22 December 2011

Angels are not just for Christmas

Dear Readers, Students, Angel Enthusiasts and not forgetting my wonderful little band of Approved & Affiliate Angelology Tutors (I love you!),

As the Wheel of the Year turns inexorably through the Winter Solstice and on to Christmas and New Year, I wish you all a wonderful holiday, filled with joy, peace and angelic abundance. Although, as the Blog post title suggests, angels are definitely for every day. In fact I was once going to write a book entitled "Angels are not just for Christmas".


I am now on "staycation" for a couple of weeks, and so any e-mails will not be answered until after the 4th January 2012. Around that time I shall also be telling you more about the new e-Courses and modifications to the Blue Star programme.

Angelic Merkaba for Heart Ascension

In the last post I wrote about this new e-Course, previously only available as a live workshop. But I completely forgot (when comparing it to other Merkaba courses) to mention that there is a unique set of Angelic Light Attunements given with this one (of course distantly with the e-Course option. These proven Attunements, with angels involved in the Angelic Merkaba Meditation, allow all students to connect to angel healing with Colours of Creation. For those who have studied other healing modalities, these Angelic Light Attunements will enhance existing healing skills. The Attunements cover all major chakra energy centres, plus Caduceus for gold/silver harmony and balance to third eye - a key part of this important Ascension study course which takes the student to Oneness with All.

Anyway, some information is already on the Soul Quest Courses section of my website; more next year on how this new course will be managed, how it fits into the course structure and leads directly on to Blue Star Level 1.

Timely Guidance

This is the traditional time of the element of Earth: a time for Ariel, Guardian of Earth and Air. As Ariel says (in Angel Almanac):

I rule the Elements of Earth and Air and the marriage of the two, by which I mean the very life of your world as well as its conjoining with other dimensions and vibrations beyond your own. Earth sustains your physical self, while Air - Breath of Life - brings spiritual manna or nourishment. Bridge the two on my shining violet Light wings as you commence with me on your spiritual re-birth.

First we will work on your grounding in this reality, so that you have a safe foundation from which to be re-born. At this stage I bring deepest purples and magenta, sparkling with crystalline vitality into your life, to allow forgiveness for the past and form foundations for the future. During my Earth Festival I also offer you steps for emotional grounding, transmuting negative thought processes, preparing you so that you occupy a position of earthly strength.

How do I make this happen? Imagine yourself enjoying a new start within my Earth, a tiny, perfect seed that Mother Earth and I love, nurture and protect. As you grow Earth heals you, for it is capable of absorbing all negativity that arises during this process. As the season turns, Raphael's Sun warms you and you safely reach the surface. When you burst through you turn your face to the Sun ready to flower and form a new seed for the future; thus the shining seed of your spirit emerges at last from the veils that hid its secrets and perfection from Light.

Give yourself a chance to mull over Ariel's words during the next few weeks, while his Earth element rules; I show his picture at the top of this post. I have often done this little meditation myself to really feel the power and nurturing of Earth; remember that this works on all scales: Microcosm and Macrocosm. As Above, So Below, As Without, So Within....

A zillion angel blessings to you all
from Angela

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