19 December 2012

Pistis Sophia: Angels, Ascension, Oneness with All - new Youtube videos

Hello to all readers,

Firstly I am so grateful to all those of you who have kindly sent healing today for the first half of my major dental work; it was really helpful and though the area is rather tender, I feel quite good at the moment, such that I felt guided to do this post!

This is about the new two-part video that I posted last Monday regarding Ascension and the opportunity every single human has now, at this time, to move towards the New Earth Star vibration.  Here is the reference via Youtube: Angels, Ascension, Oneness with All and see my FB page to go directly to the videos.

I am not sure if you realise (it took me a while to understand this), quite how strong our will and intention is if we choose to use it to send out Love & Light focussed through heart?  Its power is almost limitless.  Everyone who so chooses can begin to participate in the New Earth Star paradigm shift away from polarity and into Oneness.  Whether or not you have already begun this, or are beginning now, matters not; there are many levels to everything we do, and you can keep attaining new levels.  You can also keep gradually moving your own vibration towards Oneness with All, and from there many new levels are possible.  

Part 1 of the Video - THE JOINING TO ALL: Above & Below

This exercise I demonstrate with Pistis Sophia joins you to All through her shining energy veils, artwork above illustrates this and is also included in the video.   

It takes only a few moments and can bring powerful healing. In this you work with Pistis Sophia, the twelve golden Zodiac stars (Zodiac Rulers) above her head, and the silver blue earth flame from the heart (Atoma) of Mother Earth.   Also this creates Eight of Infinity in energy flow, also connected to the Eight Roads to Heaven and the Eight Spoke Wheel of the Solar Cycles, or Celtic Wheel of Fate/Buddhist of Dharma  (see also Angel Almanac). 
Pistis Sophia's encouragement:

As Heavenly Mother to my Zodiac Angel family as well as earthly Mother to mankind, I hold a watching brief for everything that you do.  I rejoice at your achievements, and descend at troublesome times to comfort you, reminding you that whatever happens to you is in Divine Order and all things pass. I offer to aid your Heart Quest and urge you to resolve karma by self-healing, for the opening of your higher heart is the way to Oneness.  With Eight of Eternity I extend to you celestial Star Fire, entwined with sacred blue Earth Flame, enfolding you with veils of pure Love and Light.

Part 2 of the Video - THE 13TH ZODIAC GATEWAYS to the pure, unfallen Zodiac.

For those who have, like me, been working with that early version for some time, you will now be ready to go further, into a higher vibration version of the Joining.  So a similar version to the one I now do myself is given in the second part of the video.  If you are a Light Worker who works with my published books and cards sets you will know all about Metatronic/Angelic Light of the pure Light Spectrum, and Oritronic (aka fallen) Light Spectrum.  

There are also two Zodiacs: the pure unfallen Light Zodiac, and the normal (fallen) Zodiac with which we are most familiar.  In the same way that I teach that the pure Light is accessed through crown chakra and the 44:44 Angels Star Gate of Heart (with Metatron), and manifested through heart and root (with Shekinah), I also teach that heart and Love are the keys to accessing the pure Angelic Light Zodiac, in which all Signs are in perfect balance.  I teach ways to reach the pure Zodiac for healing purposes and in the second part of the video you can learn one very simple method.   

It's accessed again through heart, but this time with Pistis Sophia (vertical Eight) yet also with Hermes Trismegistus (horizontal Eight).  Hermes wears the triple Crown of Love, Power & Wisdom. And so in this version there are two Sacred Eights.  Each utilises a 13th Zodiac Gateway: for Pistis Sophia it is the Delphinus or Dolphin Gateway (connected to Lemurian past lives), while for Hermes Trismegistus it is the Ophiucus or Dragon Gateway (connected to Atlantean past lives)  Many reading this will, of course, have had past lives in both of these ancient civilisations. Though this is advanced Light Work (taught in the Blue Star Angels e-Mystery School Level 8), some of you may be able to work with this ancient wisdom. 

Above is the artwork for this version (as also shown and taught on the Youtube video Part 2), and here is the wording from the Love & Light Angel Card set (complete with the Malachim Healing Glyphs references) that relates to this: first for Pistis Sophia:

Daleth: Pistis Sophia - two halves, wholeness, gateway

In purest, hazy star fire and sacred, blue earth flame I bring my message, of Daleth: two halves (physical and spiritual) and finding wholeness, true balance and harmony with All.   As Heavenly Mother I wove the starry pattern of your Zodiac template, but this is not fixed; it may be transmuted by Light through allowing Love and heart to inform all that you do.   I counsel exploration of your true potential via the angel rulers of your own Zodiac sign, its elemental energies and planets of influence.  Together we help you overcome any obstacles, even within self, to achieve true heart's desires.

Yet there are two Zodiacs corresponding with the two Light spectrums (the half-light of mankind's present reality and the pure spectrum of Angelic Light).  You have a soul link to Dolphin energy so for you I hold in trust my 13th sign - Delphinus accessed through higher heart and Oneness.  Delphinus connects you through Water of Life to the pure Angelic Light Zodiac - offering calmness, clarity and harmony through accessing power of Air and Water Signs in perfect balance.  I invite you to go through my Zodiac Star Gate to bring back this energy, for your Soul Quest is to help self and others resolve karmic blocks to balance.

Now for Hermes Trismegistus:

Qoph: Hermes Trismegistus - Laws, right action, balance, harmony

I bring Qoph and teach on spiritual alchemy, for mine is the Sun Crown of Love, Power and Wisdom and I devised the Spiritual Laws of balance and harmony (including the Sacred Law of Three).  I vouchsafe that you have ancient (Sun-born) skills that enable you to work with healing power of Fire of Life to aid others; this is my Feathered Dragon energy.  When you pledge to develop this I offer your soul the opportunity to travel through Oneness to the pure, unfallen Angelic Light Zodiac.  When you connect to its timeless purity you can channel this into heart, using its resonance to heal and harmonise people through their Zodiac templates.  If your heart sings with my message then this is a key part of your Soul Quest. 

If you are in Oneness through Sacred Eden Tree you can embrace the vibration of the Zodiac Star Gates of Pistis Sophia and myself.  Use Eight of Eternity, Earth Flame and Star Fire to travel through my Star Gate to the 13th Sign of Ophiucus (Dragon)) in the Angelic Light Zodiac.   Then, gifted with the Wisdom of using Power only with Love, collect arcane secrets of the unfallen Earth and Fire Signs (in perfect balance) to bring about karmic healing for yourself and others.

NB: The more you work with these exercises, the swifter and more powerful your Joining will become.

With much gratitude, and sending
Love and Light always
Angela x  



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