28 September 2010


Hello dear Readers,

Thank you to those of you who’ve already signed up for news of UK Events and updates on my e-Course Programme (see new facility below). If you refer to the new website section about these (see Home Page) there is advance information there – in particular about the two Spring 2011 UK Workshops, but an Event Newsletter will go out shortly giving more information. Please note that these are special events and numbers will be limited, especially on the Angel Card Trilogy Workshop in March. Only fifteen places are available on this, and some are already taken.


And now, in my last post I promised to give more information about white feathers, as for many of us (including me!), it is finding a white feather on the ground is the first indication that the angels are trying to get our attention! And they can be very persistent.....if you are finding white feathers on the ground in front of you, or floating down around you, here is some information for you!

As with all spiritual signs, there are many levels of meaning to white feathers. Here is a version of what I wrote in 2000, in my first book: A Harmony of Angels (first pub. 2001)

So many people have telephoned me and spoken of finding a white feather that I have lost count of the number. I, myself, found my first white feather on the day I learned about healing, just before I began my angel research. One led to more, and now here I am, the author of this book! When you start to find your own tiny white feathers (and you will!) place them in your sacred space or home sanctuary or glue them around a small mirror - that way you will be viewing yourself surrounded by protective and supportive angel feathers. Feathers can of course be any colour, but to be meaningful initially in terms of the angels and spirituality they need to be white.

  • The feather represents softness and gentleness combined with strength
  • The feather is associated with the element of air (Breath of Life) linking it with health and healing, communication and spiritual expansion
  • The white feather is representative of the Dove, symbol of Peace, Spirit, soul path and pure, unconditional love.
  • In Ancient Wisdom (e.g. Egypt and Ma’at) the feather has been regarded as Truth; this begins as personal truth and thus leads to Absolute Truth.
So there you have some thoughts on feathers and Breath of Life, but what about white angel feathers?


White and white feathers are particular symbols of angels for the following reasons:
  • White symbolises purity and the Way of Love & Light (the Way of the Angels)
  • White is Oneness with All (crown chakra) because we are all composed of colours (chakras) that begin with the traditional seven colours of the rainbow.
  • White is the unification of the seven colours and the sum is greater than the parts.
As I concluded, and recommended, in my very first book:

Once you have found the tiny white feather, which has opened for you this spiritual doorway, always carry it around with you to remind you of your new journey.

However, as I now know, this is only the beginning!!! The feathers are but a sign to begin to consider our spiritual side, and our soul journey through life/lives. Each feather we find urges us to this, but as humans we have free will, and we can choose whether or not we follow this angelic guidance.


When you’ve founds dozens of white feathers (and hopefully are working at your spiritual side, for without physical and spiritual balance there can be no inner peace and harmony) there comes a time when you no longer need to collect them. Instead leave them for someone else to find, so that they, too, can receive their “wake up call” from the angels.

For by then you yourself are on The Way of Love & Light, and you are finding you are growing spiritually. You have realised (to paraphrase the Little Prince) that what is truly important is not what you see with your normal eye, but what you see and sense with the eye of the Heart. By this time the white feathers will be corroborating that the decisions you are taking (with both head and heart) will be more balanced; in general these decisions will be more in keeping with your soul journey.

For example, you may be in a situation where two different opportunities have presented themselves to you, and you are thinking about these. You focus on one of the two and pondering on it, you gaze out of the window. At that exact moment you will see a white feather float past you! I promise you that this can and will happen!! You will instantly know that the choice you are considering at that moment is the right one.

Or: in the same situation, you suddenly look skywards and see a feather shaped cloud, like an angel’s wing, above you. Again, what you are thinking about at that instant is right for you. Can you learn to trust the angels, as I did? It’s a tough step to take, but if and when you do, many, many things will gradually unfold.....

To conclude this blog about white feathers here is a piece I channelled about five years ago for the book called An Angel For Every Day (In USA entitled The Zodiac Angels), plus some guidance; it’s about Alphun, Guardian Angel of White Doves.

For spiritual/physical balance Alphun, angel of doves, says:

"I am the angel of white doves, a symbol of your spiritual journey. If you seek my aid I lift your consciousness skywards towards All That Is. Look out for white birds flying, tiny white feathers in your path and feather-like clouds - all are signs that I am communicating with you".

  • Invoking Alphun. If you need Alphun's assistance say: Alphun, Alphun, Alphun I have come to the point in my life where I need your spiritual guidance in order to find inner peace. Please send me the signs and show me how to move forwards on this path of Light, for my highest good.
If you have invoked Alphun, please keep looking out for signs: a cloud shaped like a wing or angel, or doves or other white birds such as swans flying. Then be vigilant re tiny white feathers in your path. If/when you start to find these, and if you choose to pick them up, from that moment you will know you are being guided, though the next steps are up to you for each time you have a choice.

That’s all for now; in my next blog I shall talk about The Twelve Colours of Creation, but also just to say that you can now post comments on this blog!

Love and Light to you

From Angela McGerr

21 September 2010

September update

Hello to all readers,

I hope you've had a pleasant summer - I was able to have a bit of a rest! However, now that we are into autumn, work has speeded up again here, and I am writing to draw your attention to the new look of my Home Page, plus the brand new section (accessed from Home Page or from Heart & Soul Courses and Events), entitled WORKSHOPS, READINGS & e-COURSES. To this section on UK Workshops I've also added new information on Blue Star Angels Mystery School Levels 4 onwards, and an update on the popular e-Course Programme for 2011. I hope you will browse this section and let me know what you think, or if you are interested in any of these offerings. They include two Workshops (rare for me) to be given face-t0-face at beautiful Nash Manor in Sussex. Limited space is available on either, but particularly for the first ever Angel Card Trilogy Workshop, because of the nature of teaching the full use of the 144 cards.

On the subject of your possible interest, I've today added a Newsletter sign up form, to the left-hand side bar of this blog, as my sister Jo and I are now working more independently and I am therefore creating my own separate mailing list. If you wish to be advised of more of my events, as and when decided, or about the new Angel Readings*, as well as changes to the e-Course Programme, then do fill this out now! *Hi to some of you who've met me at the Tart Events at 40 Winks and enjoyed a mini-reading there!

Do look out for my next blog post, which will be all about the significance of finding white angel feathers (something that continues indefinitely!), seeing feathers in clouds and of white doves (the beautiful image at the top is Cassiel, Ruler of Saturn and Saturday, Angel of Peace, Harmony and Serenity)....watch this space!

Love and light
from Angela