23 November 2012

My Apprentice: Jo Gill

Hello dear readers,

I'd now like to conclude the series about the wonderful band of Light folks who work with me, teaching (and continuing to study Angelology) and so helping me to put this ancient wisdom out there into the world for the benefit of aiding all those interested in the subject; healing is the key word here.  Working with the angels in this way is a two-part quest: to firstly self-heal (Heart Quest) and secondly to use the knowledge gained in that process to help heal Mother Earth and All Life (Soul Quest).

Having featured my six Approved and/or Affiliate Tutors, now it is the turn of Joanna Gill, a young woman who earlier this year gave up a well-paid job to do full time Light Work - brave indeed!

About Joanna Gill: my Apprentice

Joanna Gill began her personal spiritual journey in Bimini where she was blessed with the honour of swimming with Dolphins in their natural playground. This sparked her desire to help people recognize and re-connect with their own inner truth, guide and wisdom.  Through meditation, she was guided to work with the Angels and in particular the Angela McGerr’s Blue Star e-Mystery School. Shortly after following this guidance, she gave up her career in the corporate world and unplugged from the ‘system’ to follow her heart and fully commit to discovering her soul purpose.

Joanna’s journey is still magically unfolding. As a Light Worker, Joanna feels her purpose is to expand her own consciousness in order to help others do the same. Her soul yearns to channel and anchor more Love and Light into this earthly plane to help heal Mother Earth and assist humanity in reaching Oneness.

Having completed the Angelic Merkaba for Heart Ascension and enrolled on the Blue Star Mystery School e-course, as well as Angela's series of e-Modules, she is now pursing her guidance to teach Angela McGerr Angelology.

Joann says in her Testimonial:

Angel McGerr’s courses have taken me through a deep process unlike anything I ever have experienced. It has challenged me on every level. However, it has been incredibly rewarding and has helped me self-heal, expand my consciousness and develop an incredible relationship with the Angels. These courses have truly changed my life and inspired me to embark on the rigorous process required to teach Angel McGerr Angelology.

I am excited about the pathways and doors that have opened up since beginning this journey in 2012, in particular becoming Angela’s Apprentice.

I know you will be learning much more about Joanna in times to come; Joanna lives in London and next year she hopes to qualify to teach various face to face workshops, including "starter" ones on Working With Angels, and Melchisadec and his Sacred Seven; scroll down in Facebook to read about these Seven mighty angels, who rule the weekdays and to see their individual artworks, for depending on which day of the week you were born on, one of these will be a Primary Guardian Angel of yours.  

Melchisadec (pictured below) & Sacred Seven is taught by me in my e-Module 1A, and usually ione of a range of workshops for Heart Quest and self-healing that is offered face to face by my certified Approved Tutors.  Joanna is also working towards becoming an Affiliate Tutor and so to teach the Soul Quest: Angelic Merkaba for Heart Ascension workshop.  To read about what these courses contain please see my website section: (http://www.angelamcgerr.com/heartandsoulcourses.htm)  This begins with Heart Quest e-Modules 1A, 2B and 3C and then goes on to Soul Quest: Angelic Merkaba and finally, the Blue Star Angels e-Mystery School that Joanna (and in fact all of my Tutors as well) are currently studying at various advanced levels.

For more on my Approved and Affiliate Tutors, where they are and what they are qualifi(http://www.angelamcgerr.com/heartandsoulcourses.htm)ed to teach, see past Blogs and check out their own websites).

My next post will be about Ariel, Ruler of the two elements: Earth and Air, and it will complete my little series on the Elemental Rulers (as I've already covered Phuel, Lord of the Waters, and Uriel, Ruler of Fire); these three Angels are involved in all the Zodiac Signs.  Coming after that will be the Zodiac Rulers themselves.......!

Sending you all angel blessings galore,
Angela xxx

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