21 September 2010

September update

Hello to all readers,

I hope you've had a pleasant summer - I was able to have a bit of a rest! However, now that we are into autumn, work has speeded up again here, and I am writing to draw your attention to the new look of my Home Page, plus the brand new section (accessed from Home Page or from Heart & Soul Courses and Events), entitled WORKSHOPS, READINGS & e-COURSES. To this section on UK Workshops I've also added new information on Blue Star Angels Mystery School Levels 4 onwards, and an update on the popular e-Course Programme for 2011. I hope you will browse this section and let me know what you think, or if you are interested in any of these offerings. They include two Workshops (rare for me) to be given face-t0-face at beautiful Nash Manor in Sussex. Limited space is available on either, but particularly for the first ever Angel Card Trilogy Workshop, because of the nature of teaching the full use of the 144 cards.

On the subject of your possible interest, I've today added a Newsletter sign up form, to the left-hand side bar of this blog, as my sister Jo and I are now working more independently and I am therefore creating my own separate mailing list. If you wish to be advised of more of my events, as and when decided, or about the new Angel Readings*, as well as changes to the e-Course Programme, then do fill this out now! *Hi to some of you who've met me at the Tart Events at 40 Winks and enjoyed a mini-reading there!

Do look out for my next blog post, which will be all about the significance of finding white angel feathers (something that continues indefinitely!), seeing feathers in clouds and of white doves (the beautiful image at the top is Cassiel, Ruler of Saturn and Saturday, Angel of Peace, Harmony and Serenity)....watch this space!

Love and light
from Angela

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