26 October 2013

Angelology - My own story

The Quinary Angels' Star Gate for Star Born Light Workers (Love & Light cards)

Hello dear readers,

For Part 1 of my own story, see new section on here - "ABOUT ME" 

Love and Light
Angela xxx

Cassiel, Ruler Saturn and Saturday: After darkness comes Light (Harmony Angel Cards)

9 October 2013

Restoring the Genesis Pattern transcendentally

Advanced Rosa Mystica Star Gate of 144 geometry (L&L Cards)

Hello all,

I'd like to share some Light Work thoughts with you other Star Born folk out there who may read this Blog, as generally I am on my own here, i.e. working only with the Seraphim and other Ascension Light Beings and trying to do what they guide me on! 

My Light Work is at two ends of the spectrum, as on the one hand the Angels need more folks to choose to work with them; I try to address this through Facebook and simple starter e-Courses, plus those of my simpler books and card sets!  On the other hand, we are moving very fast into Ascension and beyond, and those Beings working with us are encouraging us those of us doing Light Work to go further, faster still!!

SO, while working on the new Emerald e-Mystery School and concurrently, the new book material, involving Templa Mar healing, certain Star Gates, reconciling Above & Below, 12 around 1, Sacred Geometries including the Tube Torus etc. etc., and how to work with this NOW to strengthen and build on the post 2012 vibration, I am coming to realise that this new project is quite simply all about working (through heart - Love is the only Key) to help with restoring what is termed the full Genesis Pattern multidimensionally in Time/Space (my thanks to my first wonderful mentor Drunvalo Melchizedek for explaining that in one of his books which I obtained in 1999 and yet I can only now understand this bit properly!).  And Time of course being in reality non-linear....

NB: Over a period of about 7 years I had got to this same point with my Blue Star Angels e-Mystery School Levels 5, 6, and 7 and channelled about it for the Love & Light Star Gate Suit of Metatron, as per above artwork (B.S. Level 6) before "downloading and finalising" Blue Star Level 7 on 2010/11.  Level 7 is about aiding the Light Beings with restoration of Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine and thus the Trinity vibration, and seems to be part of the soul contracts of some of us.  It transpired that step was required to help with the December 2012 Ascension Programme.  The step after that, as I have been guided for a while, concerns the pure, unfallen Zodiac (see also Love & Light Angel Cards - 13th Gateways of Pistis Sophia and Hermes Trismegistus). The final step (Blue Star Level 9) is Melchisadec's Key....according to my current mentor (one esteemed William Buehler), that concerns the True Ark and guess what: the Torus of Universal Harmony & Balance....  That series of steps was/is proceeding slowly but surely to an inexorable conclusion between now and 1014. 

NOW, however, I am being shown an alternative and shorter route (post 2012) to get to this point and beyond, which was probably not available until this year, but hence the new book and Emerald project.  OR maybe this is a different soul contract?

I will place a connection to this post on my Facebook page, and would appreciate any enLightening comments from readers about this on FB who may be working in parallel; if there are none, no matter, as All is Divine Order, and I shall be "soldiering on" with Seraphiel, Sanusemi, Metatron & Shekinah and Hermes Trismegistus, plus Sadriel, Eth and Rochel to name but a few....... 

Love, light and angel blessings