9 November 2012

Water and Phuel, to balance Fire and Uriel

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Fire of Life and Water of Life

Recently I spoke about Uriel, Ruler of Fire in all its forms, from gentle votive candles to huge, cleansing flames, and also the blue-white Alchemy Fire of lightning.   It is my belief that White Fire (the Fire That Does Not Burn - as in the Burning Bush) is fire in its purest form and it is the "anima" or Divine Spark that links All.  Uriel is one the your Guardians if your birthsign is Sagittarius (coming soon then!), or Aries, or Leo.  And if you tried the visualisations I posted on the Blog then this helps you attain a higher level of balance in lower self.

But today I am going to balance this message with one on Phuel who is Angel Lord of the Waters and Powers of the Moon; and move on to heart and thymus chakras.  Phuel's pictured above.  Note the sickle moon (that of 7 days, symbolsing the phases of the Moon Mansions with which we've been working on my FB page).  Note also that from this moon flows pure Water of Life sparkling with health, because not only is this a Water Planet, but we are composed of about 80%, and so this energy is vital to us.  Note also Phuel's own Colours of Creation: Aquamarine and Emerald.  These specifically help us to heal thymus and personal heart so we can open, or open further, higher heart.

Oneness with All
Perfection is found in Oneness with All, where there is no more polarity.  It's how Earth would have been before the Falls, and to which we are trying to aid her to return.  We can be in Oneness ourselves when we have attained the right level of Gold/Silver balance to third eye to be able to go on to work from crown chakra, yet importantly this must be linked to higher heart and root for the channel to be able to hold the vibration.  (If you scroll down my Blogs you can find more on Gold/Silver to third eye with Caduceus).  Returning to Oneness is what the Ascension Programme is all about, although for this not only mankind but all of Nature and Mother Earth's fabric itself must be healed.  Right now (except for those Light Workers who are holding Oneness/pure Metatronic or Angelic Light within for healing) we are still in the polarity or half/Light Oritronic situation, with good and bad, dark and light, courage and despair etc..  Healers and Light Workers are striving to aid as many souls as possible back to Oneness and masses of Love and Light energy is flowing in; please help All at this time if you possibly can.

This brings me to balance again, and Gold and Silver, for Fire links to Gold of Sun and Silver to Moon and Water.  And in the Perfect Storm Sandy that recent hit USA, I believe that both energies were to be found for different healing needs: the Water of Life that flowed in was to heal the emotions of the area (especially Montauk point), while the Fire of Life purified.  And remember that this can work on both Macrocosmic (planetary) scale as well as Microcosmic (each individual personally and even at a cellular level).  So while this was undoubtedly devastating for everyone involved, it could have had long term benefits and while the crisis was at hand, it enabled the President to be statesmanlike in his attitude.

Healing heart and thymus with Phuel

So how can you work with Phuel to aid your own healing and balance in heart?  Well again, as always, there are many levels to go through (this is the Dance of Six - six is wholeness and completion, as shown by the six-pointed star shape, and when you heal a level of six you are ready to reach towards a new level of five - the five-pointed star shape: symbol of man's spiritual search and I call this the Dance of Five)  In your life path you will Dance between the two numbers....

Part 1- Dolphin Exercise with Phuel
Here is an exercise with Phuel which is simple and effective for many.  It's for general emotional cleansing with Phuel, Gabriel and Manakel (Guardian of Cetaceans - Whales and Dolphins): (This is especially effective if you are a Zodiac Water SignAnd if you are Pisces, Scorpio or Cancer then Phuel is one of your five Guardian Angels).

Begin by sitting comfortably, and if possible holding an aquamarine (or other blue-green) crystal in your left hand and viewing it for thirty seconds.  If you don't have an actual one view a picture, so that it is clear in your mind's eye. 

·         Close your eyes, breathing deeply of the colour rays of your crystal, until your energy connects with this crystal vibration.  
·         Now invoke Phuel, Manakel (Guardian Angel of Sea Mammals) and Gabriel to be with you. 
·         Imagine that your spirit is able to go into the crystal; you are completely surrounded by the colour aquamarine. 
·         Suddenly your vision clears and you are standing beside a turquoise sea.
·         The sky is an aquamarine dome above you.  The sun is shining and the water is very clear.  The waves are gently lapping the shore; the surf creaming on to the sand.
·         You see dolphins swimming towards you.  You count them 1 2 3 4 5 6; they correspond to the healing vibration of water that is six. 
·         As you count each dolphin you feel more and more peaceful and relaxed.
·         They seem to want you to join them and you sense their love and protection. 
·         You wade into the sea with them, so that the dolphins can form a six-fold circle around you and focus aquamarine energy towards you.
·         You now ask Phuel to help you receive the healing that is being offered into all energy centres.
·         Feel the soothing and healing crystalline energy: a six-fold ray, that is water combined with aquamarine crystal and dolphin energy; it flows over you like the ripples of the sea. 
·         Now the angels allow the pure blue green to wash through you, dissolving away negative emotions, chakra by chakra, bringing balance.   
·         Use this energy to listen to your inner voice and to really decide how you wish to feel in future and how to deal with the situation which caused your emotional strife or entanglement. 
·         Having washed away the negative emotions you will feel re-born and lighter of spirit through your ancient Mother, the Sea. 
·         Thank Phuel and the dolphins for all the care and concern shown to you.
·         This exercise is (I have been guided) a link to Templa Mar, the Beloved Temple of the Sea.

Part 2 Taking this further


 See how the vibration moves on with this Phuel card from the Love & Light set (third of my trilogy)  This comes with the Hebrew (Malachim Angels, i.e. Virtues) Healing Glyph of Mem.  Here is the channelled text for this card, which may interest those of you reading this who are doing Water of Life Light Work (and if you've read Professor Emoto, water has a six-sided molecule yet of course links to the five-point Microcosm star which is also the Star of Venus):  Slightly updated since being channelled in 2008.

Phuel - Glyph of Mem: living waters, inspiration, healing power of six

I, Lord of Water of Life and Powers of Moon, glide upon the living waters, radiating calming Emerald, Silver and Aquamarine energy.  Behold the limitless potential of my mysterious, deeply lustrous rays, for when you allow them to flow around heart and thymus you can connect to myself and the angelic realms through Water of Life.  I offer Mem (six: the vibration of physical healing, Macrocosm, Sun and of Water itself) with my own emotionally balancing rays of five, Moon, Microcosm, spiritual growth.  Therefore this message is a sacred marriage of Fire and Water, as I help orchestrate your harmonic physical and spiritual healing Dance of Six and Five to new heights. This I promise, for are you not given will and passion by Sun, yet with emotions and feelings governed by Moon?  And of course influenced by Earth's sister planet: Venus?

My mystical Dolphin's sparkling yet soothing energy leads you back to your own ancient Lemurian origins.  For in Templa Mar I can attune you with Mem so that it scintillates within you, preparation for accessing your own healing codes to new six and five levels.  If you view the Templa Mar Mandala (see how the colours flow like mine) I and my Dolphin Mystical Animal Deva can help you go to Templa Mar; there you can choose intuitively one of the Chambers from my Colours of Creation and even, if you are ready, the Water of LIfe Alchemy Chamber.  Whichever Chamber you choose, if you ask to link to your own timeline of healing codes within Templa Mar and willingly pledge, through yourself as Microcosm, to be a conduit to heal Mother Earth's heart and all her waters (Macrocosm) I hear this and free your own true power of Water of Life and Dolphin energy to flow forth in the name of Love and Light to benefit Mother Earth, Mankind, All Life at this vital time. 

You can message me here or on Facebook about this post if you have questions or wish to share anything. 

Love and light always
Angela x 



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