15 October 2012

More on my special band of trained Tutors

Hello dear readers,

This blog is the first of several, to tell you more about my wonderful little band of trained tutors.  To become one of my Approved or Affiliate Tutors is a very tough and rigorous process!  I expect a lot from myself when doing this work (it's a huge responsibility to try to bring in the angelic guidance for you as well and as accurately as is humanly possible).  Of course I expect no less from those whom I appoint and certificate to work to my exacting standards.  So I can assure you that all of my Tutors have a very extensive knowledge of Angelology vis-a-vis my nine published books and card sets (as well as other healing modalities), and are more than capable of aiding you with my spiritual self-development workshops and courses.  Apart from that they are lovely, compassionate and caring people.  We all support each other with aspects of advanced healing and Light Work, and now I learn from them even as they learn from me.  It's a fantastic synergy that gets better and better.

The Tutors are being introduced gradually on Facebook: this week features the Dutch Tutors (who both speak excellent English), as follows:

The Netherlands; Angela McGerr Angelology Approved & Affiliate Tutors

Raymond Schroyen, is both an Approved Tutor & Affiliate Angelology Tutor.  He teaches: Angelic Merkaba for Heart Ascension (Face to Face and as an e-course) and Melchisadec & his Sacred Seven (Face to Face). As he is living near to the AFNORTH Headquarters in Brunssum, the Netherlands, he also teaches his Face to face Courses in English, and he is planning to add more of my e-Courses to his list in the near future!

Raymond, who also assists me with FB (and he's great with this, he set it up for me and honestely, I could not have done it without him!), says:

He has been working as a spiritual teacher since 1993. After helping people in several ways to find their way in this world, his own search for personal truth ended in 2006 when he found his way to the angels. Ever since then he has been studying with Angela McGerr to build up his angelic knowledge to help people to find their way to Love & Light via the help of the angels. His personal motto is; this is reachable for everybody, as long as you are working from your heart.  For your first intention has to be helping people and listening to your heart. Or as we in Angela McGerr Angelology say: “Love is the Key”. 

Working together with Angela and the angels has brought Raymond and his students a lot more confidence and tranquillity. As one of his students once said to him: “By working on a daily basis with the angels, you first realise you don’t have to face the challenges in life alone, and then that all of this work is truly life changing.”

Also, many of Angela McGerr’s books and cards are no longer available in Holland, including the trilogy card set of Angela McGerr.  What you can do is to buy the trilogy of three sets in English via Angela Mcgerr (if you want signed copies you can message her sister Jo_harmony@hotmail.com, or you should be able to get them from Amazon.  Then you can obtain a Dutch translation via Raymond for a small fee.   The sets are exactly the same size, layout and artworks; only the translation is different and that way you have them in their original language.  

For more, see Raymond’s Website.

Petra de Lange/Openhart is both an Approved & Affiliate Angelology Tutor.  She teaches: Angelic Merkabah for Heart Ascension (in-person and e-learning), Modules 1, 2 and 3 of the Melchisadec courses (e-course), Nature & Nature Angels, Harmony & Balance with the Angels, Seraphim Light Tools, Blue Star Mystery School 1 and 2

A sensitive long-time licensed bodyworker and energy healer and teacher (shiatsu,  massagetherapy, guasha,  reflexzones, shamballa, sekhem seichem reiki, dolphin energy, angel therapy, crystal healing, aromatherapy, herbs, shamanic healing womb-rituals). She has an ongoing interest in the human potential towards Wholeness and Oneness and works closely with the Angelic and Earth realms to support all life on Earth achieve that. She hopes to inspire others to find the Inner Master, the Inner Healer, and the Inner Teacher. Clients and teachers say that she is a powerful, loving, sensitive and honoust healer / teacher.  In her playtime she loves dancing, dolphins, mandalas, qi gong, shamanism, angelology, gemstones, drumming, grandmothers and long healthy dinners.

 Petra writes:

As a child I had several encounters with the Angelic and Fairy Realm - which put me on the spiritual path at very young age. I believe that it was in the beginning of this century that I came across the first Cards & Books of Angela McGerr. I found them very wonderful, but didn't use it that much. So after a year, I gifted them to a friend. I guess I wasn't ready yet... Meanwhile I was studying working with Angels and Healing modalities with several teachers, and began working as a fulltime massagetherapist and healer/teacher. The years went by and in 2006 I met my wonderfull husband Herman. When we were at a friends house she introduced us to the wonderful Heart and Soul cards. I drew Mirabiel and Rikbiel and was totaly touched by them. I remembered the first deck and books again, and looked it up on the internet. We immediately purchased some of Angela's books and card decks and began working with them, for ourselves and for my clients and students. And then I finally subscribed to the E-modules - and began working with the Sacred Seven. This was the start of a wonderful Spiritual Path that totally changed my Heart & Soul, I had never found a teacher nor a modality that combines working with the Angels with the higher wisdom of Sacred Geometries, with the Merkabah, Numerology, with Floweressences, with Crystals, powerfull Rituals, Affirmations, and marvelous Meditations - all bathed in the Metatronic Light. I truly believe that this is the most profound, heartbased, heartfilling and healing spiritual teachings available on this Planet. And please believe me, as a life-long student on the spiritual path, I studied a lot... Herman and I both became huge fans of Angela and her work, and started to study with her on a daily basis. It changed my Life, I can really tell the difference in terms of physical, mental, heart, spiritual and etheric levels. These teachings are not only fullfilling me/us personally, they also uplift my work as a therapist, healer and teacher in undreamed ways. After Angela's invitation to become an Approved and Affiliate tutor in 2010, we flew to England and had a wonderful time studying with Angela, her sister Jo and lots of great co-students in Nash Manor. I am delighted and humbled to have taught and teach classes like the E-modules, Harmony & Balance with the Angels, Blue Star level 1 and 2, Angelic Merkabah for Heart Ascension (both distance and in-person), Working with Nature and Nature Angels, and the Seraphim Light Tools. I found that with every workshop and every student my understanding of the teachings grow and go deeper and deeper. And that is why I love the work of Angela McGerr (and her personally) so very much. I thank the Angels who guided me on this path. and Thank & Love Angela for meeting up with her again...

Thank you Raymond and Petra for your kind and heartfelt words; I am and always will be honoured that you both chose to work with me.

Next week I shall feature two more of my special Tutors...

Anyone out there reading this tempted to join them???

Angel blessings
Angela x

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