30 October 2012

Fire of LIfe and its Ruler - Uriel, in all his healing aspects

Hello dear readers,

Well we have worked a lot with Moon and Water of Life energies for a while.  Today we move to balance this with Fire of Life.  Each Ruler of the Elements of Earth, Air, Water and Fire rules during the Wheel of the Sun through the Seasons.  

I promised to post a piece on Uriel, as his rule with Fire of Life begins tomorrow on Halloween, and of course ties in with our Bonfire Night festival in UK on 5th November.  But as with all my work, Uriel's message is at many different levels, depending on where you are on The Way of Love & Light, and firstly: not only can you work personally with Uriel in Part 1 of this post, but for those doing Angel Light Work, secondly: you can further empower your Light Work with Fire of LIfe in Part 2, and last, but by no means least, thirdly: you can help heal fabric of Earth and All LIfe (especially where this is needed right now with Hurricane Sandy) in Part 3.  

As Fire of Alchemy illumines the soul, the Phoenix rises again

Uriel, Guardian Angel of Fire Alchemy, says (updated from Angel Almanac):

During my Festival I rule with radiant Fire of Life, and if you are one who loves life I bring you renewed joy.  For I am woven of living flame, burning orange, yellow-gold and lightning's blue-white, and as I clap my wings fire flickers and rolls across the land, burning away dross, cleansing and purifying as the year dies.  You, too, can choose to annex my energy.  From the golden ashes of the old, you can, like the Phoenix, be re-born once more filled with new, creative passion for life so that by this time next year you will be at a higher vibration than before, when the whole cycle can begins afresh.

This first part of Uriel's message refers to this time of year for cleansing away old ideas with fire, purifying self, getting rid of old programming and behavioural patterns, and allowing Light of self-transformation to dawn.  So if you need this, why not try this fairly simple exercise extracted from my e-Module 2B on the Elemental Rulers?  You can do this with Uriel (especially good between now and December 21st) as many times as you like to help give yourself this opportunity for transformation:

Focus on sacral chakra and setting new life goals: Uriel aids you to "burn away" something in your sacral chakra that either blocks or holds back your creativity, transformation, expansion into new horizons.

·        Let's assume that you want to expand your personal horizons and creativity, either inwardly or in your activities generally.
·        Firstly, take a little time to think about anything within yourself that is holding you back from forming a vision of expansion for your future.
·        Write down on a piece of paper anything you wish to change or "burn away" within your mind, body or spirit; it might be a habit or craving, a memory, hurt or personality trait. 
·        Tuck the piece of paper somewhere on your person
·        Stand up and stretch your arms straight up, as far as possible above your head, and close your eyes to focus on what you can feel rather than see. 
·        While holding your arms up, invoke Uriel as follows:  "Uriel, Uriel, Uriel, send your cleansing and purifying orange shades of Fire of Life down through my arms and into my body to rid me of negativity and especially (say out loud whatever you wrote)
·        Visualise (or you may actually feel) the healing Fire energy flow down your arms, and right through you.  Visualise or try to sense the colour that Uriel is sending - is it for mind, body or spirit?
·        Now will it into sacral chakra where your creativity and desire for change starts.
·        After the cleansing, will and intend that Uriel helps you to balance the sacral with whichever shade of orange that you need - pink for heart, sensuality and intimacy, pure bright orange for passion, orange gold for will power to move on in life.
·        Ask Uriel to seal in the healing for you.
·        Tell yourself this is permanent and reinforce your thought by burning your piece of paper and burying the ash, or washing the ash away completely, either straight away or at the end of your week's work with Uriel.
·        Thank Uriel for his help.

Part 2: Those of you who are healers and Light Workers can go much further than this, working at different vibrations of Fire of Life and on a Macrocosmic scale.....

The artwork at top is actually an early one, produced for the Harmony of Angel Cards (first pub. 2002 and first of my angel card trilogy), but it still has lots to say to us.  The symbols of Fire are the upward triangle and circle, or in 3D, the upward pyramid and the sphere, the colours being yellow and orange.  The artwork also shows the mystical salamander; the only living creature said by the ancients to be able to survive being engulfed in fire.  Yet there are two creatures shown, both represented as biting their tails.  This is the Ouroboros dragon: symbol of wisdom which has no end and no beginning.  And the two salamanders or Ouroboros dragons overlap as a Vesica Piscis shape, or Light Centre. 

Consider the next piece of the same channelling adapated for today from Angel Almanac:

Uniquely for mankind I bring the blue-white Alchemy Flame that illumines the path of your soul; see the wings of my Dragon of Revelation who aids the seeker towards the level of balance to take you beyond Gold and Silver polarity and return you to Oneness with All; when this is attained then Blue-white Alchemy Fire may be channelled. It is the mysterious Lightning-like flame - the cosmic flash by which I descend to Earth.  If you are in Oneness you can work with me to breathe in this special flame, and hold it within higher heart for a seminal moment.  It is a flame that Lights All; it can instantly purify, alter, clarify or transmute, empowering your soul to retrieve what it has lost to hold for ever afterwards, including your own ancient wisdom, taking you infinitely further on the Way of Love and Light, as my Dragon gives you a Relevation to aid your own work for the cause of Light

Fire of LIfe Alchemy:
Here below is an artwork separated from the other by seven (Sacred Seven!) years and illustrating what Uriel is talking about; I wonder if you can all feel the difference in vibration with this card, from the Love & LIght set - final one in my trilogy of angel card sets:

You can see the blueish white and silver Alchemy wings and golden body of the Dragon of Revelation (did you get your Revelation?), and also the  Jod (Yod) Malachim Angel Alphabet symbol.  The Malachim Alphabet (governed by the Virtues Angels - Ruler Haniel) is all about healing.

With this most advanced of all the Fire cards Uriel's message is still about Fire, but goes to deeper levels that some of you will be ready to reach, and really open (or open more) that Light Centre within higher heart:

Part 3: Uriel and Yod - meaning of this Light Glyph - openness, power, true direction

I, the Alchemist, descend with my chariot and horses fashioned from dazzling lightning Alchemy, bringing promise of creativity, new ideas and spiritual direction.  Like honeyed autumn sun I offer smoky topaz, golden amber and rosy coral flames.  Will you choose my Fire of Life to purify the past, then inspire your thinking even to my own heights?  For action must first begin with balanced, creative thought.  Visualise my Feathered Serpent of Fire: ask to cleanse, purify and re-balance your sacral energy centre to new levels.  Your Yod connection with me builds Orange vitality from sacral that will blaze upwards to re-kindle heart and re-illuminate your Light Centre within, moving you beyond the polarity of third eye and into crown chakra

Then you can choose to meditate with me and Templa Mar's Fire of Life (see below); this takes you to a new vibration for there is much more to come.  Many reading my words have ancient - even Atlantean - origins.  As sand is transformed through fire to glittering quartz crystals so can I transform your heart and soul with my alchemy of crystalline flame geometry.  When you have reached Oneness and your crown, higher heart and sacral are linked, what you must do is to send Fire of Life down to cleanse, heal and purify Mother Earth, especially now where she needs your help. If you are full of loving will and purity of intention; then I help you rediscover your Gem self and true soul purpose.  With my brilliant blue-white Alchemy flame I write Yod in sacral so long as you are ready to make unselfish use of this fiery Angel Attunement of Love and Light as I would wish, i.e. to help heal Mother Earth and All Life and so make way for beautiful new beginnings and burgeoning new life.

If you are ready to do this, Uriel can and may confer an Attunement of Yod upon you to aid your Light Work and to benefit Mother Earth and All Life. Message me here or on FB if you want to share anything on this post!  Enjoy......

Angel blessings always
from Angela x

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