10 December 2012

My upcoming Dental Interventions and 2013 Plans

Hello again all,

This is to tell all of you kind Light Folks that follow this Blog, that I've withdrawn the e-Readings and suspended my e-Courses (from my website sections), as of yesterday, for various reasons. 

Major Dental Interventions starting 18th December

Firstly, I have to have two phases of major dental interventions done urgently, having put this off for a year and tried to sort it and heal it myself, with no luck.  I do believe that there are many dis-eases with which we can help ourselves with self-healing (in fact I believe maybe even the majority of them), but not this one!  Even with the monthly oil-pulling procedure recommended by my sister, Jo (known to many of you) that I've been diligently doing for a year, although it's definitely helped the surface level of my gums, unfortunately if anything, it's possibly speeded up the deterioration of the below gum periodontal issues, so intervention has proved unavoidable....

The result of this is that I am now having the first major dental work done Tuesday 18th December, and with the heavy anaesthetics required (and based on my experience in August when one tooth had to come out for similar periodontal reasons) this will put me out of action for the rest of the week, except for minor or urgent correspondences etc.  

Then I am having the following two weeks off, to get my husband's birthday and Christmas sorted....with family coming and other bigger family events that we traditionally have.  

After the New Year, on 9th January 2013, I am having the second major dental procedure carried out, so because of all this I am giving myself a few weeks' leave, starting now, to get all my work cleared, and I will be answering urgent stuff only until late January

Any healing you feel like sending, especially Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th, would be really appreciated......

Future Plans for Angela McGerr Angelology Heart and Soul Quest e-Modules
New Students
In 2013 I shall no longer work with individual students on the e-Modules, as formerly.  In fact they are being tweaked and re-packaged as follows:
  • Heart Quest Diploma: Former e-Modules 1A, 2B and 3C will be enhanced and packaged together, with an e-Test.  Successful candidates will be awarded the new Heart Quest Diploma.
  • Soul Quest Diploma: Angelic Merkaba for Heart Ascension, Blue Star Levels 1 & 2, recently enhanced, will be packaged together with an e-Test.  Those candidates who meet the standards will be awarded the new Soul Quest Diploma.
I would point out here that these are competence Diplomas.  These are not the same as the Approved and/or Affiliate Tutor Certificates.  Those whom you have read about on FB and this Blog and who hold the latter qualification have also attended a Tutor Workshop with me, to demonstrate their teaching skill and to be taught the unique Angelic Light Attunements.  This would still be a mandatory next step for students who wish to hold my own teaching qualification.

So the bottom line here is that from January 2013 I shall be working personally with those would-be students who wish to demonstrate their commitment to this Angelology discipline by signing up for the Diploma course.  However, for those who don't want to take this big step, individual e-Modules will still be able to be studied with various certified Tutors of mine.  Please review FB and the Blogs on Tutors and you can find who does what!

Students currently on my e-Modules as formerly offered
Anyone currently on an e-Module (there are a few students on the former e-Modules 1A, 2B, 3C, or Angelic Merkaba for Heart Ascension, and Blue Star 1, 2 or 3) will be able to complete this with me, assisted by my Apprentice Jo Gill as appropriate (see Blog on Jo); Jo may deal with some of the general correspondence, I will verify all answer papersThere are some of you out there who've not communicated for many months - have you fallen by the wayside?  Your Angelic LIght Attunements were all set up for you at the beginning, so they are there on your Templa Mar healing timeline....do you want to waste this opportunity the angels gave you??  I know that life often gets in the way of plans, but please, if you intend to complete the e-Module you began some time earlier this year, let Jo Gill know the position; you can find her if you scroll down this Blog a bit.  If you don't communicate by the end of this month, we will regretfully have to assume you have abandoned the study, but everything is about free will and choice.

Blue Star Angels e-Mystery School

This will be offered once more in the New Year, with various options still being decided.  I'll probably only work personally with students from Level 3 onwards.  These levels are already packaged together as Levels 3 & 4, Levels 5 & 6, and final Levels 7 to 9.  


I've found these to be quite popular with readers, so thank you to all who have booked them with me, especially a lady called Omolara in Ireland whom I have never met, but she's most kindly recommended several people to do readings with me in the past few months.  Omolara - I owe you for this.  Anyway, to be done properly e-Readings take some time, and a lot of energy, so that's why I decided to withdraw them for several weeks.  They will be likely to be re-available next year, but meanwhile you can book them through my two certified Angel Card Readers: Emmanuelle Pries, and Madeleine Kasem.  Please refer to Readings section in my website for contact info on these ladies, or else see FB or earlier Blogs.

New book

Finally, I've been guided to write another book, under wraps right now, but of course linked to the whole New Earth Star paradigm beyond Ascension....the angels are "on my case", so watch this space for more in due course....farewell full retirement for now.....

New e-Mystery School

There will be a brand new e-Mystery School, linked to the new book, a new, advanced healing system involving the ten subtle energy bodies of mankind (see Love & Light Angel Cards as Metatron & Shekinah are driving it with some other mighty angels) and Colours of Creation.  Can Light Workers ever retire??  Message me here or on FB if you are interested in being kept informed about this......

And as always, a zillion angel blessings to you all,

Angela xxx   

NB: at top pic of me at one of the Angel Kongresses in Germany leading a meditation from the platform (which is why my eyes are closed!)  Below, in the garden last winter......


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Silver Angel said...

Better late than never, Angela....I've not received email notification of your blogs, as per usual. probably something I've done on my computer, no doubt, sigh...so I am only just reading about your dental work & etc....Never one to shirk my healing intentions, I am sending you healing & Love & Light energy, not so much to get you through the bad nasty procedures, (I'm not too happy about Dental things, & have just started yesterday steps to getting an upper plate, which means removing the remaining 3 upper teeth I have left, so I really sympathise with your ordeal....& am greatly sorry I didn't send you healing at the time....) This is to help with your recovery,to help you with energy to keep you going when things are feeling a bit strained
& to say, I told you so, as I didn't really think you could retire...chuckle, I could see you had too much more work to do...anyhoo, I send my healing via AA Michael, a large hot pink bubble filled with beautiful swirling blue-green healing energy, with silver rays shooting around in it, too, (this is new, specially for you!) Sending it now, Sydney time is 9.09 pm, 15th Jan 2013....
In Peace, Love & Oneness, my dear Angela, you are certainly a special person, & I Love both pics,of you, BTW...Happy New Year, hope you had a lovely time with the family etc. I really miss the snow, here in Oz we are having awful bushfires & extreme heatwave conditions....give me snow any time...
Sylvia XOXO