29 August 2012

New developments including Facebook

Hello dear readers,

This is a quick note to tell you that I have at long last been dragged into the 21st Century by friends and loved ones, and so now you can find me on Facebook!

Welcome to those new to Angels & Heart Quest

The Facebook page is still somewhat in embryo as yet, but it's the first of several new developments that will take place over the next couple of months with regard to creating these social networking opportunities and making them more interesting and informative.  This will be on several levels, catering firstly for beginners to Angelology - welcome to working with Angelic Light healing energy towards inner peace - the angels are delighted to be working with you.  Especially Melchisadec (see below) who aids and guides all self-healing and opening of higher heart (this is Heart Quest).

For readers and students on Soul Quest

Angelic Light Work continues apace.  For those on Soul Quest (using the knowledge and wisdom gained through Heart Quest to resonate with the triple crown of mighty Hermes Trismegistos: Love, Power and Wisdom to aid others to heal), these two media will also become opportunities to aid Light Workers.  We are now in what some call "The Quickening".  What does this mean?  It means it's time to generate absolutely as much Love and Light into Mother Earth and towards receptive mankind as quickly as possible to raise the Planetary vibration - away from polarity and into Oneness with All.  As many readers know, I work with Seraphiel, Ruler of the Seraphim, on this and the Ennead of the Blue Star Angels guiding Ascension.  Maybe you are working with other Light Beings and want to see how the Cosmic Jigsaw fits All together.  Do you have a question about this? 

The artworks (a collaboration, as for all my artworks, by myself, the angels and extraordinarily talented Richard Rockwood) from the third and most advanced of my Angel Card Trilogy - the Love & Light set - hold this Ascension vibration.  At the top of this post is a beautiful artwork from Shekinah's first suit in that set depicting a high vibration of Ariel, Ruler of Earth and Air,.  Ariel is with us at this time (Summer: Third Quarter - by age old tradition the Element of Air until Uriel and Fire take over after the Equinox)   This important artwork showing healing with Violet Fire at different vibrations also carries he Healing Glyph of Zayn (see top right hand corner - Malachim Healing Angel Alphabet) with its key words: fertility, re-birth, nurture, release - do any of these words apply to you?  Here are the words that go with this Glyph (from Angel Almanac): The angels advise that the cycle of life you are in now holds all the potential you need for re-birth, either for physical self, life, spirituality or all three.  Of course you cannot do this alone, nor without ability to focus, so make a choice, releasing what is necessary to enable your decisions and actions to start the new cycle.   Typing this (I just decided - or rather the angels told me - to put it in) I see how neatly it follows from the last post!

Building on this, below is an artwork from the Love & Light set: the Sapphire (Saf-Fire) Star Gate of Metatron's Suit; it will resonate with some of you and is a key Sacred Geometry for Ascension and beyond.  For my next Blog post I will explain more about the three Primary Star Gates of Ascension including this one but for now I can tell you that this is Aeriopax (as originally given by my esteemed mentor William  Buehler, an amazing and wonderful Light Grid Worker of many years standing who resides in Colorado).  After years of working with the Angels, Love & Light myself, finally reaching the Star Gates, I finally was able to portray Aeriopax in this way for you all.

So to revert to the new ideas - what is happening?
  • On Facebook you will be able to:
    • Connect with me and learn what I am currently doing
    • See if I am scheduling any face-to-face Angelology Workshops
    • Ask general questions about Angels and Angelology, Heart and Soul Quests
    • Read information about my wonderful little band of Approved and Affiliate Tutors who live and work in Holland, Germany, Australia, Ireland and Canada.  
    • Read about courses and workshops in other languages: My certificated tutors offer (or will shortly offer) these in Dutch, German, French and English
  • On my Blog: (Formerly Angela's Diary), starting this autumn, there will be a revised format:
    • New and topical channellings for you from key Angels of Ascension
    • Some simple tutorials and 
    • Angelic Light Attunements.
What do you think so far?  Are you signed up for both Blog and Facebook?  Why not tell me via this Blog or on Facebook what you want to learn through these media?  Then I will consider if/how I can teach it....

Sending Love and Light
Angela McGerr

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Lisa Frideborg Lloyd said...

Hi Angela, This is great! I've just started a Facebook page myself and have added yours to my favourites. I LOVE your work. Thank you for sharing and creating a community! Blessings, Lisa