel Amabiel, Guardian of Loving Kindness.  You can see that it's the colours of the healed (green) and open (magenta) heart, combined with spiritual flowers (with five petals).  I am specially featuring Amabiel because tonight I'll be sending out this energy with Amabiel to all of you who are linked to me in any way, and I hope it's healing, comforting and uplifting; you can tune in and receive this at any time, and send it out yourself to help All, including Mother Earth.

Sending you all zillions of angel blessings,
Angela xxx

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