7 December 2012

Ariel, Ruler of Earth & Air.

Hello dear readers,

Following on from the Blogs about Uriel, Ruler of Fire, and Phuel, Lord of the Waters of Earth and Powers of the Moon, I promised to complete the posts on the Rulers of the Elements with Ariel, the wonderful Ruler of Earth and Air (NB: he also has some dominion over Water and Fire, but is not their main Ruler).  For those whose Zodiac Signs are Taurus (like me!), Virgo or Capricorn (all Earth) or Aquarius, Gemini or Libra (all Air), this is another Primary Guardian Angel. By this I mean that Ariel will always be around you.  In 2013 I shall be talking about the Zodiac Rulers themselves, but I wanted to complete this series first for you so you can work with Ariel.

See this Angel pictured above from the Harmony Angel Cards, where his first appearance was made, back in 2000. Really look at this artwork. See the power of the molten heart of Mother Earth, and the Magenta of her love for us, her children.  See Water of Life flowing on the surface (we are 75% Water), then see how the Breath of LIfe features as this gives us life and offers spiritual promise.  Note how the wings of Ariel are spanning the four Elements comprising Above, Below, All.  In the heart of the artwork is the Amethyst connected with Ariel and with third eye chakra: Magic and Mystery. 

Here is how the channellings for Ariel have been fine-tuned over the years as I present three parts of teachings for you.  The wording for this particular artwork and Harmony Angel Card is as follows:

Part 1:
ARIEL: Angel of the Elements of Earth and Air, Pluto and the Amethyst Ray
The card of psychic awakening, mystery and healing.

Ariel is the elemental angel ruling the healing powers of earth and air.  He aids Raphael with curing bodily illness, particularly that associated with these two elements. This card helps you in this respect, for by invoking Ariel you can harness the soft, gentle healing energy of air (called angelic light) to assist with respiratory diseases.  For instance he can be called upon for issues concerning lungs, throat and sinuses.  Also, with the assistance of Ariel, the healing element of earth (reiki) can be channelled, usually in the form of heat, and applied to any area of the body.  Use tigers eye or smoky quartz to help absorb negative energy and for grounding.

Above all this, however, this card offers mystery.  As angel connected with Pluto, Ariel joins, through the medium of earth, the visible world of air above ground to the invisible Underworld.  This connection is multi-dimensional, and can enhance your psychic development (the 3rd eye chakra). His crystals for this chakra are sugilite (a stone for pressure release and high awareness), and deep purple amethyst energy for closing certain doors and opening others, including the door to the 5th Element (the Quintessence).  He reminds you that the greatest mystery of all is life itself.

If you are new to angel work, and especially if you are one of the six Zodiac Signs mentioned above, why not work a little with Ariel and this message, invoking the angel, exploring the meeting between worlds while asking for his support and protection.

Part 2:
If, on the other hand, you are a Light Worker or experienced with angel work, then you may be interested in this special meditation to help heal and raise the vibration of Mother Earth and at the same time, guide you further in your healing Dance of Six and Five:


  • If you have an amethyst crystal, hold this in your left (taking) hand so that you can programme it during the meditation and it will continue to hold the energy.  
  • This visualisation works with the Power of Six - the hexagon which is the inner part of a six-pointed star, i.e. six-sided, without the actual star points) 
  • Invoke Ariel and any other angels (you could call on Aratron and Achaiah and also mighty Melchisadec, as all work with Violet and amethyst) in the usual way, asking them to be with you to receive all that you should receive, for your Highest Good.  Then:
    • Close your eyes and start taking deep breaths of pure white energy (Spiritus Dei: The White Fire That Does Not Burn), breathing out as much or any negative emotions you can release, until you are filled with this energy.   
    • Now breathe the living spiral of Violet: cool Lavender Blue Violet, warm Purple Violet and the usual pure Violet shade, taking this down to fill your heart.
    • Now send the spiral down through root chakra and feet into Mother Earth, and then upwards through your crown into Air, so that you are completely connected to Ariel's underworld and over world.
    • Next look within to focus on any areas where you may have energy blocks
    • Now with Ariel breathe in the alchemy power of Earth - a hexagon earth disk filled with warm Purple Violet taking these into each chakra in turn - starting with root chakra and working up to sacral, solar, heart and thymus.
    • Really will and intend that your earth hexagon (power of Six, Dance of Six) can absorb blocks, and/or heal damaged chakras at the level you need now to aid your Heart and Soul Quests for your Highest Good.
    • Pledge that when you've done this you will seek your next level of spiritual expansion (Powr of Five, Dance of Five). 
    • When you've completed all the major chakras up to thymus, ask Ariel for Lavender Blue Violet for unblocking throat, third eye and crown chakras taking you towards your spiritual Truth.
    • Next ask Ariel to transmute with pure Violet Fire all the negativity the hexagon contains, and then will and intend to return this re-empowered, through your energy meridian and feet, down to assist Mother Earth. 
    • You should feel lighter.  Now, stretch up making yourself into a Five Point Star shape, to connect to a Five vibration through crown chakra, tell Ariel you are ready to be lifted with his Element of Air, towards Sky and Spirit.
    • Ask Ariel for healing power of Air (Breath of Life), asking to receive this from Mother Earth; see it as a pentagon (five sided shape, inner part of Five Point Star).
    • Now bring the Breath of Life Pentagon back through your energy meridian, and all chakras, then offer it back to the angels, saying you are ready to kick-start your spiritual expansion of consciousness (Five vibration - Dance of Five).
    • Remember to thank all the angels for their loving assistance.

      Part 3: (Adaptation of Love & Light Card of Ariel, published 2009), if you are ready you can continue as follows at a higher vibration level:

      Hebrew Malachim Healing Glyph of Zayn: fertility, re-birth, nurture, release, and working with Ariel's higher vibrations of Violet:

      I offer my triple glyph of Zayn; this symbolises mind, body, spirit and your chance of re-birth with me in any or all of these three aspects.  For as my Star Fire cones hold your consciousness within my amethyst Light wings, my sparks of aromatic tinder weave hazy, mystical veils between worlds allowing my Violet Fire to transmute new levels of negativity in your life.

      Work further with three healing amethyst vibrations.  Warm purple (linked to myrrh, Earth, rebirth) rises to heart.  Lavender blue changes the emphasis from Earth to Air and higher self, while spiritual silver rose-violet further opens Crown to Oneness, as you begin to realise: As Below, So Above, As Above, So Below.  The Star Fire cone from Below balances the rosy-purple Earth rays from root chakra, gathering strength as it flows up to centre in your higher heart.  There it forms a reverse cone, becoming blue violet as it flows higher to enfold third eye, where lavender cascades your higher self with peace at many - even etheric - levels.  Focus on my Glyph: what do you need?  Fertility, re-birth, nurture, release.  You can do this exercise as many times as you wish, to practice working with my Ray and to move you towards the healing and spiritual consciousness levels you need.  

      Finally, I gift you with soul's silver rose violet so you can work with Breath of Life in Templa Mar from higher heart and through crown chakra, directly connecting to my purest spiritual vibrations.  Learn there how to channel this transcendent star energy that builds from heart to take your spirit through third eye and crown, soaring into higher and higher cosmic consciousness Above.  For you can then bring this back to ground and manifest it for Mother Earth and All Below.  We angels are eternally grateful for your help in the cause and service of Love and Light.

      Enjoy working with Ariel...and may angel blessings surround you always,


      Angela x 





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