26 October 2012

My Certified Tutors in Canada and Australia

Hello to all readers and followers of this Blog,

As promised, here are the next two in my brilliant, select band of certified Tutors. 

Canada - Toronto - Angela McGerr Angelology Affiliate Tutor

Madeleine Kasem: As an Affiliate Tutor Madeleine is certified to teach Soul Quest: Angelic Merkaba for Heart Ascension (AMHA), face-to-face and through distance learning.  She’s also approved to teach the entry level Angelology courses on Melchisadec & the Sacred Seven Rulers of the Weekdays.  Last but by no means least, Madeleine is one of only two certificate holders in the world who is qualified to give professional, angelic guidance readings to people from my cards, and specifically to use The Angel Card Trilogy: Harmony, Heart and Soul, Love and Light angel card sets.  

Madeleine Frey Kasem, B.A., B.Ed., M.A., is an energy healer, a teacher of sacred wisdom traditions, and founder of Wings of Change School. She has been practicing meditation for over 30 years. Madeleine first learned Tibetan Buddhism and Bhakti Yoga. She then expanded her knowledge by training with the spiritualist minister, Tola Haynes, a medium and student in the lineage of Hawaiian Kahuna, Morrnah N. Simeona. Following a life shift, Madeleine was guided to Reconnective Healing® and the practice of Merkaba Meditation. Her first Merkaba teacher was Drunvalo Melchizadek, the originator of this sacred geometry meditation.

Madeleine's Testimonial:

It was Drunvalo who then led Madeleine to Angela McGerr. At last, after years of spiritual seeking, Madeleine found what she was looking for: a wonderful teacher and mentor, a transformational meditation practice, and the guidance and support of angels. Madeleine continues her studies with Angela and is pleased to be certified to professionally offer several Angelology options.  These include Heart Quest, Soul Quest and Angel Card Readings.

Madeleine writes:

Everyone who calls upon the angels receives in return. I get synchronicities. The best synchronicity occurred when Angela offered one of her rarely taught, in-person training programs, the same week that I had off from work (here in Canada). That was hard to pass up. During my last night in England, the angels gifted me with a business name and logo, although it seemed unlikely then that I would ever use them. That was over a year ago. Today, it has become a website that allows me to offer Angela’s work professionally, in the presence of Love and Light and the angels.

See more on her website: http://www.wingsofchangeschool.com

Australia - Near Melbourne - Angela McGerr Affiliate Tutor near Melbourne

June Swatman: As an Affiliate Tutor, June is certified to teach Soul Quest: Angelic Merkaba for Heart Ascension (AMHA), both face-to-face and through distance learning.  June and her husband Jim are originally from Ireland.  They run an apartment complex in Australia: Innishfree Spa Apartments (this includes June’s Healing Therapy Center).  The complex is located in the centre of Daylesford in Victoria’s Spa Country, about 115 kilometres north-west of Melbourne, in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range.  

June's Testimonial
June had been working with Angels in the energy field for some years, then one day while she was holidaying in London, she was in a bookstore & Angela's book "The Angel Almanac" literally fell off the shelf into her hands. June felt the Angels had guided her to Angela's work. When she got back to Australia she decided to email Angela and discovered she ran E-modules, so June signed up for her course called Melchisadec & his Sacred Seven. Angela McGerr's knowledge, skill & style of teaching are so inspirational June felt compelled to keep studying with her by attending several of her face to face courses in England. June considered Angela to be an outstanding leader in the field of Angelology. As June herself said: “I feel my spiritual practices & knowledge have developed dramatically since I embarked on this wonderful journey with Angela and I will continue studying with her.”

For more visit June's website and in particular the Healing Therapy Centre in the Apartment complex: http://www.innishfree.com

I hope this will help you to get to know these two wonderful ladies.

My next Blog post will be on Uriel, Ruler of Fire in time for Halloween, and then there will be more on my remainingTutors during the first week of November; those are Helen: my Tutor in Ireland and Emmanuelle in Germany.  (Emmanuelle Pries is actually French, so she teaches Angelology in three languages, which is great for me but most of all for the angels!)

Love and light to you all,
from Angela x

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