3 October 2012

The 22:22 Silver-Platinum Star Gate

Hello dear readers,

Well I promised to write about Star Gates for you Light Workers out there, especially those working with my Love & Light Angel Cards.  In fact I planned to explain the Sapphire Star Gate, but since getting involved (finally!) in Facebook a lovely lady from Argentina has corresponded and asked about seeing 22:22.  So I promised to explain this Silver Platinum Star Gate of 22:22 first.

Now on Facebook I've been talking abouout triple numbers, such as 111 (Angelic Numerology for Pure Energy and root chakra) and 222 (Transformation/Innovation Opportunity - sacral), plus 333 (Decision on a New Phase in Life - solar).  Also 444 which is the number of the Angels themselves, and of heart chakra.  I will post more in due course (it's in my book Angel Almanac as well as my e-Module 2B), but this is placed on one side whilst we consiider the quadruple numbers.

My guidance from the angels said that the quadruple numbers are of a higher order, and signify Star Gates.  What are Star Gates?  Well they may be different things to different people.  I can only tell you my feelings on them.

I believe they are accessed from Templa Mar, the eternal, etheric Temple of Healing pictured above, with which we can link through higher heart, pure Metatronic Light and sacred geometry. There are various ways to go there, and we can permanently interface with the Temple if we are in Oneness with Sacred Eden Tree, because like the Temple itself, the Tree holds the pure, unfallen Light.   Those who have my Heart & Soul Cards, Love & Light Cards, Angel Quest of the Heart or Angel Almanac will have read about Templa Mar.  Among other things:
  • It's a key to the Ascension/Redemption Programme
  • It contains the healing codes of each of us that we can choose to access
  • It has many. many Mansions; some of these inteface with Star Gates
  • If we are linked to the Temple through Oneness, and in particular through crown, heart and root and the Sacred Eden Tree (as I teach in my books, Soul Quest e-Courses and e-Mystery School) we can be safely grounded as we explore Star Gates to benefit All.
  • To heal through Star Gates I believe we also need to know how to hold their Light Glyph vibration within us:  As Without, So Within, As Above So Below.
Now there are, I am sure, other ways to be grounded than via Sacred Eden Tree, and if you are a Light Worker you should/must know; but it essential to be grounded and in Oneness (having moved out of polarity from third eye to crown), if your Soul Purpose connects with Star Gates.

This is the Silver-Platinum Star Gate of Moons and 22:22, guarded by the Cherubim and linked to Mirabiel (pictured recently on Facebook and below), Ophaniel and Unicorn.  What does this all mean?  It means that when you have moved out of polarity (to third eye) and attained Oneness thrugh crown, if your Soul Purpose is to help restore the Divine Feminine then you will be strongly guided to this artwork and the others in this post.  Moons carry the Divine Feminine, and beyond this Star Gate are the Galactic Moons and even more powerful Platinum Rays.  Here is a slightly modified version of what I channelled for this Gate in my Love & Light Angel Cards.  

From Oneness and Eden Tree connection you can link directly with the Cherubim Spheres of true feminine power.  First understand the two Earth Moons (Eyes of Heaven) of Mirabiel and re-connect energetically to the lost Earth moon.  Use this energy to touch the Star Gate to Ophaniel's Galactic Moons to aid Mother Earth with Ascension.  Above see the Moon Spirals of the artwork of the Gate itself.  For Earth to reach Oneness (Ascend) once more, All Life, including mankind, and the Nature Kingdom needs to have its lost feminine balance restored.   Is your Soul Purpose linked to bringing back ultimate Moon power through crown, third eye and heart for All?  If so, you may be able to reach this Star Gate:
  •  I invoke Metatron, Mirabiel and Ophaniel to be with me for the Highest Good of All 
  • I ask them to anchor me in Sacred Eden Tree, the heart of Mother Earth, Above and Below for this exercise.
  • Through Oneness with Sacred Eden Tree I breathe in and hold the sacred feminine energy of Mirabiel's Two Moons: The Eyes of Heaven in heart; 
  • On my out-breath the Moon Mansions silvery rose and blue spirals flow down to anchor in third eye chakra, forming the double moon symbol of Mirabiel.
  • Through this symbol, to aid restoration of Earth' true feminine power, I ask to touch the Star Gate and safely channel Ophaniel's platinum Galactic Moons' vibration.
  • I bring this through to subtly re-balance my energy centres with the Divine Feminine
  • I am filled with silvery rose and palest blue violet heart and soul healing radiance
  • Through Oneness I ground and manifest this vibration to help re-balance the Divine Feminine for Mother Earth and All Life Below
  • I AM MOON in service of Love & Light
I hope you enjoy this message,

Love and light


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